Hello lovely people! So good to be writing to my Feel Good Tribe again this month. ♥️

September’s newsletter is all about tricking yourself, adjusting some habits, and leaning into healthy ways to occupy your mind.

You find yourself in a super stressful life situation. You need a hit to pick you up, a distraction…so you resort to the usual suspects.

* Dark Chocolate (vegan of course)
* Stuffing your face with Tapioca Chips (though I love potato chips, they ain’t nothing compared to the tapioca ones)
* Losing yourself down the Instagram blackhole (those reels!)
* Binging on Netflix
* Calling someone from your past with whom you had an unhealthy co-dependant relationship

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing, you can allow yourself some of these, but not all of them!

When I’m stressed/overwhelmed with major life happenings, the first thing I do is delete the Instagram app from my phone. Otherwise I know I’ll mindlessly keep going back to it.

Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve found myself in the middle of watching an IGTV video and not remembering how I even got there (“wait, wasn’t I just reading a book on my phone?” 🤔).

Social media scrolling is the grown up version of sucking your thumb (or biting your fingernails).

You don’t even realise you’re doing it. And it’s only comforting as long as you’re at it. The moment you unplug, your mood drops like a tonne of bricks.

I’m not the kind of monster who denies chocolate and chips to an already dejected soul. 🍟🍫

Allow yourself the snacks (occasionally). But eating them straight out of the bag? Rookie mistake, buddy. Makes a huge difference when you serve yourself some in a bowl, put that rubber band on the packet, and walk away before you even take a bite.

Chances are, by the time you finish what you’ve served yourself, your laziness to walk back and open the pack again will stop you from going overboard on the snacking.

The Netflix binging is alright for a few hours, but please please please watch something that’s meaningful and also, this is verrrry important, uplifting only!

Stay away from depressing shit (because it’ll depress you, duh!) or sub-par quality crap (because you’ll resent yourself and whoever created that movie/series for wasting your time later).

My current favourite series is The Bold Type. I did not expect the show to be this good! It’s light, with feel good vibes, and has intelligently presented social dialogues about extremely important topics.

Now let’s talk about the past co-dependent relationship – could be with a friend, family member, romantic partner…NOPE! Don’t even think about touching that phone with a ten foot pole. 👎🏽

Even if the familiarity of that pattern gives you a mild dopamine hit, it’s not going to last long. Besides, you’ll be undoing all the work you put into cutting that attachment, and end up feeling even worse than you started out.

Yes you do need to spend time doing inner work and healing your emotions at some point, but before that, if you need a good, solid distraction, find something that’s going to serve you in the longer run.

Whatever helps you improve your knowledge, makes you a better person, relaxes you… 

It could be something creative, but if you’re anything like me, stressful times are the most uninspiring. Whether it’s making clay sculptures, building new courses, developing content for Instagram/blog/podcast…I’m unable to create when I’m stressed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lately I’ve found taking online workshops/courses very helpful. Especially when I’m not just watching the videos but actually taking notes. Pen to paper. ✍🏻 

There’s something so relaxing about someone else sharing their wisdom with you, and all you have to do is steep yourself in it.

Takes your mind back to the simplicity of school days where learning was your only damn responsibility (I loathed studying back then though and would crib about it all the time 😬)!

Most of these workshops/courses I’m doing are with the clear intention of self-improvement. Especially knowledge that uplevels my online business skills, or boosts my spiritual growth. But I don’t limit my choices to just these topics.

Some of the random classes I’ve attended have been so much fun just because I got to experience the energy of the teacher. It’s nice to learn things, just for the sake of learning and nothing else.

We’re so blessed in today’s world to have access to workshops and courses online. We can just sit at our desks (or in bed on those extra dull days) and learn from people who live in an entirely different part of the world. Now if that isn’t bloody magical, what is?! 🧚🏼‍♀️🪄

Courses/classes I’m currently nerding out on

My friend, Marisa Imon’s Free Manifestation Course. I can’t say enough about how brilliant and generous this woman is! Just this week I’ve felt my energy shift upwards multiple times thanks to her videos.

Mélissa Peng’s workshops on Teachable’s Discover platform. She specialises in helping multi-passionate solopreneurs. Every time she speaks I feel like she’s directly addressing me!

I’m going to do this one about digitally Painting Watercolour Cherry Blossoms by Teela Cunningham next. It’s going to be one of my purely fun workshop treats. I’ve attended one of Teela’s classes before, and I found her energy delightful. She’s one of those teachers whose passion for their subject just overflows in a wave and carries you away with it.

Want to nerd out on one of my creations? Here’s a 5 Day mini course I created last year called Ignite Your Joy. It’s all about cultivating joyful habits into your daily life with a mind/body/spirit approach.

New Meditation Update

On Full Moon night a couple of weeks ago, I was suddenly overcome with the desire to channel and record this meditation.

In this powerful guided practice, harness the support of the full moon's magic to release all unwanted energy from your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Then set a clear intention to attract whatever you desire, all that's good for your higher growth.

You can listen to it on Insight Timer or on my Podcast.

Podcast Update

Apart from the meditation, there’s one more new episode.

66: How my grandmother inspires me to learn, grow and adapt

As you can imagine that’s a personal episode, close to my heart. ☺️ It’s a super short one too, just 12 min.

My upcoming episode (68) is going to feature a very inspiring person, Flossie! Her life’s journey is absolutely incredible and it’s lovely to hear her share it. I’m currently in the editing phase and hope to get it published very soon, so keep an eye out on The Feel Good Factor on your preferred podcast app.

Alright loves. Time for me to wind up and send this to you. Then I’m going to curl up with my Terry Pratchett and disconnect from the internet until Monday.

Since we’ve discussed stress in this email, write back to me and let me know how you’re doing. Is all well with you? If not, what good tools are you using to help you through this time?

As always, sending you lots of feel good energy  and magic until next time.

with love and light,
Susmitha :)

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