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Happy Birthday, Bear Cubs

January / February Is Birthday Time For Bears

The fact that bears mate in summer and give birth seven or eight months later might make you think that bear pregnancies aren’t all that different from human ones. But even though bears mate in summer, they’re not officially pregnant until late fall. Nevertheless, they give birth a few short months later, in January or February.

Mother Nature has engineered a unique two-step pregnancy process for bears. During step one (mating), eggs are fertilized, but don’t implant or begin to further develop. Several months later, development (step two) begins when the fertilized eggs finally implant, typically when the bear is safely tucked into her den.

Bear biologist examines newborn bear cub near the den

Bear Cubs Love to Eat

At birth, black bear cubs usually weigh under a pound, far less as a percentage of mom’s weight (less than 1/150th) than most mammals, including humans. The tiny cubs are covered in a coat of exceptionally fine, short hair; their eyes and ear canals are closed and their teeth have yet to emerge. But cubs are born with a strong survival instinct. They quickly snuggle up to their mom… read more

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Cute & Harmless?

A cub getting into your garbage, bird feeder or pet food might seem cute and harmless, but the very best thing you can do to help cubs grow up and stay wild is to make sure you don’t teach them to associate people with food.

How to Be BearWise at Home
bear cubs raiding bird feeder

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