Cottesloe Tennis Club: July 2021

Return to Original Weekend Social Tennis Times: Following the trial of having the afternoon tea break at 3.00pm, the decision has been made to revert to the previous afternoon tea time of 3.30pm - see below:
  • Weekend (Saturday & Sunday): 1.30pm Start - Four Sets of Tennis / 3.30pm - Afternoon Tea / 4.00pm - Two Sets of Tennis  / 5.00pm Finish 
  • CANCELLED: Thursday 1 July, 6.00pm: 1st Thursday BYO Barbecue 
  • Monday 5 July, 9.00am - 11.00am: 'Volunteer Monday' - House & Grounds Tasks
  • Saturday 17 July, 6.00pm: 3rd Saturday BYO Barbecue 
  • Monday 19 July, 9.00am - 11.00am: 'Volunteer Monday' - House & Grounds Tasks 
  • Monday 4 October - Sunday 10 October: National Junior Grass Court Championships 2021: (4 October - player's draw & official practise. 5 October onward - tournament play) 

Anne Williams (on behalf of the CTC Management Committee):
Following the directive from the WA Government, and a subsequent email sent to all CTC members, the Cottesloe Tennis Club courts and clubhouse are currently closed until at least Saturday 3 July. This means that NO tennis may be played by members or non-members – in fact the nets have been taken down. There is also no coaching permitted. The clubhouse is closed with no teas, bar service or catering on offer. We'd appreciate all members and friends adhering to these changes - thank you.

Opening of the club facilities may be extended further as the WA COVID situation evolves - this will be determined later in the week.  
We may be in lockdown, but don't forget this is one of the many reasons we love Cottesloe Tennis Club - a beautiful June sunset
(courtesy of Allan Wall - photographer extraordinaire)

Ken Everett:

Our social tennis grading policy requires that we perform an annual peer review. This year we are trialling the use of an electronic survey system to achieve this in the easiest way possible, and it automatically collates the results.

If you are an active weekend social player then look out for an email from the club in the next few weeks asking you to complete the peer review (emails to several divisions have already been distributed). The review is simple to complete and shouldn't take more than two minutes of your time. The results are strictly confidential. 



The Management Committee has approved a number of club policies in the last few months. They, along with the Club Constitution, By-Laws and Tennis Australia policies, can be read on the CTC website: 

Included is the Grass Court Availability Schedule by Season, and under the heading of General Policies - Social Tennis Grading, Function Approval, Code of Behaviour and the Dog Policy - information that members may seek.

The rules of tennis and policies governing our league competitions (pennants) can be read here:  
When Playing Tennis Independently (not organised social tennis): Courts 1, 6 and 7 are to be played on only as a last resort. Please use the other courts first. 
When Work on Tennis Bays is Underway: Please do not enter these bays or take a short-cut across them for any reason. It is both hazardous and potentially disruptive to the work. 
Bike Riders: For safety reasons, please dismount and walk the bike across the terrace in front of the clubhouse, and please cycle slowly in other areas of the club grounds.
Request to Assist with Recycling 'Containers for Cash': Cottesloe Tennis Club has joined with Scouts WA  in 'Recycling Containers for Cash'. The proceeds go to Scouts WA, a worthy cause. 
Blue-top bins are delivered and picked up fortnightly by Scouts WA. 

What can be placed in these blue-top bins? The allowable recyclable items for these bins is printed on the bin lid:
  • No bottle lids
  • No wine bottles, small or large
  • No general rubbish 
  • If your carton, can or bottle does not have '10 cent refund' printed on it, then do not put it in the blue-top bin - please place it in one of the many other bins.
Thanks in advance for contributing to both recycling and a worthy cause. 
Monday 5th & 19th July, 9.00am - 11.00am
Any assistance at any time between 9.00am to 11.00am on these days would be welcome to help with some required House and Grounds tasks. On arrival at the club, speak to Chris, Nancy or Pam (House & Grounds team).
Chris Hoath, House & Grounds Director: 
Sol Studio Fitness is a new yoga / pilates / boxing studio opening in Cottesloe. They are kindly offering all Cottesloe Tennis Club members a free session with the promo code: SOLSESSION. It might be too rainy for tennis, but this will help us stay tennis-fit!  Read more here:


Please note that the correct telephone number is 1800 106 615 
Friday Men Ready for Action!
Dinah Terry & Amy Oen
CTC Birthday Girls: Helen Walker, Nancy Harrison, Sally Ayres
Is There Anyone Who'll Take Us On?

Katrina Chisholm - Mid-Week Pennant Coordinator:
As we approach the closing stages of the Winter 2021 Pennant Season, teams are reminded that the last round of the season (R10) will be played during school holidays, with finals rounds scheduled immediately afterwards, commencing Tuesday 20 July. You will need to have played four matches during qualifying rounds to be eligible to play in finals, but you may use reserves from other divisions in your competition if they have qualified in their nominated team.

We currently have the following seven of our 15 mid-week teams sitting in a top-four ladder position and hopeful of a finals finish:
  • Monday Night Men’s Fast4, Div. 4: (Rothwell)
  • Tuesday Twilight Women’s, Div. 1: (Keaney & Knapp)
  • Wednesday Morning Women’s Doubles, Div 1: (Atkins)
  • Thursday Night Women’s Doubles, Div. 3: (Wise)
  • Friday Morning Women’s Fast 4, Div. 1: (Medhurst & Flipo)
Friday Morning Women's Fast 4, Div 1 (Flipo):
Caz Owen, Capucine Flipo, Karen Rothwell & Hannah Bowden
As always the winter season has afforded some weather extremes - chilly nights, glorious sunny and windless days and uncertainties over stormy weather, which have been testing for even the most skilled meteorological forecaster. But above all we have been reminded that ‘we breed them tough’ at Cottesloe. Special mention goes to Robyn Hegney and Cate McKenzie who, despite serious mid-match injuries, managed to finish their rubbers to ensure maximum points for their teams. We send our very grateful thanks and wish them both speedy recoveries. 
Friday Morning Women's Fast 4, Div 1 (Medhurst & Prendiville):
Jo Keaney, Taryn Myles, Kym McIntyre'

From Tennis Approach:

We are currently in the last week of our Term 2 programs. Tennis Approach is running Holiday Clinics over the following dates:
Monday 5th - Friday  9th July:  9.00am - 12.00pm
Monday 12th - Friday 16th July:  9.00am - 12.00pm
Monday 19th - Friday 23rd July: 9.00am - 12.00pm
The kids will enjoy three hours of tennis coaching and games, with morning tea provided. To enrol into our clinics please go to our website to enrol online: 

On Friday 4 June, Tennis Approach held a one-day Holiday Clinic for the North Cottesloe Primary School students who had a pupil free day. This Holiday Clinic was a great success with 70 NCPS students attending the morning clinic, many of them first time players. A big thank you to Peter O’Dea for accommodating the large group and providing additional courts for the clinic.

Pennants: A big congratulations to Edward Quinlivan, our only Junior MVP for the past summer season. Edward was the most valuable player in his division (13/under Yellow Ball Whale Division).

Ed, pictured with coaches from Lt to Rt:
Adam, Indi, Ed & Dan

"Oh, What a Night" - the star of the night, Fiona Mariah, wowed us, creative dumplings were on hand, and plenty of divas were apparent amongst the 125 members and friends having a great time. Thanks to the organisers of the evening - the CTC social duo - Judi Coffey and Jane Hope.
Organiser: Judi Coffey (left)
Organiser: Jane Hope
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