Newsletter April! 

Dear <<First Name>>,

Bad habits die hard, right? I will write this months newsletter during this month, promise! But boy what a good one this is.. I'm giving away art again! Go on, read it somewhere below! 

Also, why did nobody point out that last months newsletter headed with 'January' instead of March? 

Holiday in Spain.. eh.. Portugal!
One of the reasons for this belated newsletter is a pretty strong one I believe, I needed a break. I've been working full time since the beginning of this year, and I still didn't fully adapt to that. Luckily, my parents have been married for a certain amount of years celebrating that with me and my little sister. 
We went to Portugal, about an hour drive away from Lisbon. This beautiful vista was the view from our apartment window.. Yes, I know, I felt spoiled too. It is a more rough work, with the sketch lines peeking through. I'm curious as to what you think of that, like or dislike? Do let me know! 

LARP stuff! 

This months LARP was The Balance 17, to which me and my friends went as Desert Shamans again. 

I still needed a quiver for this character, so why not design a nice scorpion and have it commissioned by a friend? 

I think Nick owned it, check out more of his work here! 

Another MTG alter

This month I made 4 Magic the Gathering card alters as a commission, and I must say, they're pretty creepy.. Also, the green was a major challenge due to low opacity of the color. 
There's one more, special card waiting to be altered, after that I'm open for commissions again! 
See more of my alters...

What I'm working on.. 

To stay in the desert theme a little, look! The start of a new era.. I'm going to create digital artwork!! 

Which means, giveaway time!

Let me explain. I'm learning how to use photoshop and I've invested in a Wacom drawing tablet, with the goal of getting moderately good at using them. 

To get there, I need to practise. 

How to enter the give away? And, what exactly am I giving away?? 
I want your ideas*. I want your word porn, that magnificently sketched picture in your mind, an emotion, a poem, colors, details, the beauty. It can be a couple of words long, or a whole paragraph. It can be anything and everything.  
Not a writer? A beautiful line from your favorite book works too, however, I take creativity and originality in account! 
I will do my very best to translate your idea into an unique piece of digital art, of which you will get a premium print for on your wall. Furthermore, I will upload both the visual and your text onto my social media accounts for the world to see!

Send me your submission before the 8th of may, I will pick 2 winners of which I'll create an artpiece! 
*your words will stay within your creative ownership. I will always credit your words with your name. However, my visual inspired on it will be my creative ownership to do with as I please. The artpiece may differ (a lot) from the original text, due to interpretation, creative processes and developing new skills. 
That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you got it by some lovely friend of mine that forwarded it to you, feel free to subscribe. It's just one mail every month!

And remember, if you have a question/suggestion/commission, feel free to contact me
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