We hold these truths

To be self-evident

That all men are created equal...these words are among the list of truths that guide US freedom documents. The answer to "where do we go from here" hinges upon actualizing those promised truths.
I'm offering today's newsletter as a guide
to help sort truth in the midst of the deception that surrounds us.

Warning Signs of Deception
Our inner spirit is set up to raise a flag and guide us back home to truth.
These signs may signal deception from others and in your own thought life.

  1. Weariness: heaviness and anxiety surrounding the thought or conversation. You feel like something is "off."
  2. Confusion: the information doesn't match the facts (unbiased view of the situation), you have to play mental gymnastics to make sense of it. 
  3. Fear: due to weariness and confusion, false evidence starts to appear as real. You start to distrust your spirit's signal and deny the factual truth. 

Manage Your Thought Life
Fear and doubt thinking powers self-deception. The goal of deception is to make you feel like you are incapable of trusting yourself to recognize the truth. Self-deception is likely present when a thought causes you to betray or harm yourself or another person.

Speak Truth to Power
We overcome deception by raising our consciousness to use our power. Make a choice to trust the "something is off signal." Be present to pause and notice. Go deeper to understand and increase your self-awareness to what's happening. Use that info to intentionally decide how to speak truth.

Real truth honors the facts.
It is what it is. No persuasion needed.
May the truth become evident.

Truth over Deception

We must resist breathing in the smog of deception that's present in our media, conversations, and own minds. It is toxic to our mind, body, and spirit. We must speak truth to power to expose self-deception. Truth is the exit door for us to walk in freedom. 

Freedom to actualize the promised truth of liberty
Freedom from the mental gymnastics of deception
Freedom to release the tensions from our bodies
Freedom to release distractions & reclaim peace in our spirit

Manage Distractions

One of the markers of deception is it distracts you. "Distractions often come when we are on the verge of proving to ourselves that we have what it takes to bring our dream to life." Chapter 6 takes a direct yet graceful approach to releasing distractions and staying consistent.

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