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Dear <<First Name>>,

Did you miss me last month? I promised not to write a newsletter if I didn't have enough real material to fill it with, and even tho my mind is filled with ideas. So this month I sent it earlier, I hope to make it up to you! 

Prepping the Humanities series for the exhibition. 
Exhibition in Ermelo! 
One of my artgoals this year was to hang my work in a gallery. Big dreams, but it seems to be happening! I joined StEK a couple of months ago, and friday 13th of september, my work will hang during the 'Salon Hanging'! I chose to exhibition the Humanities series, so I've been busy in getting six pieces up and ready. They didnt all
satisfy my own required quality - yes, I skipped one, I think stylewise it doesn't fit - so I had to add on one more. In the picture above you can get a quick overview of all six pieces and their poems, you are all more than invited to come see them in real life from september 13th till october 22th. For all the information on the exhibition, click here.. 

Other cool projects.. 

Okay to me this is a whole new level. I've been working on digital art for a while now, however, mostly just at work. There, I designed this sign about bees for a client, and it recently got placed! So now there's an actual sign, of sign material, outside in the Netherlands!

So yes, my digital skills are improving! I am yet to get comfortable with it at home tho.. 
Below, you find the fifth illustration and poem of the six expositioned at StEK gallery. 

In the darkness of my mind
monsters live and thrive
A new threat on every corner
Mere mundane task in the light

I know I could do it
I probably did it before
But have you heard it scream?
Have you seen it roar?

A little bump a mountain
A mouse trampling the elephant
Size is relative
when suffocating and paralyzing

And when I finally slay the beast
Or panic my way through flaming terror, teeth and claws

I look back
And it was nothing at all

I hope you enjoyed the preview, and you'll see more from me soon! 
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