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Forced to vacate my home for 13 days, poor as all get up, and unwilling to travel due to an ongoing global pandemic everyone seems to have forgotten about ... I have to get creative.

This is me getting creative. Packing bags and checking my kit to go hide out in a bike / run / hike camping trip to explore the Folding Mountain area. Hopefully an unpopulated back country PLUZ trip to keep it nearly free.


Farrow's Reach

I am sun setting some projects no longer in my future — Layover.Run — and am migrating content to Running really was integral in my life for a long time. It's weird how much it no longer is.

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Campers Village Portraits — A Culture of People

I made one rule when I started. Every Friday, haul your Elinchrom ELB400 / Elinchrom Deep Octa 100, accompanying accessories, 20lb camera bag, and carve out time that afternoon to do an environmental portrait.

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Amanda Rummery — On Track

Amanda's season has entered recovery mode for a hot minute, so we managed to get together for another chat and photo session under an unusually bright and sunny — smoke free — sky at Rollie Miles track. A little teaser of some fun we had.

  1. Media — An incredible recount of Emily Infelds last few years from ESPN here. The pure terrorization stalking induces is frighteningly easy in contemporary society — insulating the predominantly insecure and entitled male predators.

    My personal connection to this story is that I had always been drawn to Emily in my running travels during this time. Often coming close to having an introduction, or story that would provide an excuse to reach out, but it never feeling right to me. Like other athletes I have been drawn to, I now know why.
  2. Colonialism — There is no future if big banks decide to continue to not have one. A great article that ties some big picture items together. Big Banking == Fossil Fuel funding:

    "Canada has pledged to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, but since the 2015 Paris Agreement the country’s five largest banks have poured $726 billion into fossil fuels, according to environmental advocacy organization"

    $726 BILLION invested in just over half a decade knowing fossil fuel extraction is literally cooking the planet. Wild. Makes you wonder, what if all our mortgages were transferred to ethical investing Credit Unions? Even better, a mortgage lender dedicated to investing in green energy production under direction of Indigenous people of the area. Gahhhh, who has a few billion they want to change the world with?

    One five year mortgage cycle could remove a lot of 💰from big bank spreadsheets.
  3. Computer GeekSuper nerd thread about Alt text in Gifs from Giphy. Nothing I respect more than a fringe case uncovering some exceedingly deceitful behaviour.
  4. Defund the PoliceYou can't reform this. You simply can't. This isn't a Betamax tape from 1987 someone found in a box at a garage sale surfacing. This is from an actual media outlet of the EPS last week. It is fucking insane we continue to let this gang of lawless savage thugs run loose at night.

    Fucking. Insane.
Someone looking for an over qualified junior designer better hire me soon, or I will run out of projects to make up. A sample CTA from a new site design I am playing with featuring a portrait I took of Oiselle founder Sally Bergesen from the US Marathon trials in Atlanta last year. Little did we know, just a moth before lockdowns, this photo would be a sign of things to come.

I need a portrait with a coffee cup for a design comp, how many designers have their own stock photography portfolio?
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