Something different this Sunday

We're NOT in the school this Sunday Afternoon…

The usual team who put together out Sunday gatherings are taking some well earned annual leave after all the wonderful Easter services and events. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening with Pathfinder Church Northstowe this week!

The Sunday after Easter is a great time to focus on praying for each other and our community… and getting stuck into all things local!

Instead of a formal Church Gathering, why not listen to the Lectio 365 audio from home… (have you tried the new(ish) families version?)

And then why not join in, or volunteer, with the Northstowe Half Marathon, or perhaps meet up with family, friends, or another household from church for a walk, meal, or cuppa?

Or maybe try out the Muddy Church Bee Trail (see bee-low)

Wherever you find yourself, we are sure you will be a blessing!

Wherever you go, God is sending you,
wherever you are, God has put you there.
Christ who indwells you
has something he wants to do
through you where you are.
Believe this and go in His grace and love and power.”

Richard Halverson

Something for Earth Day

Have you seen the brilliant creative ideas from Muddy Church? Today’s suggestion: “Touch the Earth - Rather than making anything particularly why not take your shoes and socks off and go for a barefoot walk or put your hands into the ground. What do you feel, how do you feel”

Or how about this brilliant Bee Trail?

As Christians, we believe that we are called to care for God’s amazing Creation. How might you pray, and act, today?

Coming Up: how you can get involved!

1st May - Afternoon Tea with optional side chapel. 3.30pm

Do let us know if you are coming, and if you'd like to help shape the first of our new events. What should our signature dish be?

Can you help at Northstowe Day - 7th May

We're delighted to be involved in Northstowe Day events, both on the Green in a morning and at the art pavilions in the afternoon. To be in both places, we’re going to need two teams of people, with two types of role.

Physical Labour: If you are able to help set up gazebos, either on Friday night or early Saturday morning, and take them down either at 1pm or 4.30pm, we’d love to hear from you!!

Community Engagement: In the morning, we are offering a Labyrinth and Deckchairs on The Green. Can you spare an hour or two to welcome people, share pointers on using the Labyrinth as a meditative practice, whatever your faith, and be ready to talk a bit about who we are? And, in the afternoon, it would be great to have a few people milling around helping ensure the practical side of things goes well at the Pavilions, and be ready to chat to people about why Environmental Issues are so important, and so woven into what we are as a church. Please let us know!

Find out more

More details will follow next week!