Are you up for a Wild Church Walk…

Meet us outside the front of Pathfinder Primary at 3.30pm on Sunday 29th May for a birdwatching afternoon. We’ll share in conversation, reflection, prayer… and spend time birdwatching together. Our route takes us to Kingfisher Pond and back

Please ensure children are accompanied by adults. Sorry, no dogs - we don’t want to disturb the birds. This month, the session is being led by our ordinands - Dan and Pete.

It is always helpful to have an idea of numbers. Please reply to the Broadcast Whatsapp, or this message, to let Dan know if you are planning to be there.

Next week: join the Jubilee Celebrations in Northstowe

Bring a picnic to eat with friends and soon to be friends here in Northstowe as we all celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee together.

Northstowe Town Council, in partnership with many other local groups are arranging a fun afternoon with dancing, craft activities and kite flying.

We are looking for people to sign up to be “on duty” for an hour on our kite stall. 2pm; 3pm; 4pm, as well as a set up and pack down team. Please talk to Beth!

Visit the website: NORTHSTOWE Community - Platinum Jubilee

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Why are we flying kites?

It’s a Northstowe tradition to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost by making and flying kites. This year, we’ll share this with the wider community at the Jubilee. And we’re also putting up a Muddy Church Trail thinking about Queen Elizabeth’s life and faith. Something for everyone!

Here’s what happened LAST PENTECOST:

"What just happened?" for Pentecost Sunday - May 23rd

More ways to get involved in praying, exploring, and sharing with us

  • Put your BIQ QUESTIONS in the Questions Box ready for the students to explore them on June 12th at our next Afternoon Tea

  • Help plan and deliver our Pentecost Kite Flying and Jubilee Muddy Church Trail (2-5pm, June 5th)

  • Join Elaine and the team on the Over Bike Ride on the morning of June 12th –shall we get T-shirts printed?

  • Volunteer with Pioneer Café/Foodbank/Youth Hive (talk to Beth/Peter)

  • Join a conversation about “what next “ for the baby group (talk to Beth/Ellie/Hannah M/ Becky)

  • Join a midweek small group for journalising and reflection (talk to Rachel A)

  • Talk to Beth about an exciting new midweek prayer opportunity (in person, and Lectio 365)