Cottesloe Tennis Club: August 2020

  • Thursday 6 August, 6.00pm: 'Play & Stay' Barbecue (1st Thursday)
  • Saturday 15 August, 6.00pm: 'Play & Stay' Barbecue (3rd Saturday) 
  • Monday 24 August - Friday 4 September: Final Rounds of Mid-Week Pennants
  • Dates to be Announced: Club Championships
  • Saturday 17 October: CTC Opening Day of the Tennis Season
Jane Ward, Club Captain

A Recent Sunset Viewed from CTC - Wow
Social Tennis has been a great during the winter months with 83 players on a recent Saturday, and 64 playing last Saturday. Keep up the play because the CTC Club Championships will be held prior to Opening Day on 17 October. Dates will be announced soon.
At the End of Your Set: Please remember to place both balls together in a visible spot so they're easily seen by the next group of players. Our Treasurer Richard Atkins, marks the perfect spot.
Don't Forget Physical Distancing: Even though we have no community transmission in this state and we feel comfortable, the situation can change quickly. 

CTC Management reminds members that both social distancing on and off court, plus hand hygiene, are essential to prevent any possibility of community transmission. Remember to maintain your distance:
  • From fellow players between sets
  • When queuing at the sets desk to check allocation for play, for afternoon tea and at the bar
  • When socialising after play  
Jack Harrison, Bar Manager

Only club members with an RSA certificate are allowed behind the bar / and in the bar room. It is important that this rule be followed for both legal and sound management reasons.

Also a reminder - the bar door is to be kept closed at all times, even when a person is serving behind the bar. Thank you.

Weekend Duty Captains and Mid-Week Captains, along with rostered Bar Volunteers, are being diligent on our behalf during these 'new normal' times, working to ensure that the clubhouse environment complies with Covid-19 Guidelines. We need everyone to work with them - to step up and take responsibility!

It is vital that we all work to keep the clubhouse clean and tidy.  We are now asking again, as in July, please tidy up after you use the clubhouse.

Our club is no different to your home - if you make a mess you tidy it up - CTC doesn't have paid people to do this on your behalf, so your co-operation would be appreciated - please.

If you're socialising after tennis, inside the clubhouse or outside - Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday evening, or at any other time - then it's YOUR responsibility to put your bottles and tops, chip packets etc. in the bin, return glasses to the bar, and ensure the area you've just used is clean and tidy.

To give you a helping hand, there's a broom, dustpan and cordless vacuum cleaner in the kitchen, and Chux cloths under the sink. Thanks!

Anne Williams, Club President
From Tennis Approach:

Holiday Clinics: Tennis Approach ran three weekly holiday clinics over the school holidays. All clinics were well attended and the kids really enjoyed the time on courts.

Term 3 Classes: Term 3 classes for kids and adults are recommencing this week. On-line enrolments are still open on the Tennis Approach website:

Tournament Success: It was great for some of our members to finally compete again in a series of four tournaments held at the State Tennis Centre. Cottesloe enjoyed success with three titles going to Cottesloe members.Congratulations to Lexie Weir, Jessie Culley and Luka Brown on their success, all winning a tournament. The final tournament is starting this Friday. 

There were also two Pro Series Events held at the State Tennis Centre. A big congratulations to Cottesloe member, Scott Jones on winning one of these events!

Junior Pennants: Four rounds have been completed, with fine weather so far! Good luck to all teams for the rest of the winter season.

David Culley Coaching Under a Rainbow - Appropriately!
Katrina Chisholm: Mid-Week Pennant Co-ordinator 
With four of the seven qualifying rounds of the winter season now completed it seems that whether a win, loss or draw our pennant teams and opposition players are feeling incredibly privileged and just ‘humbly happy’ to be back on court.
As we head into the second half of the season, please remember that this winter ALL teams will play TWO final rounds.These final rounds are scheduled from Monday 24 August - Friday 4 September, but may carry over into the next week if we have inclement weather. Team members and Reserves will need to have participated in two fixtures to be eligible to play in the finals.

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A Helipad Court in Dubai 
In 2005 Federer and Andre Agassi were chosen to play a sky-high match here.
Interesting job for the ball kids!

We have a variety of players at our club playing tennis at all times of the day and night and every day of the week - so there's bound to be a story or two or an interesting photo.

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POD (Rt) - now recovered from his bout of being unwell,
with Nathan McIntosh - CTC pennant team member and former sponsor


Researchers are currently searching for competitive male tennis players
(18 years or over) 
to participate in a research study through the School of Medical and Health Sciences at Edith Cowan University. The study investigates the impact of sleep and diurnal preference on tennis performance.

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