Cottesloe Tennis Club: March 2022

  • Thursday 3 March, 6.00pm: 1st Thursday BYO Barbecue
  • Saturday 19 March, 6.00pm: 3rd Saturday BYO Barbecue 
  • Tuesday 8 - Monday 21 March: League (pennant) Teams 'Finals Fortnight'
  • Late March (date to be confirmed): Winter League (pennants) Nominations Close 
  • Saturday 30 April: Winter League (pennants) Competition Commences
CANCELLED: 26 March - 'My Big Fat Greek Party' - due to COVID uncertainty. 

Club Championships:
  • Saturday 26 / Sunday 27 March: Singles (enter by 6pm Sunday 20 March)
  • Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 April: Doubles (enter by 6pm Sunday 20 March)
  • Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 April: Mixed Doubles (enter by 6pm Saturday 2 April) 
Junior Club Tournament:
  • Friday 25 (from 4.30pm), Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 March (from 8.30am)
  • Friday 1 (from 4.30pm), Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 April (from 8.30am)
  • Friday 8 April, 5.30pm: Trophy Presentation 

CTC members and visitors aged 16 years and over, must show proof of COVID double vaccination upon request - in order to enter the club's licensed areas when the bar is open (Licensed Areas: entire interior of the clubhouse, east & west patios, grassed area in front of the west patio, the grass viewing areas next to Bays 2 & 3). This rule applies whether or not you are consuming alcohol. The only exception to this is accessing the bathrooms.

Also Remember: Masks MUST be worn in the clubhouse, you must check in to CTC using the QR code or manually via the log book, touch racquets instead of shaking hands at a match end, and undertake frequent hand washing / sanitising.

To Help You: So you don't have to show your proof of vaccination each time you visit the club, either show it to Paul Oen at the club, or email your proof of vaccination to This will ensure that your proof of vaccination has been sighted. 


We are improving the drainage on hard courts 1-4, which will be out of action from 21 March - 13 April. This could create a knock-on effect to our grass courts, as hard court players (CCGS matches and coaching) will be moved to the grass, particularly on Thursday afternoons 24 and 31 March.  Your patience would be appreciated during this process.
As a CTC member, you're very welcome to bring guests to play with you at the club.  However as non-members, guests need to pay the usual court hire fees:

Playing on Grass: Court hire is pro-rata i.e. $5.00 per hour when playing doubles and $10.00 per hour when playing singles. Money for payment should be placed in one of the capsules (in the box under the windows at the southern of the clubhouse) and dropped in the chute nearby, as described on the sign on the window. If the bar is open, payment can be made using a credit card, ensuring that your name and 'court hire' is written on the receipt retained by the club. 

Playing on Hard Courts: Payment is made on-line at the time of the court booking. Click on ‘View Booking Sheet’, select the court, time and duration of play and then click ‘Book Now’. On the confirmation page, select ‘Add Player’ - add up to three players per court. Rental charge for guests is $10.00 per court per hour, for up to three guests.   

Since the club does not have staff to check if every visitor has paid, we rely on the honesty of our visitors, as well as members playing with guests, to pay their fair share towards the cost of running our club. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Oen: or on 0438 374 643. 
CTC Sponsor's Day, 12 February:
Rob Prouse (Rt) - Prouse Family Accountants, with guests - in Rob's specially created hub!
CTC Sponsor's Day, 12 February:
Riaz Khan (2nd Rt) - The Joint Studio, surrounded by CTC supporters & fellow players
Ruby & Jessie Culley
planning a strategy!
State League Women's Team
in action at CTC, 12 February
The 2022 Club Championships are happening and the entry form is now available (see link below). We encourage all players to join in the fun of competitive tennis with your peers, and to enter as many events as possible, including the Mixed Doubles. It's a lot of fun so don’t miss out!

The tournament format will be similar to last year, with the finals of each event played on the Sunday afternoons. The 'Club Champion' trophies will be presented to the winner of the singles in Division 1 for both men and women. For all events prizes will be given to the winners and runner-up.

All matches will be played on grass courts. Social tennis will continue on each of the afternoons, but the tournament, and therefore its court allocation, will take priority. If you register for social tennis to warm up, please ensure it doesn’t clash with your scheduled tournament match.

Championship Schedule (matches are scheduled to commence at 12.30pm)
  • Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 March: Singles (finals on 27 March). Entries close 6pm Sunday 20 March
  • Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 April: Doubles. Entries close 6pm Sunday 20 March
  • Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 April: Mixed Doubles. Entries close 6pm Sunday 2 April
Entry Form:
** The Entry Form is available now on the CTC website via this link:
** Otherwise access the CTC website - - For Members / Top Spin & Current Events / Club Championship Entry Form (Adult) 

All details are on the Entry Form. Should you have a potential issue with timing/scheduling, please advise the organiser early – write it on the entry form.

Please complete the form and submit it as soon as possible to the organiser:
** Via email - address listed on the entry form, OR
** Hand-deliver to the Tournament Entry Box - the slot is in front of the clubhouse.

Tournament updates will be published regularly to the Tennis Australia Tournaments CTC webpage when the events are scheduled and matches played. Details to follow and a link will be added to the CTC website.
Liz Peterson & Jane Ward: Tournament Organisers 

The new 'Gillett Warm-Up' technique
as demonstrated at Hensman on Sunday 30 January.

Note the clever left arm position to ensure maximum efficiency!

Photographer - Ken Everett
Katrina Chisholm, Mid-Week League Coordinator:

It’s a race to the finish line for our league teams with just one qualifying round remaining before ‘Finals Fortnight’ which will commence immediately after the long weekend. In the meantime it’s clear that our midweek teams have been making the most of our summer and enjoying themselves on and off court. Here are some images and tales from our Women's, Men's and Mixed Doubles teams - but before we show the frivolity...
Tennis West have not yet released information on the available formats for the 2022 winter competition. It is expected that team nominations will close at the end of March - the exact date to be announced once further information is released by Tennis West. The winter season is due to commence on Saturday 30 April.
Women's Doubles
'Winners and Grinners' from the Women's Thursday Night Doubles Division 6 Team's Derby on 17 February. Team Peterson defeated Team Downes, 
but the sunset was declared the ultimate prize winner!

Men's Doubles
Cottesloe has three teams in the Wednesday Night Men's Doubles Division 3 competition. David Devenish’s team has been particularly enterprising, as their Captain explains:
One of Cottesloe’s Wednesday Men's Doubles teams, the "Deucebags", has brewed its own line of beer for both ‘hydration for motivation’ as they approach finals action and hopefully their 5th championship trophy in six years.
The ‘Baggers Brew - Fourgasm Lager’ was canned in a limited edition run in late December by team member Patrick Prendiville’s "Calamity’s Rod Brewing" Fremantle, to commemorate the team's 4th pennant flag.
(Editor's Note: We think the name  is a typo. Surely it’s BRAGGERS BREW?)

They’re now gunning for their 5th title, which they have aptly named the ‘Full House’. Current team Captain, David Devenish, said the inspiration for the Baggers Brew was hatched while the team was attending its last tennis camp, Barramundi fishing on the Ord River. Our team motto is Carpe Ludus - ‘Seize the Game’, an appropriate ‘double entendre’ considering the team love fishing in the non-tennis season.

Go Deucebags! (Lt to Rt): David Devenish, Brett Endersby, Craig Ellis,
David Smyth, John Hannaford, Pat Prendiville (absent Bill Fry)

Mixed Doubles
Post-match refreshments at Claremont Tennis Club for our formidable Mixed Doubles Division 2 team who will finish on top of their ladder and head into finals as favourites. Seen here enjoying the sumptuous supper provided by Claremont are Sarah Knapp, Augie Boima, Matt Plint and Lucy Giesen with their Claremont counterparts


Rick Bretnall, Junior Director:

The annual junior club tournament has now come around and entries are open. The 
Tournament Schedule is as follows: 
  • Friday 25 March - after school from 4.30pm
  • Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 March - from 8.30am
  • Friday 1 April - after school from 4.30pm 
  • Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 April - from 8.30am
  • Friday 8 April, 5.30pm: Trophy Presentation
  • The entry deadline is 5.00pm Sunday 20 March
  • Entry to the tournament is free, and juniors are allowed to enter a maximum of two events.
  • All matches will be three Fast4 sets.
  • The draw will be posted at the clubhouse by 5.00pm Wednesday 23 March for the first weekend tournament, and by 5.00pm Wednesday 30 March for the second weekend 
Entry Form: The entry form provides more details about entry conditions, especially exemptions when other activities are planned.
** The Entry Form is available on the CTC website via this link:
** Otherwise access the CTC website - - Play Tennis / Junior Tennis / 2022 Junior Tournament Entry Form 
We look forward to lots of juniors participating in the tournament. 

No it's not club coach Callum Ross and his wife Chelsea, expecting their first baby!, but the skills of Nancy Harrison who presented them with a hand-made teddy bear quilt that she had spent countless hours with thimble and needle putting the nine panels together. Nancy has made a number of quilts for friends over the past 40 years, but Jack assures us that Nancy has vowed that this one is her last! 
Chelsea, a kindergarten teacher, is expecting their baby in mid-April. She and Callum have been together for 10 years and their COVID-delayed wedding took place 12 months ago. They have settled happily into a house they bought in Mt Claremont four months ago.

A Message from Callum & Chelsea:  We would like to say a huge thank you to Nancy for making us a very special and detailed patch work quilt for our baby (due in April). We appreciate the time and love you put into the quilt and it will be cherished for years to come. 

From Tennis Approach:
Junior Summer Pennant Finals: The Junior Summer Pennant 2021/22 regular season rounds have finished with finals to be played on 20th March. Good luck to all teams playing in semi-finals.

Junior Club: We have two more Junior Club dates remaining:
  • Saturday 12th March
  • Saturday 19th March (wind up with a sausage sizzle). All junior members are encouraged to bring a friend along for our Junior Club wind up.

Junior Club Tournament: The annual tournament is on 25, 26 & 27 March, 1, 2 & 3 April. Please see the article (two above) with specific details.

For any information on Juniors, visit our website: 
Brian Cooper (lucky man!) posing with 
Judy Curran, Jane Hope & Kim Morgan
Would you pay this man!
Of course, yes - it's Simon Storm
Watching State League
Looking a bit surprised!
Top Spin Editor, Judy Gillespie
Tim Wood & David Culley
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