Cottesloe Tennis Club: April 2020


WA Tennis Shutdown in Response to 

(Effective 27 March 2020)

An email was distributed to all club members on Friday, informing members that following a directive from Tennis West, all tennis clubs, club activities and coaching activities must cease operations immediately. The specific directives are:
  • All tennis clubs and centres are to close until further notice
  • All tennis programs and coaching be cancelled, including one-on-one coaching
  • All club, association and social play be cancelled until further notice
  • All public court hire bookings to cease
Tennis West has emphasised that this is a Government mandate and needs to be strictly adhered to by the tennis community.

To view the Tennis West email, click on this link:
At CTC the nets have been removed from the courts and no-one may play - which means no self-organised play or coaching until further notice.
Tennis West is  exploring all options for resuming tennis in a safe way when health officials deem it safe
Maintenance: Maintenance to the courts and grounds is being continued in a manner which protects the staff. Thank you POD. The club's regular staff, including set operators, are continuing to be paid, albeit at a ‘rain day’ rate.

Helping at the Club: If anyone is seeking ways to fill the day and help the club, Karen Meredith - our dedicated House & Grounds Director, has a few maintenance tasks she has identified for any busy bees out there! Phone Karen on 0433 633 365 to volunteer. You will be able to maintain social distancing!


A Message from Judi Coffey & Jane Hope, Social Co-Directors:
We all need to look out for each other during this very surreal time. We are aware that during this strange period when we've had to put fairly stringent measures in place to try and do our bit with social distancing to slow this virus down, that some people may be feeling isolated.
Jane (Hope) and myself Judi (Coffey), and the rest of the Committee, want to help with this, as after all we are all in it together!  Therefore we suggest that people get in touch via to let us know if you're happy to volunteer to assist others, but also to notify us of any members you think need help in any way - from a chat on phone to a meal and possibly some shopping - or anything else.

As the recent Post headline stated:
“Kindness and Community Will Get Us Through This.”


Affable Callum Ross, Coach at CTC, and his fiancee Chelsea - due to be married on 4 April - have taken Covid-19 in their stride and postponed their wedding.

Regardless of any postponement, congratulations Callum & Chelsea, and we look forward to being able to congratulate you again when your wedding takes place.

At long last the shade sails have been installed - what an asset!

The 12 peppermint trees - great-looking specimens donated by club members and mid-week tennis - arrived and are now firmly in the ground at CTC.
More Peppermints near the Sunset Bay
Newly planted Peppermint Trees overlooking Bay 3

On Friday 13 March Tennis West declared that 'effective immediately',all Tennis West sanctioned events,competitions and tournaments would be postponed until further notice. This included our local league (pennants) competitions. 

Planning for the winter season has also been affected with the nomination period extended and under review. As yet a final date for entering teams has not been advised.

Libby Mussared, Weekend Pennant Co-ordinator: 

Despite the very sad news of the suspension of our 19/20 season I hope all teams enjoyed their tennis, and thank you to club members for your continued support and encouragement! Congratulations to all teams and thank you to all Captains for your hard work in organising teams each week. Our ladder positions are:
  • Sunday Over 50s (Palmer): 2nd
  • Sunday Over 65s (Bruce): 2nd
  • Men's State League: 7th
  • Men’s Division 1 (Wood): 2nd
  • Men’s Division 1 (Bignell): 5th
  • Men’s Division 3 (Gohil): 5th
  • Men’s Division 4 (O’Dea): 6th
  • Men’s Division 9 (Grayling): 8th
  • Men’s Division 13 (Pace): 4th
  • Women's State League: 4th
  • Women’s Division 1 (Mussared): 5th
  • Women’s Division 2 (Keaney): 2nd
I hope we can organise a post-season celebration in the future, and that everyone stays safe!
Saturday Men's Div 4:
Nathan McIntosh, Rob Prouse & Peter O'Dea
Sunday Men's 50+ Doubles Div 1: 
Mike Harrold, Peter Bierwirth, Remo Pollastri, Mark Lewis & Russell Baker
Jaye Marzec: Men's State League, Men's Open Div 1 & Div 3

Max Weir: Men's State League

Steve Janney: Men's Open Div 3
Katrina Chisholm, Mid-Week Pennant Co-ordinator: 

Most of our teams managed to complete their qualifying rounds before the sudden postponement of the summer season, with only the three Womens Fast4 teams unable to complete their 14 matches. Overall it's been a successful season with six of our 15 mid-week summer teams finishing in either 1st or 2nd position.
** Breaking News **
Tennis West has announced the winning teams, as the ‘ladder leaders’ in each competition at the time of the cancellation of the 19/20 Summer League season. The following Cottesloe Tennis Club teams are to be congratulated for finishing on top of their ladder:
  • Wed. Women's 55+ Doubles Div 2 (Oen)
  • Wed. Night Men's Open Doubles Div 3 (Hannaford)
  • Thurs. Night Women's Open Doubles Div 4 (Taylor)

Women's 55+ Doubles Div 2
Lt to Rt: Sue Dibb, Anne Williams, Frances Barron, Lorraine Bossie
Not pictured: Carmel Wright, Shane Bannister-Jones, Clare Reyboz & Amy Oen

Tennis West also makes a prestigious ‘Most Valuable Player’ award in each division of the various competitions. Two players from our club have been recognised for their outstanding effort and success through the season:
  • Brenda Plint: Thursday Night Women's Open Doubles Div 1 
  • Amy Oen: Wednesday Women's 55+ Doubles Div 2 
'Congratulations Brenda and Amy'
The ladder positions for the remaining mid-week pennant teams were as follows:
  • Mon. Night Women's Fast4 Div 1 (Flipo): 3rd
  • Mon. Night Women's Fast4 Div 2 (Prendiville): 7th
  • Mon. Night Women's Fast4 Div 2 (Kestell): 8th
  • Tues. Night Mixed Doubles Div 4 (Frederic): 6th
  • Wed. Women's 55+ Doubles Div 1 (Sullivan): 2nd
  • Wed. Night Men's Open Doubles Div 2 (Brown): 6th
  • Wed. Night Men's Open Doubles Div 4 (Yaxley): 5th
  • Thurs. Night Women's Open Doubles Div 1 (Medhurst): 2nd
  • Thurs. Night Women's Open Doubles Div 3 (Sheena): 2nd
  • Thurs. Night Women's Open Doubles Div 4 (Barron): 7th
  • Thurs. Night Women's Open Doubles Div 5 (Kate): 8th
  • Thurs. Night Women's Open Doubles Div 7 (Shephard): 8th
There were some ‘near misses’. The 'Thursday Women's Div 1' team missed out on top position by only two points - that’s just one set across the whole season. More fortunate were the 'Thursday Div 3' team who after a solid final round win, leapt into 2nd position in a three-way tie decided on count back.

Never doubt that a single game, set or even a point
can change a season outcome!

It was with great sadness that we had to notify everyone that all tennis coaching services at Cottesloe Tennis Club, and all around the state, have temporarily ceased by instruction of Tennis West under the new Government restrictions. 

This means we can no longer continue any form of coaching or playing at the tennis club. We know many of you rely on tennis to maintain physical and mental health, which can make this uncertain period very difficult for some. 

We encourage everyone to try find exercise in other forms to maintain your health and keep active. We look forward to seeing you all back at the club as soon as possible.

The winning Junior teams and Junior 'Most Valuable Players' for the summer season will be recognised at the next windup.

Indie & Jake Smethurst, two of our Juniors,
finding a way to keep their skills up at home
Anne Williams - President
Grove Heritage Trails- A Mobile App
This photo was taken in early March on the new Paparoa Track in NZ- a new Great Walk. For now though I’ll all be walking locally.
The Grove Heritage Trails app offers historical trails of the local areas of Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park. Those taking each tour will be able to listen to or read stories about points of interest along the way. I have downloaded the app on to my mobile phone and got it working. The content draws on images, oral histories and historical documents from the archives of The Grove Library and other institutions. Really interesting! Search for 'Grove Heritage Trails'. 
I’ll also get the knitting needles clicking and make a little granddaughter a jumper.


Ken Everett - Vice-President
I've been too busy working trying to manage my business to do anything exciting at home! Our US office is in lockdown and our South African office and factory go into lockdown tonight – crazy times we live in.
We are all working from home now, but at least we can still get out a bit.
To break the work stints I take our dog Blackjack to the river and local park for walks (and get in a game of tennis - well I did until recently!).
Above is a picture of Blackjack receiving the 'Employee of the Week' award, which he has won for the last three weeks in a row!!

Richard Atkins - Treasurer
We've got five at home (now that Scotch has gone on line).
Michelle's doing on-line yoga classes with Tamara Yoga.
Netflix and Disney +  are getting a hammering,
We've upgraded to the highest level with iinet!!
Zoom is all new but very good for meetings.
But most importantly, we are sitting around after dinner and are just talking more.
Also playing a lot of Monopoly Cards (a great, short & sharp version of Monopoly), with other board games likely to get an airing soon as well.
And our daughter Annabelle (3rd year Environmental Science) has significantly upgraded our herb and vege patch.

Editor's Comment: Richard receives the award for creativity - reminding us that if we don't embrace social-distancing we'll end up like him - the 'man in the mask'!!

Rick Bretnall - Junior Director
This is what I'm doing during the break … gardening and cleaning gutters!!

Editor's Comment: Looks as though you're making a good start Rick!!


Judi Coffey - Social Co-Director
'Painting by Numbers' is a great activity that keeps me out of mischief' and distracts me from other things where I need to grit my teeth and take a deep breath! They say 'you will become an instant artist' - I don't know about that, but it's certainly a stimulating and absorbing activity. 


Cottesloe Tennis Club receives $14.00 for every membership purchased
Entertainment membership will be 100% digital this year and must be purchased on-line using this  link:

Queries: Contact CTC member, Hilary Heptinstall:
0411 052 329 or


We all need things to help us feel good at the moment - some welcome Sandalford wines might just be the answer!

This offer is for CTC members only - 25% off website orders of six or more bottles. Visit and enter TENNIS2020.

Long-time sponsor of Cottesloe Tennis Club, Tim Weir - Director of Precision Funds Management, came across an article that he found offered some sound financial counsel in this difficult investment environment. Tim stated: "Although financial markets have been in panic, it's not the time to be panicking in relation to your investments, rather to stick to a well thought out investment strategy that satisfies your objectives." He has summarised the article as follows: 

"As efforts continue across the globe to contain the spread of Covid-19, the impact on financial markets has been swift and extreme. The volatility in financial markets will continue in the short term as Australia and the rest of the world reach our peak contamination and then ultimately subside. We especially hope to see a significant reduction of infection as the northern hemisphere heads into summer.
However with the now inevitable recession upon us it begs the question - 'how should investors react in such times of uncertainty and prepare for the eventual recovery?'
As previous events such as the Global Financial Crisis have highlighted, world governments and central banks will use all measures available to them to ensure a V shaped recovery. Already we have seen a significant response in relation to the re-introduction of interest rate cuts, government spending initiatives, industry rescue packages and quantitative easing. This is highlighted by the significant resilience we have seen in the iron ore price as China advances policy to support a massive infrastructure spend.
Now is not the time for a panic response by investors, but a careful calculated well thought-out strategy. For those lucky enough to have liquidity to take advantage of depressed markets, the same rules apply:
  • Stick with quality, solid long term businesses
  • Ensure they have robust balance sheets
  • Focus in dividend paying companies
  • Avoid the hysteria, focus on fundamentals
  • Take advantage of discounted capital raisings should they be on offer
  • Avoid over-valued loss making sectors and companies e.g. IT 
Investors need to be wary that such volatile markets are also typified by an early overly optimistic recovery or 'suckers rally', which will inevitably be corrected by a raft of negative economic data before the real impact of policy corrects the economy.

The recovery is inevitable as this viral threat subsides and historically low global interest rates will support a significant share market recovery."

The Organising Team for the Perth Children's Hospital Tennis Classic regrets to advise that the fundraising mixed doubles tournament planned for Sunday 3 May at CTC is postponed until further notice due to the corona virus health crisis. 

The Team had this to say: "We wish to thank the Committee, coaching staff, groundsman and members of Cottesloe Tennis Club for their generosity and for having made us feel so welcome. Our commitment to help the brave kids in PCH is not diminished and we hope to be able to rearrange the tournament for another date later in the year if things return to normal."
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