TERM 2, WEEK 6 |   EDITION 9  |   31st May, 2019
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Our school experienced a wonderful demonstration of learning and community spirit last Wednesday evening during Open Night. This is always a highlight of our year and a real celebration of teaching and learning. I congratulate our children for the way they proudly shared their learning with parents and family members. The feedback from all involved was positive and extremely heart-warming. I sincerely thank our teachers for their commitment to providing such rich and authentic learning experiences for our students and developing such an inclusive and positive learning culture. This was highly evident on our Open Night and I am also most appreciative of the parent and family support for this event. Testament to student connectedness to our school is the fact that we have so many ex-students returning to see their ‘old’ teachers and reminiscing about their days at CSPS with such fondness. Thank you to all who contributed to such a great night; what a wonderful evening!
Thank you also to the family members who came along to see classes in action during our Open Morning, helping towards a successful start to our day of celebrating education during Education Week. We also welcomed prospective 2020 parents both in the morning and during our evening event. Our annual Book Fair was once again a great success, thanks to Linda’s organisation and the wonderful volunteers who supported her with this school event, during Education Week.
The following Yr 6 leaders have been wonderful, confident ambassadors for our school during school tours: Monika M, Izak S, Ben N and Talia G.

Thank you to all our Year 3 and 5 students, teachers and parents who helped to treat the NAPLAN testing week in such a calm manner and as a regular part of our children’s learning and assessment routines. We always endeavour to ensure our children are well prepared for these tests, having been exposed to the format of them with some practice tests beforehand. We hope this preparation and attitude will help towards the results of NAPLAN being as informative as possible for our school planning and an accurate representation of student achievement levels at our school.

As was reported in our last newsletter, a current focus of our school is on improving feedback, with the positive impact this has on learning for everyone. Our students’ learning thrives on purposeful feedback, as does our community. Since my last newsletter report, I’d like to thank the many parents who have taken advantage of the invitation to contact me either by phone, email or in person to give me feedback which has in the main, been about the current climate of our school community. Such feedback is so important to support us to continue the hard work that has gone into building a positive and inclusive school community for so many years. I have both enjoyed our fruitful discussions and appreciated the time parents have taken for this communication, in support of moving our school forward in a positive direction for all. At our school, we appreciate parents raising concerns and providing feedback directly to our school so we may work together openly to ensure we provide the best environment for all students. Some recent examples of school improvement through engaging in such communication have been around health and safety issues, resulting in timely measures being taken to address hazards in both junior and senior playgrounds and on the metal staircase. I’d like to thank the parents who reported these issues to the school, as well as our Facilities Committee of School Council, Joe, our trusty ‘maintenance man’ and our office staff who all played a part in solving the notified problems. Our Facilities Committee comprises parents and teachers, headed by our new convenor, Daniel Rees and they have been highly engaged and committed to ensuring prompt repairs and remediation, as well as improved systems for future safety maintenance. These have been great examples of our community working together for school improvement with community members taking collective responsibility and positive action to help ensure the safety of our students.
Communicating with our school through the appropriate channels is an expectation at CSPS and to assist parents, please see the relevant policies and protocols for communication and complaints on our school website. I encourage parents to follow these documented processes in the interests of harmony and moving forward as a cohesive, supportive and collaborative school community.
Warm regards to all,


District Cross Country
Forty five CSPS students participated in the District Cross Country at Caulfield Park last Tuesday. In perfect running conditions (perhaps a little brisk for spectators), students ran either 2 or 3 kilometers depending upon their age group. All students are to be congratulated on their efforts in completing the course and getting up and down those infamous Caulfield Park hills. I would also like to acknowledge Millie E, Leni F, Emma A, Cassy K, James I, Omri B, Izak S, Zach S and Maxy H for attending all of our before school cross country training sessions.
The following students placed in the top 10 which enables them to represent our school at the Division Cross Country on June 6.
Ali R (4th) Tahlia H (8th) Jzelle O (2nd) Toby P (2nd) Eyal B (4th)
Thank you to all the parents, runners and Miss Browne for a great day!

Winter Lightning Premiership
All grade 5/6 students competed in the District Lightning Premiership on Friday May 24. In winter it is cold and sometimes wet and despite this we all survived and even had fun! T-Ball, Netball, Australian Rules Football and Soccer games were fought and won.
A huge thank you to our wonderful grade 5/6 students for their exemplary behaviour and sportsmanship as well as our 5/6 teachers for always being so supportive and positive on such days!
Please see below Jason A’s and Reuben G’s first job as sports reporters documenting Soccer Gold’s victorious day!

Lightning Premiership - Soccer Gold
" On Friday, Soccer Gold went to Central Park for their lightning premiership round robin. They played 4 matches through the day including a Semi-Final win and a Grand Final appearance. The first game they played was against Malvern Primary, Caulfield won 3-0. Their next opponents were Glen Huntly. It was a tough match but Caulfield South ended up victorious with a 2-1 victory. After 2 wins Caulfield South progressed to the Semi-Final where they outplayed CJC in a 4-1 victory. Then came the biggest match of the day… The Grand Final, it was a neck to neck game but in the dying minutes Caulfield South scored a crucial goal from outside the box to win the Grand Final and are now progressing to the next level (Division). The goal scorers were : Reuben(1), Ari(1), Jamie(2), Mikaily(2) and Jason(4).Thanks Ms Yokome for being an awesome coach!"


Lamont Bookfair
A huge thank you to Linda Singleton for co-ordinating and all the parents who volunteered to help set-up, man and pack-up the Lamont Bookfair.  Lamont provided an extensive selection of books for children to choose from.  With the commission we received, Linda has purchased many additional books to build on our Library collection.  Fantastic effort! (more details further on)

Mother's Day Stall
The profit from our hugely successful Mother's Day Stall is $1,498.53.  Thank you once again to all involved in making this a wonderful day for our students and Mothers alike!

Prep Enrolments 2020
If you have a child starting school in 2020 in Prep, please make it a priority to complete an enrolment form to assist us with class numbers for next year.  If you have neighbours or friends with children in our zone, with children due to start in 2020, we would be grateful if you could please inform them it's time to complete school enrolment forms!

An important message for parents about smart watches
It has become a growing concern that a number of our students have been wearing electronic devices, which are distracting them during lesson time. Our Policy sub-committee has been discussing this and rewriting our School Uniform Policy and ICT Policy. Once the policies have been updated, they will be placed on our school website and published in the newsletter.
Please find a link below, which highlights some of the flaws of children’s smart watches with tracking devices.
Gill Bartholomeusz
Policy Sub-Committee


Students' Arrival and Departure Times:

Students should not arrive at school prior to 8:45am (when there is a teacher on duty in the playground), unless they are attending Before School Care with Camp Australia or a supervised school activity.  Similarly, all children should be in the care of a parent/carer if they are still at school after 3:45pm, when the teacher goes off duty.  If children are unaccompanied by an adult outside the designated school supervision times, they will be taken into the Outside School Hours Care program to ensure their safety.  The cost involved will be the responsibility of the parent.  If before or after school teacher-supervised activities are cancelled, parents will be notified by FlexiBuzz.  Thank you for your support in ensuring the safety of our children.


The Italian Word of the Week is
It means - Winter
Grazie, Sophie Bilionis

The Second hand uniform shop will be open Tuesday :
11th June
25th June
from 8:40am to 9:10am run by Elaine, Mae, Sarah and Laney. Small change would be appreciated please.  Eftpos is now available for amounts over $10.  You may place an order and collect at the office if you are unable to attend the uniform shop.

Sausage Sizzle - Wednesday 29th May
The students all warmed up with delicious sausages at the Sausage Sizzle on Wednesday.  Huge thanks to Steve Feder and all his volunteers for yet another successful sausage sizzle raising $1,428.39.  Thanks to Russel's meats for providing the sausages at cost.


Election Day Bake Sale & Sausage Sizzle
We were overwhelmed with the number of volunteers who turned out to assist with the set-up and manning of the bake sale and cooking of the sausages.  There was a wonderful community spirit and we were so lucky with the weather.  Special thanks to Michelle Rabinov for her coordination and hard work organising the Bake Sale and for her time setting up and manning the stall.  Special thanks also to Joe S (our maintenance man) and all the early risers who volunteered to help set up and get the sausages cooking!  Our thanks as always to Russel's Poultry and Meats for providing the sausages at cost and Gary Peer for providing the coffee van which added to our fundraising total.  We hope you all saw the photos on Flexibuzz of the successful day as it unfolded!  The combined profit of the bake sale and sausage sizzle was $2,661.67
A wonderful community effort!

Book Fair Thank You
Last week during Education Week the Lamont Book Fair was held. It was a fabulous event with many students and families attending to purchase a book.
This event could not be run without the support of volunteers and so I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who helped – from setting up and packing up to manning the fair when it was open.
A particularly big thank you to the Sack families who were a fabulous support, especially on Open night. I would like to personally thank Rachelli who has coordinated this event for the past 6 years. She has been a wonderful support of this event and it’s due to her systematic planning that this year’s event ran like clockwork.
Due to a successful fair I have been able to spend $1100 in commission on books for the library, so once again "Thank you " to everyone for your contribution.

Linda Singleton
Library Technician
Education Week Open Night - Yr 3
It was exciting to see so many Year 3 students and their families attend Open Night this year. The children really enjoyed showing everybody their work with great pride, particularly our current unit of inquiry into Indigenous Culture. 
Bronwyn Fensham, Zoe Whitaker, Stephanie Sim and Clare Tyers
Riding to School and Respect for Bikes
I ride to school almost everyday. Fresh air is one of the many benefits you get from riding. You also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases  that are released which makes it a lot better for the environment. Lots of people drive to school who could ride, so get on your bikes! School provides a great undercover bike shed with lots of space for bikes. (It is located behind the prep portables, near the bamboo forest.) Recently people have been tampering with the bikes and the bike shed. Please remember to leave the bikes alone and respect the property of other people!
kind regards,
Zara W (6A)
First Aid - Diabetes Australia Workshop Opportunity - Taking Action!
Diabetes Australia invited Melissa Parry, our First Aid Officer, to attend a Diabetes in Schools Workshop which was held in Brisbane on Thursday 16th May and Friday 17th May.  Diabetes Australia is transforming the way that key stakeholders support the management of Type 1 Diabetes at Schools by obtaining training and information.  Ernst and Young have partnered with Diabetes Australia to investigate the different user groups and journeys to inform the design of a website that will provide value to the key stakeholders.  Melissa has a special interest in Type 1 Diabetes and was privileged to attend and have input into this national project.   It was great for her to represent Caulfield South Primary School and give back to such an important cause and in the future have a great resource, which will enable schools to better support students with Type 1 Diabetes.
Thank you Melissa!

Help keep CSPS healthy this flu season.
As winter approaches, there are important steps you can take to reduce the spread of infection in our school. Good general hygiene remains the best defence against infection.  Some helpful tips:
1.    Encourage children to regularly wash their hands.
2.    Encourage children to cough or sneeze into their elbow, not their hands.
Students with cold or flu-like symptoms should be encouraged to seek medical attention.
Students exhibiting such symptoms should limit contact with others, and stay at home until the symptoms have passed.
If a child becomes ill at school with these symptoms, school will contact the family and arrange for the child’s collection.
Visit the following website for more information -
If your child gets sick with the flu, keeping them home from school can help them recover faster. It also helps prevent the virus from spreading to other children in the school, which is critical in keeping everyone as healthy as possible.
Healthcare professionals recommend that sick children stay home until they’re well enough to go back to school. This is typically about 24 hours after symptoms begin to improve and 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea before considering a return to school.

Chicken Pox
On another note, we have had a report that a vaccinated child in Year 5 has been found to have Chicken Pox.  Parents of children with immunosuppressive diseases and those not immunised should take particular note and seek further advice.

Melissa Parry
First Aid Officer

Woolworths Earn and Learn Program - finishes 25th June, 2019
We are excited to be taking part in the 2019 Woolworths Earn & Learn program. During the previous campaign, we were able to purchase some great resources with the points we earned, thanks to you. From now until June 25th 2019, you can collect stickers at Woolworths that go towards Earn & Learn points. For every $10 you spend at Woolworths (excluding the purchase of tobacco, liquor and gift cards), you will receive a sticker. These stickers can then be given to your children to collect on a special sticker sheet. Once it is completed, they can simply bring it back here to school or you can drop them into your local Woolworths collection box.
CSPS have collection boxes at the following locations: Southland, Bentleigh, Carnegie and Glenhuntly.  The more points we earn, the more we can redeem from a choice of over 10,000 educational resources including mathematics and English resources, art & crafts materials and much, much more! We are grateful for your support and look forward to a successful program. If you have any questions, please ask at School.

Every Tuesday at 3:30pm there will be a gathering of parents and students upstairs in the spare room to put the Earn and Learn stickers onto sheets.  Everyone welcome to come along and help with this wonderful initiative to help earn fantastic equipment for our school.

Monday 3rd June
Yr 6 Yakult Factory Excursion

Wednesday 5th June
Yr2 Yoga Incursion 9:30am-11:30am
School Assembly in hall 2:50pm

Thursday 6th June
Division Cross Country
Yr 5 NGV Excursion

Friday 7th June
Yr 5/6 Sport

Monday 10th June
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 11th June
Second hand Uniform Shop open 8:40am-9:10am

Wednesday 12th June
Yr 2 Yoga Incursion 9:30am-11:30am
School Assembly in hall 2:50pm

Thursday 13th June
Yr 6 Melbourne Regional Landfill Excursion

Friday 14th June
Yr 5/6 Sport
School Tour for prospective parents

Monday 17th June
Yr 6 Project Rockit SYNC incursion

Wednesday 19th June
Yr 2 Yoga Incursion 9:30am-1:30am
School Assembly in hall 2:50pm
Creative Music (Vera Tan) music concert
4:00pm-5:00pm in Yr 5 end of SLC

Monday 24th June
Creative Music (Meaghan Bellchambers)
music concert 4:00pm-5:00pm in Yr 5 end of SLC

Tuesday 25th June
Second Hand Uniform Shop 8:40am-9:10am
Parent/Teacher 3 Way Conferences 3:45pm-4:45pm

Wednesday 26th June
School Assembly in hall 2:50pm
Parent/Teacher 3 Way Conferences 3:45pm-4:45pm

Thursday 27th June
Yr 5 & 6 Glen Eira Council Disability Awareness Program 9:00am-11:00am

Friday 28th June
End of Term - school finishes at 2:30pm

Monday 15th July
First day of Term 3


Hi CSPS community,
****Please COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE our Caulfield South PA Facebook posts to make sure our community see our posts. ****


Thanks to all of the wonderful organisers and volunteers that made the State Election Day Fundraiser, Lamont Book Fair and the Sausage Sizzle fantastic events!
URGENT HELP NEEDED- We are urgently seeking a Father’s Day coordinator to organise the Father’s Day stall on August the 27th.  Please reach out if you are keen to do this- it would be great if there were a group of parents to do this (aside from the volunteers on the day).


With the recent resignation of two office bearers we will be holding a PA meeting at 7.30pm, Wednesday 12th June in the Hall to elect a new President and Treasurer to continue to be operational.  This vote will be conducted by secret ballot.  Note that to vote, parents/carers must be a paid up member of the PA.  Cost of membership is $1, and can be paid at the office or on the night.  Membership forms will also be available at the meeting.  We encourage parents/carers to join the PA and attend the meeting.
Do you have ideas for fundraising, friend raising or any feedback whatsoever, we would love to hear from you. Please email us on
Want to get in touch? PM us on facebook, grab us in the playground or email the PA team via the email
Thanks, CSPS PA team



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