Sunday will be bitter-sweet

This Sunday, we will be saying Thank you and Goodbye to our wonderful ordinands, Pete and Dan. It has been such a pleasure having them part of the family: and that won’t change just because they go on to new placements! They will always have a place in our hearts.

But, before they go, they’ve one last gift to share with us. They are going to host a conversation based on your Biq Questions - from “how often does CHEESE get mentioned in the bible” to “how would you describe the mystery of the Trinity”

We’ll also be welcoming Revd Stephen Dove, our new assistant Pioneer Minister.

And eating plenty of scones, cream and jam!

It is always helpful to have an idea of numbers. Please reply to the Broadcast Whatsapp, or this message, to let us know if you are planning to be there.

But first… we’re going to earn that cream tea!

A team from Pathfinder Church are donning our new blue t-shirts and taking on the challenge of the Over Community Centre bike ride. Sounds like most of us are registering for the 14 mile trip to St Ives and Back from Northstowe, but some are doing a more gentle 7.5 Mile 'Family and Casual Rider' along cycle-ways and busway from Northstowe Community Wing to Over, cake & drink stop. Book yourself in directedly, but shout if you still need a tshirt (we’ve ordered more…)

Read all about this great fund raising event online: Bike Ride | The Over Day Centre Association

Looking back: the Jubilee Celebrations in Northstowe

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing spirit-filled day, even in the drizzle. Thank you to everyone who joined our kite making stall, and all the other community organizations who got involved. Did you see the video?

Northstowe Platinum Jubilee

And have you ever wondered why it is our tradition to fly kites at Pentecost in Northstowe?

Read more

Pentecost AND the Jubilee?

Here’s a glimpse of what else was happening in the field.

what is about to happen; Pentecost 2022

Coming up - SAVE THE DATES!

  • June 19th - 3.30pm Communion and Thanksgiving;

  • 26th June 3.30pm Wild Church Baptism.

  • 3rd July 3.30pm Stephen's first Communion followed by a party