Hey there My awesome Feel Good Tribe! 🤗

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous January with some great energy to start off 2021 with.

Last year at this time we were all blissfully unaware of what was about to hit us and change the way we all lived forever. Haha Feels like a lifetime ago, no?

Since the last time I wrote to you, my podcast (The Feel Good Factor) has had three new episodes on it. I’ve interviewed three very inspiring people who share some great thoughts and action steps for you to incorporate into your life. I specifically shared these episodes over the past few weeks because I believe they’re perfect to begin a new year with.

52: The power of inspiration in life and as an entrepreneur with Adam Schaeuble

53: Emotionally Aligned Productivity with Kris McPeak

54: Let go of perfection and get out of your own way with Kathryn Ely

Between the interview, then the editing and publishing of these episodes, I was steeped in so much inspiration myself that I started implementing many of the ideas that were discussed.

The one that’s served me well has been to make a list at the beginning of the week with the top five tasks I need to complete during the week. I also add a bunch of mini tasks which are of secondary priority. And then almost every day I set some intentions for the day and write those down too.

I do the tasks only when I’m feeling inspired to do them. And by some chance I don’t get certain things done that day or week, it’s no biggie. I can forgive myself easily and move forward.

This approach has brought purpose into my daily life but in a very pressure-free way. And it’s helping me keep things organised without stressing about them.

I’m totally loving those moments when I’m ticking off the completed tasks. I do this as I complete them and I feel so fulfilled! I’m realising how much I’m actually getting done and I’m appreciating myself for it. I’m celebrating those little wins and it keeps me uplifted.

If you know me well, you know writing this long overdue email was on my task list this week. 😛 I’m going to take great pleasure ticking that off as soon as I’ve sent it to you. Hehe

The most hilarious moment on this journey was two days ago when I found myself writing “have a bath” on the day’s intentions list and ticking it off happily later on. Yup, it’s come to this. If I don’t write it down, I actually forget to have a shower. And then the days merge into each other and it’ll be like three days later! The struggle is real, peeps! Who’s with me here? 😂

Back to the podcast, I interviewed another awesome person recently and I can’t wait for you to meet her! But I’m thinking next week it’s time to do a solo episode.

I kind of have an idea of what I’ll be speaking about, but if there’s any specific “feel good factor” you’d like me to address, let me know. I like hearing from you and creating content that you ask for.

In other news...

I was the featured guest on Kathryn Ely’s Imperfect Thriving podcast this week.

We talked about: 
  • My vegan journey
  • The benefits I noticed
  • My life’s motto
  • Advice for first time vegans
  • My meditation practice
  • And more...

My Abundance Mindset Master Class last weekend went off beautifully! I’m beyond thrilled with it and can’t wait to do the next round. I’m especially grateful for the wonderful women who participated.

I judge the success of a workshop by two things. The first is my energy – the way I feel at the end of the session. Drained and spaced out or pleasantly tired in a fulfilled, joyful way? I definitely felt the latter at the end of this one.

The second is the feedback and validation I receive from the participants about how the session impacted them personally.

I wanted to end this email by sharing a testimonial that my friend Ekta, who attended this workshop sent me.

“Every moment spent with Susmitha gets infused with her positivity. Her Abundance Mindset workshop helps you understand all the things that hold you back from doing your best for your businesses and from living your best life. And she puts it all so simply and beautifully. She is an embodiment of what she teaches and has put so much love into making these courses. Thanks Susmitha, for being you.”

Needless to say, it had me smiling for a long time. ☺️

By the way, are you on Clubhouse yet? If you are, then join my Vegan Immersion room every Wednesday 10:30 am IST. We’ve been having some great, very informative conversations that’ll help you whether you’re already vegan or transitioning or even just curious. My id there is @veganosaurus.

That’s all for today. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you, and also writing to you again soon.

Thanks so much for being in my tribe! ♥️

with love and light,
Susmitha :)
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