"If you really believe in Jesus - that he's here with us as a living God - how could you see someone killed on the streets, but turn your back and say 'oh that's terrible' and go back to your life, unchanged?" - Isabel, protester
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Tuesday, June 9, 2020
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This past week has seen a lot of protests and actions against police brutality and anti-Blackness. It's also seen a lot of statements on social media from Christians expressing lament and a new or continued desire to be antiracist in their spheres of influence.

The amount of turnout by Christians in the streets has been especially impressive. When I lived in New York City and regularly reported on Christian communities and occasionally covered protests, publicly visible believers were hard to find. The Christians I did find in protests tended to identify as progressives.

So imagine my surprise to see more Christians who identify as conservatives -- especially White Christians -- taking public stands for Black lives and racial justice. Even Joel Osteen marched with George Floyd's family.

A lot of negative events have occurred since anti-police brutality protests and marches for George Floyd kicked off, and it's safe to say many of us have seen those incidents widely reported in the press. So in this newsletter, I'd like to highlight some items you may not have seen as yet, particularly in regards to Christian communities across the nation putting themselves forward (forgive the hodgepodge approach, a lot has been happening).

Woman Calls Out Asian Americans and the Korean Church
First, I'd like to draw your attention to the source of the quote above. In an Instagram post, Jean Rheem shares a video of Isabel marching in the Asian American Pacific Islanders for Black Lives protest. Isabel works withe the Korean American Resource Center in Los Angeles and is apparently also a Christian. In the video she calls out anti-Blackness in Asian American communities and the Korean Church for "using both sides of their mouth." Watch it here.

White Christians Kneel Before Black Christians, Repent
In Houston, White Christians knelt in prayer before Black Christians to apologize and repent for generations of racial injustice that Black Americans have had to endure. Read & Watch

White Cops Wash Black Protesters’ Feet, Ask for Forgiveness
In North Carolina, White police officers were among those who decided to wash the feet of Black believers and protesters and ask for forgiveness. Watch

Mitt Romeny, DC Christians March In Faith+Works Event
Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined mostly Christians on Sunday for a march to the Capitol to show support for Black Americans. Romney, who may be walking in his activist father's footsteps, also tweeted photos of himself in the march with the caption "Black Lives Matter." Check out photos shared by DC Christians

TikTok Preacher on Parable of the Lost Sheep and 'All Lives Matter'
This gentleman who goes by "Mississippibmac" on TikTok has a lot of views for his short takes on the Bible, including one about how saying "All lives matter" in response to "Black lives matter" contradicts Jesus' teaching on the lost sheep. Watch

This Twitter thread by religion reporter Sam Kestenbaum also highlights a few actions by Christians amid protests.

Free: 'Just Mercy,' 'Brian Banks,' and 'I Am Not Your Negro'
A few notable Black-centric films have been made available for free streaming on several platforms. Among them are "Just Mercy," "Brian Banks," and "I Am Not Your Negro." To mark the occasion, we've moved our related coverage from behind the Paywall:
Also helpful for viewing ideas: How American Movies Reflect Society’s View of Racism and Injustice and Film School Rejects's list of films to stream for free

Finally, if you haven't read my op-ed yet, please do: White Christians, Here’s What a Black Christian Wants You to Do

Nicola A. Menzie
Founding Editor, Faithfully Magazine
Michael Stalcup reads "The Rule," a poem he crafted in response to the police murder of George Floyd and the incident in Central Park involving Christian Cooper and Amy Cooper (aka "Central Park Karen"). You can read "The Rule" at


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