Hello My Feel Good Tribe! ♥️😊

I have such a good feeling about this new moon cycle we’ve just entered! There’s something magical about it, it feels like it’s filled with immense potential.

This is a great time for you all to set intentions and start taking baby steps to manifest them. There’s no need to put pressure on yourself, all you need to do is take small actions consistently to reach your desires, and the Universe will take care of the rest.

But along with manifesting, it’s also important to clear away everything that stands in the way of your easy and smooth growth journey. This new moon cycle is particularly equipped with cleansing energy, so use it to your advantage.

With exactly this in mind, my podcast episode this time is a meditation to help your clear all internal blocks to manifestation.

After you go through my guided meditation, I highly highly recommend you experience my friend Marisa Imon’s new moon meditation for July too. Listening to it left me with a gentle, powerful glow.

With my meditation you’ll be clearing out unwanted thoughts and emotions. Then with her meditation you’ll be setting new intentions with a clean slate. A fantastic combination.

And because there’s nothing like too many meditations, check out my older new moon manifestation meditation (episode 21 on my podcast). That one’s timeless. 😃

Once you try all or any of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences

Catch you again next week!

with love and light,
Susmitha :)

The Feel Good Factor - Episode 34. Meditation: Releasing Blocks to Manifest Your Greatest Desires
As another powerful new moon cycle begins, I felt called to create a manifestation meditation for you. When I asked the Universe for guidance on the message I should share through this meditation, I felt a strong pull to focus on the blocks we create in the way of manifesting.

All the positivity, love, abundance, success, joy, friends, happiness... everything we desire is attracted to us and is constantly flowing towards us. But often, instead of simply relaxing and receiving them, we let fear based thoughts and feelings become blocks that obstruct this flow.
Through the guided imagery in this meditation practice, you will identify and melt these blocks away. Gently, powerfully and with love.

I start with an introduction to explain the different kinds of blocks that we create. The actual meditation begins at 3:42 (incase you're coming back to do the meditation after the first time and would like to jump to it).
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