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Seven Tips for a BearWise Spring

Chances are you may start noticing signs of bear activity sometime in March when some bears emerge from their dens. And many bears will be up and about and looking for food and water before the Easter Bunny arrives. So, it’s a great time to think about what worked and what could have worked better last year and make sure you’ve done everything you can to discourage hungry bears from paying you a springtime visit.

1. Going for a Walk?

There’s nothing like heading out for an early morning or evening stroll and bumping into a bear searching for breakfast. If you’re walking around the neighborhood, in a park or out in the woods, pay attention to your surroundings, keep your dog on a leash, and if you do surprise a bear, don’t let your dog chase or harass it. Just back away and leave the area. Read More

2. Check garages, porches, decks and outbuildings

Do you have an unlocked garage, shed or outbuilding where you’re storing anything that might look or smell good to a bear? This includes all manner of pet food, bird seed, deer corn and livestock feed, along with human food, unwashed BBQ grills and even things like antifreeze that are definitely not good to eat (antifreeze smells and tastes sweet but is actually highly poisonous in very small quantities to both people and bears.)

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Friendly Reminder:
Your screened-in porch is not “inside” and under your deck or in your vehicle is not “out of sight and smell” to a bear.

What’s in your vehicle?

Bears can open doors of unlocked vehicles and let themselves in. Unfortunately, when the door shuts behind them, they can’t get out. The resulting damage is a steep price to pay for leaving stuff inside your vehicle that could attract bears.

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vehicle damage from trapped bear

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