I'm all in. The desire to solve business problems has been recently re-ignited. With that comes Web Development, Brand & Identity Design, Content Production, and of course, Photography.

A gentleman in his 70's named Bruce, wearing a blue t-shirt and kaki shorts, with navy and yellow socks in sandals, sits on a street-side bench looking off to their left, with hands in lap holding a phone.
The McLeod Building is historical, and Bruce an institution — Before 6AM on the first 20C night of the year.
Edmonton, AB
May 30, 2021

What I completely forget is the value I bring to starting & scaling a business. I meet recently with folks preparing for a summer in Edmonton unlike anything we've seen — even for 🎺Festival City 🎉 — and it quickly becomes apparent where my energy wants to go.

After just one meeting, I go home, immediately roadmapping and spinning up a complete organization in but a few hours — I am that energized ⚡️.

Small / Medium sized business photo packages can include environmental portraits for personal connection.
Campers Village
May 14, 2021

Without blinking, we have a Notion project acting as project management, task management, vendor management, and primary communication pathway.

It's wild, how long this Notion setup will scale with our little collective, that I build out after just one meeting.

Leonard Chesoo’s Banque Scotia Montréal Virtual Race 10K — Photo Set


I happen to catch my favourite Race Director / virtual father, Alan Brookes, mention something about Leonard Chesoo running a virtual Banque Scotia de Montréal Virtual Race — 10k.

Leonard is in Edmonton … 🤔... 📸

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Alliecat Peterson 10K TT Race Kit Design


"It’s four and a quarter’ish laps, so the eccentric circles really jump from the page of a few initial doodles for me. We all know and love the Hawrelak loop. The small hill at the sharp pitch in the north east entrance, the loss of GPS in the trees around the heart shaped north west bend, before getting all wild after the good bathrooms in the south of the park."

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  1. Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace — The amount of free knowledge just ... out there ... is remarkable. It has recently become apparent I am much more neurodivergent than once thought, and likely more divergent than typical. Huh. Needless to say, I've enrolled in a class to be better equipped at my next adventure into the corporate world 😎
  2. Digital Frankenstein Syndrome (DFS) — A term coined recently by Jeff Archibald in reference to the duct tape and popsicle stick digital backbone that organizations find themselves with after multiple stages of growth and rest. Folks like Jeff and myself, we help mitigate your monster.
  3. Truth and Reconciliation Commission Reports — This link is now in my Instagram profile. It's clear from the shock expressed across the country that the TRC Reports have not been read. Mass graves across this country are not unknown, the scope is all to be determined. Consider this space dedicated to de-colonization. I hope you follow along and explore on your own.
Basima, a young woman with a traditional Tatreez robe on has one arm almost flexing in strength, reaching up to a tree branch, while sunlight passes through the canopy exposing a patch of light on her eye staring straight into the camera with most of her in shadow.
  1. Keffiyeh Photo Shoots — The CPCA Edmonton has a keffiyeh photo contest so I offer to do photo shoots and a few folks reach out. I listen a lot. I learn a lot. We make some incredible photos, and new friends. More coming soon.
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