A logo word mark with a blue line of thick sans serif text on top reading Rice Howard Harriers, underneath, grey text reading "Howler".
Like riding a bike. That is the phrase we use to describe picking up a skill again, after some time on the shelf. It's because we never really put it down.

I am always building, in the three or four years on the road playing photo journalist, so caught up in the chase of stories that I forget I am still building. The truth is, even though you may not ride a bike between picking it up and putting it down, you are using balance.

Builders gonna build, and I am a builder.

I built the biggest thing I ever done built —

I makeup an entire publishing company to build Religion.Run.

Instead of merely posting a thing, I build a fake race series — Layover.Run.

My work manifests an agency, and kind of a thing now at 3am.Coffee.

This very newsletter is for a running group that doesn't exist but has a brandnewsletter, and has hosted a very real, but totally fake, overnight 50 Mile Layover one person race — the Rice Howard Harriers.

I am a builder.

All of which has required all kinds of web development, alongside the design / photography / writing / marketing / consulting while on the road. You know, while in the thick of it, my mania feels pedestrian. But listing out a few things built the last few years to support my camera curiosity, puts things into perspective 🏔


2019 Religion of Run Logo & Design

I don’t really know what I am going to do with the logo — or subsequent identity — I start to tinker with. I simply like the idea of Religion being used to describe the faith we runners have in Run.
The domain is available 🤔

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A close up of a woman with a keffiyeh draped around her head, held up by her hand, with only her eyes and a small patch of dark hair visible. Looking directly into the camera.
A close up of a woman with a keffiyeh draped around her shoulders and waist, Hands on the rail in front of her. Looking directly into the camera with the rail leading to the woman, and the blurred out bity backdrop.
Standing in front of a blurred out white arching suspension bridge on top of a blue sky in the background, a woman leans towards the camera with a coy smile. She has a keffiyeh draped around her shoulders.

The Keffiyeh Sessions

Palestine and Israel is not a conflict, war, or complicated. It is an apartheid regime forcefully occupying and ethnically cleansing Palestine as they see fit, funded by, and funding a world wide war economy. Doesn't sound like the story we've been told for 70+ years?

Mass graves under residential schools might also shock you, because it's certainly not the story we were told. I am finding one on one conversations that involve back and forth, are proving fruitful. If you want to learn more, let's grab a ☕️ to 🚶🏻‍♀️ and 🗣.

In the mean time, I posted a small set of lovely photos of Basima with her keffiyeh down by the Walterdale Bridge on the Instas, have a peak.

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  1. ‘Enough is enough’: Canadian news organizations file legal action for press freedom at Fairy Creek — My university years were focused on media, information, and technologies along with their role in democracy. Not a journalism degree, but the majority of my classes are in the same building as J School at Western.

    In studying 100'ish years of western media one thing remains consistent. Any time a state police is used to prevent journalists from accessing an area, to protect private interests ... it's usually a good sign that journalists should be accessing an area.
  2. California Avocado Commission Linking Policy — I'm not sure if this is the best joke on the internet, genius marketing, or if Angela in Irvine is real.  I'm too lazy to search, seriously. Either way, I'm sharing this as a fascinated web developer and marketing type person. Maybe also as a human, because if this is real ... WTF? Am I missing something? Is this a thing web sites have? California wildness?
Adam put his hand up the other weekend and said, "I need help." It was vulnerable for Adam to do that, to the Edmonton running community of all places. Y'all showed up. Community building in really reals again. A mini-story on Twitter, but more to come from Adam.
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