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Its still May! My newsletter in your inbox, in the month itself, as promised! I don't have much news tho, so I hope you are satisfied with some small updates. Talking about updates, I've updated the website! Or at least, a small bit.. 

If you have suggestions for either this newsletter or my website, let me know! 

This leftover painting is one of my best. Leftover painting means that I paint with the leftovers from a commission or a 'big' work, something I planned and am done with for the day. However, theres always residue paint. I like to take that paint and a picture, and just paint away. No measuring or sketching, no expectations, nobody waiting for a result. And sometimes it doesn't work, and I just toss it out. And sometimes, this happens.  

Giveaway winners! 

In the last newsletter, I explained that I want to explore the digital art world and that I needed two ideas to practise on.
So why not make it a giveaway contest, collect words and gift the winners a vague promise of art based on their words, printed in high quality on unknown material at an unknown time? 

Yet it worked! The winners are Janine Vink and S.A. ter Dach! I would like to thank all contributers, I got 11 submissions and they touched me deeply. Really guys, keep on writing! 
I'll keep on practising, as you can see with the little bee I made at work! 

New month, new alter 

It seems that I make most of my money with MTG alters, I have a pleasantly steady flow of people commissioning these geeky beauties! Thank you for passing on my page to your friends you lovely geeks! 
This one wasn't a commission tho, this is a LARP related special gift! 

She tries to make it worth living
He tries to stay alive

I am him
I am her
Though never in the same time

Dark knowledge hiding from the light
Grateful warmth not intruding the dark

Opposites attract, they say
Never seeing them apart

Battles won 
Battles lost
In a never-ending war. 
The poem above is the fourth poem-illustration in my series about people, emotions, feelings and society. It could trigger some people, so I blurred it out just in case. You can find the illustration, and the other three illustration/poems of this series here..
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And remember, if you have a question/suggestion/commission, feel free to contact me
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