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  1. THIS SUNDAY - Wild Church with Campfire Popcorn

  2. Catch Up - Our Holy Communion Series so far; and our next Afternoon Tea with Creative Writing Workshop

  3. Tuesday Evenings for the 20s and 30s

  4. The Wednesday Book Group - reading Brene Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection

  5. Thursday morning Ecumenical Prayers

  6. Thursday’s Little Explorers

  7. Thursday afterschool pop up Youth Club

  8. Monthly Chicken Soup for the Soul

  9. Sunday evening Youth Updates from The Alternative

  10. The Great Big Green Week - Upcoming Litter Picks ( 2nd October)

  11. Foodbank - don’t go hungry

  12. Wednesdays: Pop Up Community Cafe (now in Longstanton)

  13. Who we are

1. This Sunday: Bring a chair, a sheep (optional), and a drink and join us making popcorn around the campfire

Read all about it on the website

Dress for the weather! We’re outside unless it is dangerous to be so.

2. Catch Up on our Holy Communion Series

This term, we’re exploring the various elements of a service of Holy Communion - all building up to a special celebration in October.

Turn up 3.30-5pm Pathfinder Primary on Sundays

We began by looking at why we gather: we came just as we were; adding our names, the names of those we would love to gather with, and the names of those we’d find it harder to share a table with; as we recognised that ALL are welcome at God’s table. We made our favourite party food out of play doh. And walked along a recreation of The Way as we pondered our journey so far. One phrase summed up the gathering. SPACE TO BE.

Last Sunday, we started outside in the Pig Sty - our hands covered in the mess of Pig Food (porridge!) as well as all the mistakes we’ve made and good things we’ve not done. Having been washed clean by all that Jesus has already done, we were then welcomed to the party…

…where we ate real life versions of the foods we’d drempt of the week before! Before sharing bread and wine around the communion table.

We also decorated glitter crowns - the biodegradable glitter sticking to us just like God’s love - the one thing we can’t wash off! And prayed while rolling balls down different prayer-focused lanes.


This Sunday- an exploration of Praise and Glory around the campfire

Followed by a celebration of BELIEF at our afternoon tea.

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3. Tuesday evenings for those in their 20s and 30s

Tuesday evening’s dinner was a great success. In a fortnight, this new group will be starting an adventure digging into the book of Revelation… and asking what difference it makes today. Featuring a tasting “food board” of some sort…
Talk to Stephen for more…

4. The Wednesday Book Group

Have you ever wanted to be part of a book discussion group, but just don't manage to make time to read the book before the session?

This term, our Wednesday evening book discussion group are going to listen to a chapter each week, before taking time to discuss their responses. So no need to read before you come!

Want to know more? Visit our website, and then talk to Rachel (PM us for contact details and venue)

5. Thursday Morning ecumenical prayers

We love meeting up with Christians from across the church traditions to pray together. If you are free at 8.45 on a Thursday morning, why not pop down to Pioneer Park or a nearby house where we’ll be praying using the Lectio 365 prayer app, and sharing a piece of music special to one of those gathered. WhatsApp us for the venue.

If you can’t join us in person, you can pray along from the train/sofa/dog walk using the app.

Download the app here: Lectio 365 - 24-7 Prayer International

6. Thursday’s Little Explorers - time for you, your baby, and God

We are so pleased to be back meeting in the Training Room at Pathfinder Primary School on Thursday mornings. We welcome babies and their pre-school big siblings, together with parents and carers to join us for singing, craft, messy place and space to reflect. “The calmest baby group I’ve ever been to”. Read more on facebook, or WhatsApp us.

Little Explorers - Northstowe | Facebook

7. Thursday’s afterschool pop up youth club

The Northstowe Youth Hive, as grass roots organization that we’re proud to be members of, exists to bring together young people of all genders, faiths, backgrounds, sexualities and cultures to have fun, develop, and make a difference. We’re delighted to have been able to attract funding from the Church Schools of Cambridge to bring the Connections Bus Project, with the double decker youthclub bus, into Northstowe for the Autumn term. Open to all. No cost to attend. (pocket money tuck shop)

Follow the Youth Hive on social media to stay up to date

8. Monthly “Chicken Soup for the Soul” - now on Thursdays in Phase Two

Join us at Stephen’s on the first Thursday of October for a mixture of ancient and contemporary wisdom, ten minutes of silence, and the beautiful poetic words of the ancient monastic service of completion - Compline. Message us for the new address.

9. Sunday Evenings with The Alternative

Sometimes teenagers need a space to explore life and faith without their parents around. So we partner with our friends in Willingham, who welcome Northstowe’s young people to join in with The Alternative on Alternate Sunday evenings. Contact us for more.

10. Litter Picks (new dates; new venue)

We’ve our next litter pick on October 2nd, to fit in with the Great Big Green Week. Starting in Phase Two outside the Urban Splash Marketing Suite.

Let us know if you want to join a WhatsApp reminder broadcast list.

11. Don’t go hungry!

12. Pop Up Community Cafe

We miss the Pioneer Cafe, but our friends at All Saints Longstanton are welcoming different community groups to run a pop up cafe every Wednesday in the church building. Might see you there one week?

13. Who are we?

visit our website for more