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Dear <<First Name>>,

One might say, a global pandemic and possible crises following that might not be the best moment to quit your job and choose to make your living as an artist full-time. Yet that is precisely what I have done. Let me explain you why:

One of the current fifteen information signs by my hand to be found in Amersfoort. In October, you'll find the autumn signs in this park! 
But Linda, you loved your job! Why leave?
Working at Sight Landscaping has been an absolute blast. I have nothing but love for my colleagues there, the challenges and support I've received and the diversity of projects I worked on. It was my first 'real' job, working 9-5 full-time. I started out as trainee, and quickly got involved in projects with ecology, citizen participation, management and design. At the same time, my relationship got more serious and it became clear I wouldn't always live at my parents place.. 

Then, COVID-19 hit, and everyone was ought to work at home. I transferred to living with my partner at the end of the world (Zeeland) and working from there over a weekend. It soon became clear that this would be a semi-permanent state for at least a couple of months. For us, abeit the pandemic, this was a great opportunity to grow accustomed to living together. 
The past year, especially since COVID, I have been specializing in educational information signs and digital illustration.
While working from home, I eventually made the decision. I was gonna live here, and give art a real chance. 
Luckily, my colleagues are awesome people. I can continue the big sign project you see above as an entrepreneur for the upcoming half year and they don't have to make their project managers draw illustrations. 

Besides that, I really, REALLY want to make my own art now. I am so lucky and grateful for where I am now, and I want to honor my creativity in earnest, for the first time in my life. And I can, cause art will for the foreseeable future be my full-time job.

Thank you all, for supporting and believing in me. I'm excited to show you what I'm working on right now, both my own projects and awesome commissions I keep getting from you all. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter! 

Canto Ostinato painting

Last newsletter, I announced a collaboration project with Wim te Groen, musician. I painted this oilpainting during his livestream, and did a give-away with everyone who had a ticket. The winner was Tim Vermeiren, and the painting has reached it's giveaway destination safe and sound. Thank you all for joining us online. 

Church in Dordrecht

Finding back creativity

The difficult part of making money with what you love, is that the creative energy sometimes slips from what you do. Do you still love it, or is it just work? 
Besides thinking I have ideas that you really want to see, this is one of the reasons I want to focus more on just making art. I am a perfectionist and I usually overthink everything I make. Taking my sketchbook, finding something I love, and draw it is something I have to relearn. Simple things aren't always easy, but usually very worthwhile.

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you got it by some lovely friend of mine that forwarded it to you, feel free to subscribe. It's just one mail every month!

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