Cottesloe Tennis Club: May 2020

Keep Up the Good Work POD - Maintaining the Courts For Our Full Return to Tennis

(Effective 26 April)

Doubles Play is Now Permitted


** Social Distancing of 1.5 Metres and Strict Hygiene Must Still be Maintained

** No Gatherings of More Than Ten People Permitted
Following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions by the WA Government, the Management Committee has made the decision that doubles can be played, and coaching extended to more than one client at a session.

The Committee has agreed that during the current Covid-19 restrictions, members are welcome to bring one guest, free of charge, to play in singles or doubles matches. This will be reviewed at the May Management Committee meeting.
  • It is requested that members and guests follow careful hygiene measures - using hand sanitiser or washing hands before and after tennis.
  • Members are responsible for deciding whether to play - the Government recommendations are that those over 70 or with pre-existing health conditions should stay at home.
  • Players are requested to be considerate of others - please play for no longer than an hour if others are waiting.
  • The grass courts will be available from 10.00am - the nets will already be up.
  • Hard courts should be pre-booked using 'Book-A-Court'. Members can now also book courts for evening play.
  • The 'Social Tennis Ladders' on Global Tennis Network (GTN) are now up and running - see below.

In the absence of organised social tennis and pennants, the club is offering members the chance to join a 'Tennis Ladder'. The idea is to encourage players to get on court for a friendly match with a competitive edge. The Ladder format creates a ranking for players so that players of similar ability can play each other in a satisfying game.

To facilitate this activity, club member Karen Rothwell has created a 'Cottesloe Members Tennis Network' on the Global Tennis Network (GTN) - for singles, and soon to include doubles. Already a number of men and some women have joined.
  • CTC has three Ladders - Men's, Women's and Junior's.
  • Joining can be done at any time. Once a player profile is completed, members then join one of the Ladders for the Winter Social Tennis League.
  • Members can play as few or as many matches as they wish.There are no rules for the match format i.e. Fast4, best of three sets, simple counting of games etc. The winner enters the score of the match on the Ladder. 
  • It's free to join - and there is no requirement to do so.
  • Personal information is protected. All members, but in particular Juniors, should ensure their privacy settings are set to 'only connections and other players in your networks'.
  • As per all current CTC tennis play, the grass courts are available from 10.00am, and hard courts must be pre-booked using 'Book A Court'.
  • Players are requested to play for no longer than one hour if others are waiting.
Follow this Link to Join the Cottesloe Tennis Club Members Network on GTN:

You will be asked to create a player profile. including ranking your tennis skill level. The GTN ranking system is different to our club's social ranking and the CTRs (national player ranking system). The table below provides a conversion guide:

Kim Morgan & Karen Rothwell Played the Inaugural Match on the CTC Ladder


Tennis West has indicated the possibility of running a winter league season. Although no details regarding the date for commencement, or length of the season, have yet been provided, Tennis West has extended the previous deadline for nomination of teams until the middle of May.

If you wish to play pennants during the winter season please confirm your previous interest, or submit your details by 10 May to the Pennant Co-ordinators:

Four of the club's vintage benches are in need of sanding and painting - paint provided. After your expert touch they'll return to Bay 3. The Court Sweepers are also in need of maintenance, ready for winter.

Willing Helpers: Please phone Karen Meredith, House and Grounds Director, on 0433 633 365.


A message from the President, Anne Williams

The project 'Replace Trees' has now been completed and doesn’t the tiered area at the top of Bay 3 and around the playground look fabulous. 

Thank you to Karen Meredith, Richard Atkins and Peter O'Dea for leading all the hard work - and the kind volunteers who worked with them.

We'd also like to thank the members who donated the 12 Peppermint Trees, now being carefully tended and regularly watered:
  • Damian Kestel bought one for each of his three daughters.
  • CTC sponsors, Grant Davey (Matador Capital) and Tim Weir (Precision Funds Management), supported the venture with a tree each.
  • James Thompson, Riaz Khan, Laurence Pace, Craig Ellis, Amy and Paul Oen, and Sally and Peter Eyres also bought a tree.
  • Finally, thank you to mid-week players led by Ruth Luyer. 

David Culley & Callum Ross

Picking Up Where You Left Off: 
For those getting back out onto the court for the first time in a while you may feel like your game is a little rusty.
  • Our tip is to start your first hit with some slow- paced rallies up the middle of the court, to find your rhythm first before playing points.
  • You'll get confidence back in your game more quickly and feel like you can start to be more aggressive the longer you hit.
  • This avoids the frustrations of making lots of errors early on and feeling like you're not hitting the ball as well as the last time you played. 
  • Another thing to remember is the importance of using your feet and actively moving between shots. This can be lost quickly when you haven't played in a long time, but is easy to get back.
  • Remember to split step when your opponent hits the ball and keep off your heels when waiting for your next shot.
Approaching the Net:
  • An approach shot is not a winning shot.You are hitting this shot expecting to finish the point with a volley.
  • Too often people overplay the approach shot and make an unforced error as they're nervous about the volley they may have to hit next.
  • Hopefully, if your approach shot is sound, you can force your opponent into error by overplaying their passing shot or they are unable to put pressure on you and you are presented with an easy volley.
  • In singles the majority of your approach shots should be hit down the line making it much easier to cover the net.
  • At club level, hitting the ball hard on an approach shot is not always a smart move. Firstly you are more likely to commit unforced errors and secondly you are not going to have as much time to establish a good net position…Keep the approach solid and deep.
Thank you David and Callum - We Really Appreciate This
David and Callum Hard at Work Coaching
There Are Still Plenty of Coaching Spots Available
From Tennis Approach:

It has obviously been trying times for all tennis players over the month of April. It's been great to see singles play open up last week and now doubles being permitted as of this week.

The Tennis Approach team has been limited to running private lessons over this period but is now looking forward to offering a wider range of programmes. From a club and coaching perspective there hasn’t been a lot to report, but we will be starting Group and Squad Programmes from next Monday 4 May.

We will be following the latest safety guidelines for continued play issued by Tennis Australia, and monitoring the WA Department of Health website for any further updates that need to be passed on. 

We are very excited to have these group lessons up and running again and we hope you are too. We look forward to seeing you and the kids out on the court again, enjoying the game we love so much. For class times please visit:


The Kids Really Appreciate Callum

Keeping An Eye on the Ball



Katrina Chisholm, Mid-Week Pennant Coordinator: With no pennant activity since mid-March and little possibility of a winter season, there’s an opportunity to learn a little about some of our teams and players and illustrate why pennants at CTC can be so rewarding.
Having enjoyed a stunning summer season, losing only one match enroute to capturing the shield - this being their fourth win in six seasons - Captain John Hannaford of our formidable Wednesday Night Men’s Doubles, Division 3 Team, provides some background to the team and perhaps a secret to their success: The team that plays together stays together

"The Deucebags"
 A bit about the team … we are known internally as “the Deucebags” and were formed back in 2015 from a group of former tennis players and friends that wanted to get back into tennis after many years out of the game. None of us were in the Tennis Australia system and none of us were playing pennants or any regular tennis. My wife suggested we sign up for mid-week doubles as a way to play regularly. So we registered a team with Dave Smyth, Brett Endersby, David Devenish, Pat Prendiville, Bill Fry and myself, John Hannaford. Given we all had generic ‘8’ rankings, we were graded into the bottom Division 6 in 2015-16. We duly won that year undefeated (only losing one set for the year) and had rediscovered our love of tennis in the process. That was the start of a great new chapter in our lives and it was the start of a strong friendship and bond between the six players in the team. The Deucebags has since gone on to win two further seasons whilst rising through the ranks to Div 2 in 2019. This year Craig Ellis joined the team in Div 3, which is now our fourth win as the Deucebags.

The Deucebags fellowship has also extended to other off-court activities with an annual ‘tennis camp’ that has taken us to Yallingup, Burswood and Singapore, and end of season weekends away to the Abrolhos and El Caballo. We are looking ahead at more trips further afield - for example, to the Australian Open and Roland Garros - Covid 19 restrictions notwithstanding!


Deucebags Play the Dutch in Singapore, February 2020
The Deucbags’ mid-season trip this year was to Singapore to play “The Hollandse Club” in an organised ‘international friendly’ event. Patrick Prendiville’s brother Mark is a member and had arranged a group to play two rounds of doubles in two sessions, 12-2pm, then 4-6pm. We arrived on Friday night and checked into accommodation at the Hollandse Club, a multi-sport leisure club in suburban Singapore. The tennis was organised by Scott, a South Australian who had been in Singapore for eight years and in charge of tennis at Hollandse. He'd arranged a broad mix of players to play against us on their artificial grass courts. We had a team of six Deucebags - David Smyth, Brett Endersby, Bill Fry, David Devenish, Pat Prendiville and me to line up against the Hollandse team in three doubles matches.
Singapore heat and humidity were in full force, but apparently this was not ‘extreme’ by their standards. For us - more used to Perth mid-week evening play, half of the time with a local Cott sea breeze - this was exhausting stuff. We won the first three matches comfortably and headed to the restaurant and bar for the two hour break until the next session. Our excellent hosts were generously offering refreshing ales, which we duly accepted, followed by a hearty lunch. We were getting used to this sort of club atmosphere and had settled right in before our next session at 4pm. Needless to say we were not in our best form for the second session, but figured that both teams would be affected equally, so out we went back on court.
That is when we realised the ‘local rules’ were not in favour of the visitors - Scott reshuffled his team bringing in Sven, a 7 ft Austrian, and the club’s No 1 player, and two other equally fresh players into the lineup. Getting away with a win was going to be a tall order. Bill Fry and yours truly were together in the 3rd pairing and after a wayward start (heat, humidity and beer taking their collective toll), found our groove and won in the third set tiebreaker. Luckily we won as the other two pairings were not faring too well - Dave and Brett finding big Sven proving impenetrable at the net, and in fact he was everywhere! On the next court, Pat and David D didn’t get the better of a few crucial line calls and also went down in a tiebreak. Final scoreline 4-2 to the Deucebags and a very enjoyable first international match. Back to the bar for some well earned refreshments and a good rest! 
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Singapore and at the Hollandse and have extended the invitation to them for a return set of matches at Cottesloe in the not too distant future. We look forward to some enjoyable and competitive tennis and also to setting some local rules of our own. Next stop for the Deucebags…..Roland Garros? Flushing Meadows?

We're told - on the best authority - that they took 20 Cottesloe Tennis Club shirts with them on this trip, broadcasting what a great club they belong to!
Relaxing & Social  Distancing via Zoom
Jane Hope, Cheryl Hoskin,
Judy Gillespie & Wendy Price
Who is This?
Australia's Fed Cup Captain, Alicia Molik - W
aiting for Action!

Option 1 - vIa WhatsApp: Download the app: then send your phone number to either:
  • Anne Williams, President: 0417 985 179
  • Leeann Lamotte: 0418 942 677 
Once received, your phone number will be added to the Whats App group called ‘CTC Want to Play?’ You can then post a message to the group asking for players - others in the group can respond.

Option 2 - Email Other Members: If you'd like to arrange a game with someone but do not have their contact details, please email Amy Oen at  Amy will forward your email to those you would like to contact. They can then respond accordingly.


Cottesloe Tennis Club receives $14.00 for every membership purchased
Entertainment membership will be 100% digital this year and must be purchased on-line using this  link:

Queries: Contact CTC member, Hilary Heptinstall:
0411 052 329 or

Here are a few words extracted from an email sent by Phil and Frances on 6 April:
  • The world is a different place today than it was just a few weeks ago when we were humbled by your affection and gratitude.
  • Friday 21 February seems a long time ago, yet it's still fresh in our minds and it is a true keepsake memory. It was an amazing evening for us and we both had to work hard to contain emotions. Thank you. 
  • After a couple of initial games at the local tennis club, tennis is non-existent for us. Frances has found a singles partner already. Exercise is largely confined to long walks and the occasional set of burpees, push-ups and abs!
  • Our time as part of the CTC community has been on of our 'funnest' times - a place where we made lifelong friends and rediscovered the joy of tennis. Right now it's hard to predict a visit to Perth, but we're still hoping for 2020. 
  • Thank you for welcoming us into your community and thank you for the wonderful memories.
1986: Ruth Luyer (Lt) & Margaret Povey
1987 CTC Wimbledon Night: 
John Gardner (we think!)
1988 Bicentenary: Margaret Holbrook
John Gillett & His Sisters
Who Knows When?
Anthea McGrath & Father Christmas
Early 90s CTC Hawaiian Night -
Evanè O'Dea (Lt), Julie & David Howe, Peter O'Dea
Hawaiian Night - Peter & Sallee Eyres
1992 Men's Doubles Finals: 
James Lemmon, Alan Hartley,
Peter O'Dea & John Gillett
1992 Launch of CTC Book "Our Club"
Peter O'Dea (Rt) & Fellow Player
1993: Ralph (Lt) & Judy Stratton - USA
1993 CTC Sponsor's Day
Sponsor, David Howe (2nd from Lt)
1991 Pro-Am Day:
Organised by David Culley
Drawn by Creative Mid-Week Member,
Val Hughes
To be continued in the June Top Spin ...
  • 1879: Tennis first appeared in Australia.
  • Late 1880s: Men dominated tennis. It's said that tennis was popular because it gave men the opportunity to socialise with women and to catch a glimpse of their ankles!! Women mainly played social tennis using an underarm serve - not always appreciated by those receiving. Cumbersome, hot and inelegant clothing inhibited them - once restrictive clothing was discarded, women began to strengthen their game. 
  • 1903: The Cottesloe District Tennis Club was formed
  • 1904: Land finally acquired - south of Irvine and east of Venn Streets, Peppermint Grove (on east side of Stirling Highway). Within three months the two asphalt courts were laid.
  • 1907: Tennis in Australia came to world attention when Norman Brookes became the first overseas player to win the Wimbledon Championships.
  • 1907: Cottesloe becomes a municipality separate to Peppermint Grove, and by 1911 had relinquished its courts, though play continued.
  • 1920s: A top-grade racquet was worth $9.50!
  • 1924: A second Cottesloe Tennis Club emerged - four courts 'down in the hollow' behind the Cottesloe Hotel. The courts were fenced, two courts lit for night play, a rotunda moved from the nearby golf links to create the clubhouse, a well and pump installed plus a transformer for electricity to the courts.
  • 1925 (June): With a membership of 124, the club felt the need to expand - resulting in seven courts and a new clubhouse in 1927-1928.
The second Cottesloe Tennis Club - 'in the hollow'. This 1936 photo shows seven courts & a new clubhouse - original rotunda clubhouse (left rear) 
  • 1929-1930: The Depression intensified and the club was given a 'termination of agreement'. This was rescinded, but times were tough (much like now).
  • 1934 Australian Open: Harry Hopman wore shorts - and was told he couldn’t play! He threatened to forfeit the match and a reversal of the rule was made.
  • 1934: Mayor John Black envisaged moving the club to the Napier Street site - once a continuation of Napier Street to Marine Parade was completed - so the current land could be used for rateable properties. 

The courts 'in the hollow' have been levelled. This new section of
Napier Street with brush fence to minimise the sand drift
  • 1936 - Napier Street Site Development: Levelling of the sand hills - 150,000 tons of sand - was done by a handful of men, shovels, horse and skip, and later a mining skip on a mini-rail - unbelievable! Limestone foundations for the courts were laid, a car park constructed, a 96 ft well dug, and 200 hedge trees and 80 WA Peppermint trees planted.
  • Six new gravel courts were completed, six of the nine grass courts had been planted and the clubhouse relocated to the current site.
  • The clubhouse from 'down in the hollow' was taken apart, every piece numbered, and transported to the front of Bay 1 at Napier Street. It was then put together by members at weekend working bees!! 
The clubhouse at Napier Street transported from 'down in the hollow'.
The only addition was a new tiled roof
  • 1938: Official opening of the new courts - all 15 of them.
  • 1939: It was emphasised the progress of the club depended on grass court availability. How lucky are we at CTC that this was their thinking. CTC also took over the maintenance of the courts from the Council.
  • 1940: Borers and worms became active, damaging many of the grass courts and flooding that year was a problem. Court rehabilitation was demanding.
  • 1939-1945: During the war competitive tennis was restricted world-wide - much the same as with Covid-19.
To be continued in the June Top Spin ...

Thank you all for your patient compliance with the Coronavirus tennis restrictions.

Thank you especially to the Committee for your prompt support and input. 

Thank you Karen Meredith and POD - the grounds and courts continue to be in great condition.

All members now have the opportunity to get back on court should you so wish.
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