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Hillside hangs has become the story of summer for a few of us. I'm not going "indoors" ... ever again ... so the hill is where the hangs are.

This is Blake. Most everyone knows her. We've become pals this summer; we are both part of the Hill Hang Gang. We aren't sleeping together. That is what folks on the Instas think, I think. I know right, two single hotties in a platonic relationship at the age of "around 40"?!?

It's a thing, jump on this pontoon cruise.


Northern Distance Project — Update

I did another pass over the NDP identity and added some design assets including a pattern, played with more colours, and added a font pairing along with a new track icon to round things out. Lot's to see...

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Need For Speed — Adult Colour Update

This is all thanks to Sonya printing the original logo on a navy singlet at some point in the last four years, posting it to Instagram, and me putting this makeover on a shelf ... until today.

That navy is so adult right now.

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Tiny Cabin of Colour — Joy

I just had to share a couple photos of my friend Janet's tiny cabin. Janet made an appearance here a few weeks ago, and apparently she is the only person I bring my camera out for these days.

  1. MediaWentworth Miller declared his autism diagnosis on Instagram and despite one string of messages from one publisher, searching Google reveals a lot of great pieces that all highlight a unique element about his late age diagnosis of autism. Even the NY Post.

    Honestly media, you get a non-sarcastic slow clap on this one 👏
  2. Colonialism — The 3.5% rule. I'm done going through my deep dive to the bottom — Colonialism goes all the way. It's disheartening knowing the whole world is at the mercy of a few colonial super powers. Who also happen to be resource extraction, world destabilizing, monsters ... also really really white supremacist. And that is the "good guys" AKA Democrats and Liberals.

    But my mind understands logical steps to a conclusion, and all I needed is the data of a pattern that 3.5% of people are all that is necessary to fuck shit up. Colonialism is due.

    That is only 1.3 M Canadians to halt resource extraction.
    That is only 152K Albertans to dump the empty blue suits.
    That is only 28K Edmontonians to refund community not police.

    🤔 🤔 🤔
  3. Computer Geek — I now have a copy of my resume in Notion accessible on the internet. It's amazing and I have just started. One highlight so far is the Bibliography at the bottom. I hope I pursue this a bit further, its use is still pretty ... limited.
  4. DesignSpirit North gets a big thumbs up for their newsletter, particularly the design. It's just enough, but not too much. Likely super easy to build out each edition for whomever is pulling the leavers, and it has so much character with solid image use. If you aren't already, subscribe and support a great org.
  5. PhotographyThis photo of Kevin Garnett by Elsa Garrison is one of those frames when watching this game live, as a sports photographer, you hope that person in that shitty wide spot along the crowded baseline wasn't picking their nose. It took 14 years, but I've now confirmed that Elsa was down there in the corner, and she was in fact not picking her nose.
We are trying desperately to get together for some more photos, talks, and eventually a story on the Ciele Journal. But one of us was busy breaking 60 in the four hundy, and trying to qualify for the Olympics. No. Big. Deal. Hopefully more with Amanda Rummery soon 📸
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