Rise, Shine & Do What You Can

Is your newsfeed filled with homemade sourdough recipes, at-home yoga selfies, and screenshots of group Zoom or Houseparty chats? Us too!

We love that people are discovering new hobbies and starting new routines during this new period of life. For many though, getting out of bed, finally having a shower, or simply making a warm cup of tea is the big win for the day - and that's completely normal!
We all handle stressful situations differently. Some people cope by being creative and staying busy as much as possible. Others find structure or schedules overwhelming during times like these.

It's important to remind yourself that these are not normal times. Meaning - there is no one “right” way to handle things, nor is it fair to you to be hard on yourself because you "normally" do more.

Productivity may look different right now - both to you, and to others - and that's perfectly understandable.
Be Kind to Yourself

Window of Tolerance

Have you ever wondered why we all handle stress and anxiety differently? Or perhaps why we ourselves handle it differently based on the day, hour or even minute?
For example, have you ever felt energized and motivated one day, and then another day wishing you could just stay horizontal and not move? We certainly have!
To understand why these differences happen and what to do about it, we turned to Psychotherapist and Cam's Kids "Ask the Expert" - Joelle Anderson.
Joelle taught us about something called "window of tolerance" - the 'window' where emotions and life experiences can be tolerated.

Too far above the window, and our "fight or flight" reaction kicks in. We can become flooded with emotions - think panic attacks, uncontrollable crying/sadness, explosive anger, etc.

Too far below the window and we can go into periods of "shutting down", feeling too little emotion or arousal, making us feel numb or zoned out. 
Understanding what your window is and how to expand it, will help you cope with life's challenges. Remember, your window will look differently than someone else's as it’s based around your own experiences - and that too is OK. 
Identify Your Window & Learn the Skills to Expand it!

Let's Focus On What We CAN Control

Currently, with so much uncertainty in the world, it's understandable why productivity and energy may be difficult to find right now. You may feel like you don't have control over the situation, that you don't know how long this will last, or the best way to handle the situation.
Let’s focus on the things we CAN control, like monitoring news consumption, limiting time spent on social media, taking time to do something kind for yourself (or others), etc. Finding ways to make the tough day, just a little less tough. 
Strategies for Shifting our Mindset
Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of Cam's Kids Connects. We look forward to connecting with you again next time. In the meantime, remember that it's OK if you're struggling with motivation or productivity right now. You are not alone. Go at your own pace. Celebrate the small things. Show yourself compassion. Last but not least - focus on what you can control. This too shall pass.

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