Praying, exploring, and sharing

TODAY (Sunday 27th Feb)

Wild Church with Pancakes

Bring along a picnic plate to eat pancakes from ( if you have one -paper plates also available), and perhaps (toy?) frying pan for our pancake races, and meet us around the campfire in the school field at 3.30pm.

We will explore the traditions of pancakes at the start of Lent. And pray for Ukraine.

If you can LFT beforehand, we would be grateful. If you need to stay away for health or other reasons, you can find many of our prayers on our website

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Ash Wednesday:
7.30pm St Mary’s Over

On Wednesday, you are invited to join our sister churches in the 5folds team for Holy Communion and Ashing.

March’s Chicken Soup for the Soup:

The following week, do join us for our regular Space to Breathe. (Postponed to Wednesday 9th March to allow us to attend Ash Wednesday services in the villages)

Looking ahead: Sundays this half term

Exploring Spirituality with the Wisdom of Wesley

Something particularly exciting about Pathfinder Church is the ecumenical backstory that continues to shape us. We’re the result of many years of prayer from local churches across different traditions, who continue to support and encourage us to grow as a church for this time and this place.

Our minister, Revd Dr Beth Cope, is an Anglican Priest, but those who are coming together to form Pathfinder Church come from all traditions and from none: together we are pilgrims on a journey, asking questions and exploring the connections we find between everyday life and our spirituality and faith.

In the run up to Easter this year, we are digging into our Methodist heritage, exploring the spiritual practices promoted by John and Charles Wesley… and trying them out for ourselves: praying, exploring and sharing. Why not come and find out more?

We’re picking up these themes Sunday by Sunday. But there are also midweek opportunities to did deeper. Read more on our website, and talk to Beth, Rachel, or Ellie.

Read more on our website

More dates for your diary

At the end of term, we’ll be celebrating Easter itself with a week of special events in including a Palm Sunday Adventure Trail; Maundy Thursday Campfire Music Night, and Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, culminating with our now-traditional campfire communion (9am, Easter Sunday), Watch social media for more…

Before we advertise any wider… who’s around?

We know that many of us have family and friends spread out across the country. Northstowe often empties out during school holidays! So before we commit any further to our special events during Easter holidays, we’d love to get a feel for who is likely to be able to come… and who might help ensure we run safely and well.

Please let us know your availability using this form. (Typical completion time 3 1/2 mins)

Help us plan well for Lent and Easter by filling in this short form

Stay in touch

Whatever the coming months bring, please remember that we are all still here praying, exploring, and sharing. And keep using the WhatsApp Chat to stay in touch - let us know if you want to join!