What happens AFTER the AGM?

THANK YOU to everyone who came to, or prayed for, our Annual General Meeting on Sunday afternoon. It was a JOY to celebrate with you all the things that God has been doing over the last year. But we realised there were a few details that would be really useful to share in writing. So we hope you’ll forgive this unusual two-email week!

Here are some highlights.. and some calls to action!

Read the bios of our new council, and download  any AGM reports you missed

Council Make Up

No - not what colour lip gloss are we wearing this year... but who’s who!

Our 2023 Council was elected in accordance with our Bishop’s Mission Order, which establishes us as Northstowe’s local Anglican Church. Even before any paperwork was signed, there has always been an expectation that Pathfinder Church Northstowe would have an inclusive ecumenical welcome [bringing together a range of Christian traditions]. During the course of this year, we look forward to further deepening our paperwork with our partner denominations from other Christian traditions involved in Churches Together, and we continue to welcome visiting worship-leaders from across these traditions. ACTION: Please keep praying for this ongoing process!

Full Council (elected members)

Supported by…

Safeguarding is such an important part of what we do [read more below!], our safeguarding officer is kept fully informed of all our plans.  

We also value the role of people who help keep us linked into the wider church.  Right now, our formal paperwork is with the Church of England: so we have a Deanery Synod representative to link with our neighbouring sister churches. On Sunday, we raised the hope that, by the end of the year, we will have appointed local URC and Baptist link-people.  None of our link-people are expected to attend regular council meetings, but are welcome to do so [exact protocols TBC!] ACTION: be praying... might that be a role for you?

Together with our Ordained Ministers

Practical things for Sundays

We ran out of time to talk this through in any detail…so here’s the thinking! And we’ll talk more THIS Sunday…

Vision for the set up and refreshments team 

It has been great to see more people getting involved in setting up and packing down. Thank you! Now seems a good time to make sure we share this responsibility and make sure everyone is clear about what they are doing. 

We would like to establish a set up and refreshments team. This would be  a group of people who are willing to help set up the school hall ahead of our Sunday afternoon gatherings and supervise the provision and clear up of the refreshments. The idea is that the set up team would set up the parts of the hall that are almost always the same each week: for example, the tables and chairs, the refreshments, the welcome table, the baby area.  

We would like there to be a group of people involved so that we can share the responsibility between us (with a Pathfinder-style approach to a rota). The DofE volunteers will also be part of this team, and have specific responsibilities. 

One of the reasons for wanting to form this team is to enable Beth and Stephen to be free to talk to people as they arrive, rather than being busy completing the set up of the hall.  

For our initial trial: 

  • We would like whoever is on setup to arrive at 2.45pm. The aim will be to have the set up complete by around 3:15pm. 

  • At the end of the service, we will encourage people to chat for a few minutes, while gently packing down their own TableTop boxes. At 5.10pm, the packdown Team will start clearing boxes, chairs, and tables. Our experience is others will help – but the Team will be driving it! 

ACTION: Please let us know if you would be willing to be part of the team. You are welcome to sign up for setup, packdown, or both on any week.  Get in touch with Stephen, and he’'ll give you access to a shared online spreadsheet.

Team lead role 

Over the next few weeks, Beth and Stephen will be taking the lead on this. The next step is to develop a Team Lead role. 

The key responsibility of the team lead(s) would be to ensure that the activities of the set up and refreshments team happen each week. This will cover things like: 

  • Help recruit people to join the team. 

  • Train new recruits to the team so that they know what to do.  

  • Coordinate the set up team so that its activities happen each week. 

  • Ensure that the stock of refreshments is well maintained. 

  • Ensure that the set up and pack down are being performed correctly. 

ACTION: Please let Beth, Stephen or Will know if you might be willing to be the team lead for this. This role could be split between two people. For example, we could have separate leads for set up and refreshments. So please talk to us if you think you could fill any part of the role - and we’ll work on an appropriate role description together!

Safeguarding Training

We at Pathfinder Church Northstowe are committed to promoting a safer culture in our church and all our activities. 

This means we promote the welfare of children, young people and adults, work to prevent abuse from occurring, seek to protect those that are at risk of being abused and respond well to those that have been abused. Sadly we know abuse is not rare and we want everyone at church to feel safe and know what to do if they did have concerns. This means everyone on the church council or leading a group has had training on safeguarding.

But it shouldn’t stop there! If you'd like to,  we'd encourage YOU to participate in brief online basic training so you also know what to look out for. We would love everyone to know what to do if they have any concerns so that, together, we can respond sensitively and compassionately to keep everyone safe from harm.

There is NO CHARGE to attend this excellent course - this is one of the things our Ministry Share helps pay for!

ACTION: We encourage everyone regularly involved with Pathfinder Church to consider taking the short, online, Basic Awareness training module provided by the Church of England Safeguarding Training Portal ( If you do, please send a copy of your certificate, afterwards, to our volunteer email address (

Where next with our Growing Faith Learning Hub?

We shared examples of the Rooted Stations, the idea of a labyrinth, and went out into the field to see the trees and soon-to-be-repurposed Wellbeing Shed.

ACTION: Keep praying for all these things, and the growing-faith conversations that spin out from them! Talk to Beth if you think God is nudging you to get more involved.

More ways to get involved in shaping things?

Why not join one of our extended ministry team meetings, hosted by Stephen and brilliantly chaired by Will (there were post it notes and sticky dots at the last one!)

ACTION: Mark your diary now!

3 ways of staying in touch

The first port of call: the weekly eNews.

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A WhatsApp reminder for Big Events & Sundays

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The WhatsApp Group chat—the place where socials and personal news is celebrated

Message Beth and ask to join the Church WhatsApp—aware that your mobile number will be visible to others in the group. (no children please, for safeguarding reasons)

(Note, most midweek groups have a similar friendly chat— check in with whoever is leading the group)

How to find out more…

Do take a look at our updated website to see how we are JOINING IN and find out what to expect on SUNDAYS and MIDWEEK.  And if God is nudging you about something not up there yet… come and talk to us!

ACTION: Explore the website

That’s it for now! Keep on praying, exploring, and sharing… and look out for the normal eNews later in the week!

Bless you all

Beth and Stephen