Welcome back to a new term of Sunday Afternoon Gatherings!

This Sunday, we look forward to seeing many of you in our regular Sunday Afternoon slot in the school 3.30-5pm.

And we’ve a treat in store! The final piece of Wesley’s Wisdom is to “enjoy fellowship” - to spend time with each other. So we’re kicking off the term with an Afternoon Tea.

Do let us know if you are coming so we can get in enough scones - or if you want to help serve tea/setup/packdown

Our Afternoon Tea Session is designed to be a place where you can bring friends and family members who wouldn’t normally join us at church, and simply enjoy being part of a wider community.

As well as tea and cake, there will also be OPTIONAL areas for quiet refection; for physical or crafty interaction (including, this week, decorating fish-boxes; playing magnetic fishing; pattern colouring; make-your-own-tuna-sandwiches; and a short spoken communion in a side chapel.) And lots of time and space to simply mix with each.

This week’s Big Question?

The big question that we’ll give everyone the space to explore - whether from a faith perspective or not - is “What is your pattern of living”

For those who choose to dig into this from a biblical perspective, there will be space to read and reflect on an account recorded near the end of John’s account of Jesus’ life, death, and new life (chapter 21.1-19).

“After a night of fishing, the disciples meet the risen Jesus on the seashore and eat breakfast with him. They don’t recognise him and it’s only after the miraculous haul of fish that they catch on. This leads to a moment of healing and a new start for Peter, who had denied Jesus before the crucifixion. Jesus repeats his question to Peter three times: ‘Do you love me?’ (vv.15-17), mending the past and giving Peter renewed hope on the other side of failure. Do we see ourselves as Jesus sees us? Or do our failures and mistakes cloud our understanding?”*

*resources drawn from Roots on the Web

Looking for some deeper biblical exploration?

If you want a bit of biblical background on the story, why not have a watch of this discussion before you come down?

Or read this Blog article by Ian Paul on different kinds of Love in this week’s story: Are there different kinds of ‘love’ in John 21? | Psephizo

Or simply read the story, then come with your questions and explore the resources on the day…

Equally, feel free to just come and join in with the afternoon tea, and enjoy being part of the family!

The 153 fish and three questions about love in John 21
Read the story

What else is coming up?

Don’t forget Northstowe Day on Saturday 7th - let us know if you want to help run our Labyrinth stall!

And SAVE THE DATE for our AGM within the Afternoon Gathering on May 15th!

Looking ahead, do join our now-familiar pattern of Sunday Afternoon Gatherings every week at 3.30pm, plus a community litter pick at 10.30am on the third Sunday of the month, and Wild Church on the last Sunday of the month. And a special Pentecost Kite Flying session on June 5th. As well as the new Baby Group on Thursday mornings, small group on Wednesday evenings, and the monthly Chicken Soup for the Soul….

But remember, our gatherings are only part of where we can expect to meet with God.. As our familiar blessing reminds us: