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I continue to rebuild through an iterative approach. Yeah, I'm breaking things, but the days of me trying to be perfect when I play in a sandbox are over. It is coming together nicely.

The focus of the content strategy is to validate my resume with work samples that highlight each skill set. I am actively looking for full time — part time as well — employment in Edmonton. I'm at a pivot point currently, and looking for a direction with one fortunate team over the next couple years.


🏃🏼‍♂️ 2018 The Speed Project 4.0 — Take the Bridge — Ciele x Bakline

In the rebuild, a lot of content has been reworked as I try to present my skills and work as best I can. One post that got some love this week is my 2018 TSP 4.0 coverage of TTB for Ciele and Bakline.

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🎆 Deadly Uncle Series
on Twitter & Instagram

We are starting to put together quite a collection of frames from walk & talks alone. The key is bringing my camera with me as weird as it is. I need to channel my inner Fish Griwkowsky. Reach out if you want to walk and talk, with some frames — anti-capitalist talks only.

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Adam under the Walterdale Bridge centre framed looking at the camera with a black hat and jacket, seemingly expressionless with the blurred out bridge and downtown skyline extending out into the background.
Adam in a tree covered path brightly lit from directly overhead, looking off to climbers left wearing a bright red Ciele GoCap and black hoody with the blurred out bright green sunlit trees in the background.
Adam surrounded by bright green blurred out tree leaves wearing a bright yellow Red Earth Run Co. hoody that reads "We Run Turtle Island". He is looking down and smiling while tucking his long dark hair behind his ear.
Adam under the Walterdale Bridge centre framed looking off to climbers right with a black hat and jacket, smiling with the blurred out bridge and downtown skyline extending out into the background projecting his gaze.

📸 Out My Window
exclusively on RHH Howler — this newsletter!

I have always done it, and likely the reason I fell in love with this place the second I laid eyes on it — hanging out my window. When COVID hit, the camera hanging out the window increased, and now I document a lot from a very privileged vantage above 101a Ave.

Rosewood is cool, Lui-Chi's is cool, Bianco is cool, but Sherlock Holmes and Craft are dumps and terrible neighbours that smell like cleaner 🧽

A streak of light catches a diner at Rosewood (totally a great neighbour that should be supported) on the patio highlighting their Ciele cap. Even from home I can capture Ciele frames.
A diner at a dump across the street makes an "ugh" face on the patio with a table full of food and a hair brush ... who just puts a hair brush. Ugh.
A dragon fly still napping early in the morning before the now late sun comes up over 101a Ave.
  1. Spirit North has made my newsletter previously as one of the better designed newsletters out there, so it is no surprise they comissioned Jason Carter for a Truth & Reconciliation day shirt. Needless to say, it does not disappoint.
  2. When you find yourself going down memory lane in a thread from a decade ago, about an interest you had two decades ago ... 2.0L Bubble Block build. Depending on your email client, an intro paragraph eluded to this engine and my interest in building one again. I have room for a drivetrain in my condo 🤔
  3. Keeping it in the Way Back Machine, @stillKVL is back on Twitter and reminding us we used to have fun — 2010 PARK(ing) Day.
If you are interested in a Strava Session wearing singlets and shorts, you better book soon. It gonna be glove weather if it isn't already. Another teaser from Andrea and Allison's Strava Session a couple weeks back.
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