Praying, exploring, and sharing online this Sunday [no in person gathering]

Friends, we are sorry to say that covid-isolation means we don’t have a team to run a Sunday Gathering this week. But we have a plan: we’ll still be praying, exploring, and sharing from where we are.

And we hope to be back in person next week. But watch this space!

Like churches around the world, this Sunday we planned to dig into the account of Jesus turning water into wine, and reflect on the Epiphany moment - the lightbulb moment - when his followers recognised his Glory and their faith blossomed.

So, here’s the plan. Anytime between now and Sunday, open up the padlet at and take a look at the resources already gathered:

  • Have a read of the story - asking God to draw something to your attention as you read it

  • Perhaps listen in to the video-conversation about the passage - discussing symbolism, engineering practicalities, and other links

  • Perhaps watch the Bible Project’s video on God’s attribute of Generosity

  • And then RESPOND. Add your comments (anonymous or logged in); your art; links to music etc

Then, on Sunday afternoon, from our own homes, we can enjoy listening to the collection of music curated BY YOU, worshipping together even though we are apart, adding our prayers to yours.


More Covid-related changes

CHANGING SUNDAY GATHERING PATTERNS- a pause on current Breakfast plans, but more campfires.

One of the things we’ve always loved doing as a community is eating together. but right now, it’s really hard to make this happen safely without it becoming too heavy for our local team to run. So Church Council have decided to PAUSE the monthly breakfast until Easter, and then revisit how and when we reincorporate ways to eat together.

But we don’t want to loose the spaces to get to know each other better through informal conversation. The safest place, right now, for that to happen, is outside. And the best way to meet outside in the winter is around a campfire, ideally armed with marshmallows.

So, after all the fun we had around campfires last term, we’ve going to keep on using the last Sunday of the month to have a more informal gathering with a nature-focus which we’re calling Wild Church.

This Term, covid-permitting, we plan to meet EVERY SUNDAY at 3.30pm, with the exception of our normal half-term break (this year on Feb 20th).

Check social media for details, but expect to be outside (weather permitting) on the last Sundays of the month). And don’t forget to LFT before coming, and bring a mask.

Others ways to connect: Northstowe’s Community Forum TONIGHT 12th Jan

Don’t forget the regular Community Forum is running tonight. The Northstowe Community Forum is a space for local residents to engage with developers and public sector bodies about the new town of Northstowe; tonight’s Forum will be held on Zoom from 7pm to 9pm. Well worth logging into!

Full details


Chair’s Welcome

Cllr. Sarah Cheung Johnson, Chair, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Northstowe Town Council: Our work so far, plans going forward and elections

Mark Nokkert, Town Clerk, Northstowe Town Council

Richard Owen, Mayor, Northstowe Town Council

Greening the Green: Public Spaces and Greening Strategy

Riccardo Bobisse, Urbanist, AR-Urbanism

Phase 1 Update

Stephen Sage, Project Director, L & Q Estates

Nick Upton Greenbelt

Phase 2 Update

Dean Harris, Senior Specialist, Homes England

Northstowe Community Buildings

Peter Campbell, Head of Housing, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Northstowe ICAN Study

Kate Ellis, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Emma Lawlor, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Community Update & New Faces

Jon London, Northstowe Community Development Officer, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Mihaela Stan, Northstowe Community Development Officer, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Kathryn Beck, Northstowe Community Development Officer, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Cllr. Alex Malyon (Longstanton, Oakington & Westwick, Northstowe) South Cambridgeshire District Council

Stay in touch

We miss each other when we can’t meet. So please remember that we are all still here praying, exploring, and sharing. And keep using the WhatsApp Chat to stay in touch - let us know if you want to join!