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So you want to build a website huh? Okay, you can throw some money at me and have a up and running within a day. There is a plan for that.

Or maybe you are more of a DIY'er. I respect that as a fellow DIY'er ... turned professional. I get it, and I don't want your money, but it doesn't mean I can't help with sharing how I do things.

I published the first article in a series I am putting together this month. How to go from IDEA -> A THING, for the DIY'er like yourself.


Domain Management & Domain Name Registration

Everyone knows that a website is the first step to making a business, officially a business. Even Squarespace uses the tagline “A web site makes it real.” Namecheap’s slogan is “Bring your ideas to life.” It must be legit. The first step in a website, is registering a domain.

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Chasing Crown Chasers — Strava Sessions

Heading north across the Walterdale, I give myself very little time from the last spot under the south end of the bridge. I scamper up the hill, hammer to the north end of the bridge, and just catch the frame I spot between shadows as I hustle to my spot.

Book your Strava Session now, and let's go 👑 crown chasing.

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Northern Distance Project

A quick logo & word mark that never saw the light of day for a local run group, Northern Distance Project. I have the idea of multiple surfaces that this group trains on, to create an interchangeable logo for a playful brand. T'was never used, but some good practice in concept development.

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I was fortunate enough to spend some time with my friend Janet recently. She is headed back to Toronto soon. We are scheming on possibly working together. Good times ☀️
  1. Media#BlockShaunKing is getting another needed boost thanks to this thread about the pattern of behaviour that tends to follow Shaun King. TL:DR he is a grifter, and like all grifters, a master of controlling the narrative — propaganda 101.

    Donald would be proud of Shaun's flagrant manipulation of the whole situation. Making up a "witness" to create an alternative version of an event, discrediting Samaria (Tamir Rice's mother) through bullying via a loyal following using this alternative version of an event to validate the bullying, and steam rolling through the whole fact that the witness is Shauns lazy team. This is lecture worthy shit.
  2. Colonialism — I am leaving this space empty. Don't focus on the numbers. The magnitude of mass graves on what have been disguised as "schools" should be our focus. There is nothing educational about genocide. These were NEVER schools. They were concentration camps designed to indoctrinate, or kill. Nothing more, nothing less. This countries soil is literally fertilized with genocide. The numbers far exceed what we will ever "find".
  3. Computer Geek — With the release of a functioning Google Calendar sync for Notion by a crafy Reddit'r, Notion is really starting to blow the doors off. An API going beta couple weeks ago, sync'd content blocks this week, and the community dropping a working Google Calendar sync!?! I'm glad I jumped on the Notion train years ago to run my life and business affairs.
  4. Design — Tyler the Creator rolled out a new album, and different services received different colour album art. The folks are putting it together on the Tweetsauce. I dig it and approach content rollout from a staple piece the same way. Each platform might get slightly different versions, or a purposeful colour campaign like this one.
  5. Photography — A Lifetime For A Moment: Brett Robinson's Marathon Journey — Your boi Riley Wolff made a book. Printed the fucking thing. And is for sale right now. It's likely going to coast an absolute fortune to ship up here, but even facing financial ruin ... I can't not. Legendary running culture right here.
There always seems to be ⚡️off in the distance coming my way. Plenty of energy is going into some intense projects right now. Eyes peeled.
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