So much good news to share!

Last Sunday, we were delighted to be able to introduce Revd Stephen Dove, who will be joining our ministry team after half term. Stephen is an ordained pioneer minister who will be serving his curacy with us over the next two years, joining us praying, exploring and sharing.

Hello! I’m Stephen, really excited to be joining the adventure in Northstowe in the coming weeks. I’m a big fan of music, drinking gin and baking. I’ve got a growing collection of house plants and I’ve recently rediscovered my love of running. Before ordination I was a pioneer minister not so far away in Ely and before that I was studying Interior Design at University.

This Saturday: Northstowe Day

In May 2017, the first "pioneers" moved into the new build houses joining those already living in Rampton Drift. At that moment Northstowe, the new town, was finally born. There is still so much to do and build, and thanks to the incredible people that have chosen to live here, everyone knows it is possible.

These have been five years of newcomers, full of hopes and dreams, looking to join a neighborhood whose primary quality is to not be afraid to try new things. We are in the unique position to create something from scratch, and while it may seem distant and difficult at times, we can be thankful to be among the firsts to live and make a life here. We can, and we have started to shape this new place.

Join us on the Green in the morning, and at the Pavilions after lunch

Huge thanks to those who’ve volunteered to help run our Deckchair Listening Post asking Big Questions about Northstowe’s journey so far… and our parts in the journey onwards together. We’ll have a giant labyrinth drawn out on the Green: do come and walk it! (Shout if you’d like to join the team)

In the afternoon, we’re supporting the Eco Art @ The 3 Pavilions. We’re delighted to have been able to bring back the fantastic Marion Leeper, who told stories at the Sustainability Day we ran in 2019. Come and see a piece of community art take shape… and spot our mannequins playing their part too.

This is our big opportunity to not only show some love to our fellow pioneers, but to share something of who we are, and what it means to be praying, exploring, and sharing together. What do you think of this as an introduction?

Anything you think we should add? Or tweak?

Sunday’s Plans: 3.30pm in the school

We look forward to gathering on Sunday afternoon, praying, exploring, and sharing together in the Primary School.

If you’d like to help serve refreshments at the start, we’d love to put together a kitchen team! Let me know.


The following week, we’ll hold our AGM at 4.30pm, straight after our 3.30pm Gathering.

If you are considering standing for Council, please talk to me or one of the existing members; and join me in praying as we prepare.

Got any big questions?

This half term, we’ve an exciting opportunity. Dan and Pete, our ordinands on placement from theological collage, have told me how much they’ve valued learning from all their experiences here with us. And, in return, they’d like to share some of what they get up to through the rest of the week with us too. So they are inviting us to put our Big Questions in a box on Sundays… and, on their last Sunday with us (June 12th), they will unpack the themes with us all.

What else is coming up?

Looking ahead, do join our now-familiar pattern of Sunday Afternoon Gatherings every week at 3.30pm, plus a community litter pick at 10.30am on the third Sunday of the month, and Wild Church on the last Sunday of the month. And a special Pentecost Kite Flying session on June 5th. As well as the new Baby Group on Thursday mornings, small group on Wednesday evenings, and the monthly Chicken Soup for the Soul….

But remember, our gatherings are only part of where we can expect to meet with God.. As our familiar blessing reminds us: