Hello sweet people! ♥️😊

When I was about to share this week’s episode, I had a major case of self-doubt. I wondered, “Is this message really going to be useful to anyone? Am I being too presumptuous about people’s lives and relationships? Is the content kind of meh?” Hehe

I didn’t let these thoughts stop me from posting the episode anyway because when I had got the inspiration to record it, it felt like the Universe was really pushing me to share it with the world. I trusted that inspiration more than my self-doubts.

Turns out the Universe was right! Within an hour of sharing the episode, I started receiving messages from people about it. I do often get messages and feedback for my podcast, but never as quickly as this episode did.

Multiple people thanked me for sharing the post. They said it was synchronicity and that they had really needed to listen to this message. Some ardent fans of the show (those who usually listen to every single episode) said this was their favourite episode.

I was just blown away! I can still barely believe it. Haha

I’m so grateful that I didn’t let my doubts stop me from sharing the message. 🙏🏽♥️

I think this experience itself could be content for another episode right? 😄 How meta would that be?

I’ve anyway been wanting to do a talk about imposter syndrome for a while now. I’d say this story would fit right into that theme. 😊

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

with love and light,
Susmitha :)

And now, on to this weeks’s podcast episode...
The Feel Good Factor Podcast with Susmitha Veganosaurus, Episode 38. Portrait, close up of woman with short hair, seriously looking at the camera. Sun shining on her face, blurred trees in the background. Are you losing your identity to one aspect of your life? Reclaim it!
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