Issue No5 March, 2019                                  

Dear TES Community Member,

As we spring into yet another Spring, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for contributing to our rich TES Parent Council community. 
Thank you, for being engaged in our school life by contributing to committees (canteen/newsletter/event planning/etc), volunteering your time, attending meetings and school events. Thank you, for being your child’s advocate, your school’s passionate promoter and most of all – a friend!
Lastly, thank you, for your invaluable feedback via last month’s short survey regarding our Newsletter efforts.  Since this is a new channel of communication for most of us (editors/contributors and readers alike), we want to get it right. 
We are proud to inform you that based on your replies we are doing pretty darn well!

Most of you think that the length of the Newsletter is just right, you want to hear from us once a month, although majority chose English as their preferred language, French came in second, and overall, you gave us 4 out of 5 stars.
As always, we would love to hear from you with new ideas, stories and suggestions, so drop us a line:
Until then, happy reading!
Parent Council Newsletter Team

International Day - 31st of May, 2019 

TES International Day is an annual event, organised by the school with support of the entire TES community. It's a day to learn about your fellow TES members and celebrate TES multiculturalism.

WHAT:            During this event, each school room becomes a different “country”. Representation of your country can be done in different ways: organising national games, offering national dishes, presenting (fun) facts about your country, etc.
              Parents/teachers/school administrators/embassies create “country” rooms.  While visiting each room/ “country”, children receive a passport, which gets stamped by different “countries” as they travel from room to room, enjoying international food, drink and activities.

THEME:         National Fairy Tales and Myths

WHERE:        Tallinn European School
WHEN:           31st of May, 2019

COST:             FREE

To register/get a stand/room/space and more info, contact:
TES activity manager, Kaidi Tark.
Country registration deadline: May 5th

Spring Concerts: 16th and 17th of April, 2019

Let’s leave winter behind us and enjoy spring at TES!
All the concerts will be held in the Assembly Hall and will last around an hour.
Tuesday April 16 @ 17:00      
“The Best Day of My Life”
Primary 5 - Secondary 7
Wednesday April 17 @ 12:00   
“The Wonderful World of Disney”
Nursery, P1 & P1/2 FR
Wednesday April 17 @ 15:00 
“Hakuna Matata”
Primary 2 - 4

European Day of Languages - 26th of September, 2019

On the 26th of September, TES, along with other schools in Estonia, will celebrate the diverse languages of Europe.

WHAT:           TES students from P4 & up are invited to take part in singing and recording of “Pippi Longstocking” theme song in their native language, which will be broadcasted during Estonian National Broadcasting radio guess game on 26th of September to commemorate the European Day of Languages. The idea of the radio game is to let people guess different languages.
WHO:             TES students from P4 & up, in collaboration with Ivi Rausi, TES music teacher.
THEME:         “Pippi Longstocking” theme song
WHERE:         Tallinn European School

WHEN:           The song will be recorded in May or June & will be released on the 26th of September, during the celebration of the European Day of Languages
So far, 15 languages have been gathered: Finnish, Estonian, English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish and Norwegian.
But there could be more and we cannot do it without your help!
If you are interested, please get in touch with TES Music Teacher Ivi Rausi to let her know you would want your kid to take part in this project in their native language.
To see last year's recorded song, click HERE & for more info about the project, click HERE


A Big Thank You,
from Quizmasters “Marcella – Ester – Megan” &
TES Parent Council -
The first TES Quiz night was a success!

We had a lot of fun, and hope you enjoyed it as well.
We saw some nice demonstrations of the “wife carrying” contest, learned that Estonia has the lowest male to female ratio, and that Kylie Jenner is the richest of the Kardashian clan.
We could not have done it without the help and support of the following people:

Thank you so much to Toma Vezyte, Park Inn at Radisson, and all the teams. 
Thanks to everyone's generosity, we can donate 550 Euros to the TES Library.

Have fun book shopping, Doriana, and keep us posted on what you find!
See you next time!!!


Nursery & Primary

- Students from Nursery, P1 and P1/P2 FR celebrated Valentine’s Day with a memorable magic show and joined other TES students to celebrate the national days of Estonia and Lithuania.

- Nursery pupils from different groups have been learning about our world and space, arts, music and different cultures in the past few weeks. Before the winter break, Nursery pupils gathered to find out more about Estonia and dance Kaera-Jaan.  They met again after holidays to celebrate carnival together with Doriana.

- Children from les Chics Chouettes and the Curious Caterpillars supported their learning with a recent trip to NUKU museum while the students from the Dazzling Dolphins visited the Theatre and Music museum.

-  On Monday, March 18th, during morning assembly, P3EN performed “Share Bears” musical about sharing, friendship and giving each other a helping hand.  The musical was directed and produced by the amazing class teacher Jill Magi.
- The parents of P5B, Miss Lydia and a few of the children went out for a meal and a few (!) Margaritas in the Old Town a few weeks ago – a great event to get everyone together for a relaxed, social occasion.


Francophonie Days
March is the month of French Language worldwide & on 9th of March, TES hosted the “day of French language”. There were a lot of various activities, specialties from French Speaking countries, performances, competitions, music and fun!
Our students actively took part in the event. Gwenole and Elise’s classes entered the competition and submitted beautiful artwork. Guillaume’s presented an engaging play where the kids performed beautifully, the French section sang with great talent, and it was overall a great success.
All the fantastic work was then presented to the parents and other classes during the French Assembly the following week. Well done, guys! You have been fantastic!

Les journées de la Francophonie
Tout au long du mois de Mars, nous célébrons la langue Française à travers le monde.
TES a ouvert ses portes le 9 Mars pour accueillir en ses murs la “journée de la langue Française”.
De nombreuses activités ludiques ont été organisées, des concours, des spectacles,  ainsi que la dégustation de spécialités des pays francophones, le tout en musique et dans la bonne humeur.
Nos élèves ont pris part activement à cet évènement. Les classes de Gwenolé et Elise ont participé au concours en présentant un très beau travail poétique et artistique, Guillaume a préparé une pièce de théâtre engageante dans laquelle les élèves ont été brillants, la section Française a chanté avec grand talent, et de façon générale, ça a été un grand succès.
Tout ce merveilleux travail a ensuite été présenté aux parents et aux autres classes durant l’assemblée Française la semaine suivante.
Bravo à tous, vous avez été géniaux!


- P5 and S1 enjoyed their annual Transition Camp again in February. They kicked off with a swim at Tervis Paradiis in Pärnu and stayed two nights at Jõulumäe Tervisespordikeskus where they went skiing, sledging, played snow games, watched films and had a lot of fun. Much sleep was needed on their return home…!
- S2 enjoyed a February Museum Frenzy which included a visit to Nuku Puppet Theatre, HUGE pancakes for lunch at Kompressor, an underground tour of Kiek in de Kök and some time spent exploring the old Town.
- S4 pupil Roman Roberts had the opportunity to spend some time continuing his EB studies at the European School in The Hague at the start of the year as part of a self-organised exchange programme. His family hosted a pupil from the school in The Hague in the run up to Christmas and the experience was a huge success for both parties.
- S4 visited KUMU art museum in Kadriorg Park recently as part of their art lesson.
The whole of Secondary students who take Estonian as their L1 went to see the film ‘Tõde ja õigus’ at the beginning of March. It is based on the book by celebrated Estonian author Hansen Tammsaare and is widely considered to be his most important work – it is a key piece of literature studied in all Estonian high schools.
- S5 – S7 had a career day on March 5th, which involved visiting the offices of Pipedrive and Lift99, taking part in workshops and getting presentations from AIESEC and Tartu University. S5 were immersed in a workshop about using social media to enhance your career and business; S6 and S7 took part in a ‘Investor and Founder’ game where they simulated an investor conference with a Q&A session.
Directly From The Student Desk


My name is Alana, I’m from P5A and I went to Copenhagen with Triinu, Allison and Mia from P4B. We went there to do a NordPlus project to figure out ways to reduce and hopefully stop plastic pollution/waste.

There was also the European School of Helsinki and European School Copenhagen. We were split into groups and in those groups we would figure out a way to reduce plastic.

One group figured out ways to re-use plastic bottles and their packaging and created a bird feeder, a piggy bank and art mat and bottle cap art and made videos on how to make it. Another group made a competition to see which class used the least plastic and even made a prize with re-used plastic. The last group made a website with tips on how to help shops become plastic-free and made a video on why plastic is bad.

We also visited a plastic-free shop and made beeswax wraps for food so you don’t have to put everything into plastic.That’s what we did in Copenhagen in the NordPlus project.

To learn about what we did in Copenhagen, click HERE.

Alana, P5A
Parent Council Newsletter
Student Reporter at Large


PHOTO: Peeter Langovits
Laulupidu 150: “My Fatherland is My Love”
150 years of song: the jubilee year of Estonian song and dance
4th - 7th of July, 2019

In 1869, the first Estonian Song Celebration was held in Tartu with 878 male singers and brass players. Publisher Johann Voldemar Jannsen initiated the Song Celebration as part of the Estonian national awakening movement. The celebration grew to become the biggest event in Estonia. It happens only once every five years and In 2014, 42,000 singers, dancers and musicians took part in this 3 day celebration.
The venue of the Song Celebration is the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (Tallinna Lauluväljak) in Pirita.
Pre sales last till May 31st.

You can already buy tickets for this event HERE and they go fast....
This is such a unique event - don’t miss out!
More info about the event click HERE

Laulupidu 150: “My Fatherland is My Love”  
150 ans de chant: l’année du Jubilée des danses et chants Estoniens
4 - 7 Juillet, 2019

C’est en 1869, que le premier festival de chants Estoniens a été célébré à Tartu, avec 878 chanteurs et musiciens joueurs de cuivre. Son éditeur Johann Voldemar Jannsen a initié cette célébration de la chanson dans le cadre du mouvement national du réveil Estonien. Depuis, elle a pris de l’ampleur et est devenue l’un des événements les plus importants du pays. Cela n'arrive qu'une fois tous les cinq ans et en 2014, 42 000 chanteurs, danseurs, et musiciens ont pris part à cette célébration de 3 jours.
Le lieu de la célébration de ce festival est Tallinna Lauluväljak, à Pirita.
Plus d’information à ce sujet ici.

Les pré-ventes prennent fin le 31 May. 
Vous pouvez d’ores et déjà acheter les billets cliquez ici, et ils partent vite…
l’évènement étant si unique. Ne passez pas à côté!


Flood Season: The Fifth Season of Estonia
The quiz participants already know that there are 5 seasons in Estonia: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter & FLOOD SEASON. Flood season announces the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.
During the flood season water levels can rise as much as five meters in some areas of Estonia due to the melted snow and heavy rains. The silver lining is that it creates beautiful & unique opportunities for canoeing in the forest. The biggest floods are late March and early April.
An ideal place to enjoy this canoeing between the trees is Soomaa National Park. Soomaa National Park is a bog and swamp abundant area in Pärnu and Viljandi Counties.
More info click HERE.
La Saison Des Crues: La Cinquième Saison d’Estonie
Les personnes ayant participé au Quizz le savent déjà, il y a 5 saisons en Estonie: le printemps, l’été, l’automne, l’hiver, et la saison des crues. Celle-ci annonce la fin de l’hiver, et le début du printemps.
Durant la saison des crues, le niveau de l’eau peut monter jusqu’à cinq mètres dans certaines zones du pays, à cause de la fonte des neiges et de fortes pluies. Le bon côté des choses, c’est que c’est une opportunité unique pour faire du Canoë à travers la forêt. Les plus grosses crues sont de fin Mars à début Avril.
Le parc national de Soomaa est un lieu idéal pour profiter de ces excursions en canoë à travers les arbres. Le parc national de Soomaa est une zone abondante de marais et de marécages dans les comtés de Pärnu et de Viljandi.
Plus d’information à ce sujet ici.

Enchanting Waterfalls - Jägala Waterfalls

Jägala Waterfall is a waterfall in the lower course of the Jägala River, it is the widest natural waterfall in Estonia. The waterfalls are a 40 minute drive from Tallinn city centre, take the E20 in the direction of Narva.
Lunch tip: Valkla Rand Restoran is a child friendly restaurant only a 10 minute drive from the waterfalls. So go and check the food out and enjoy a walk on the beach!

La Féérie des Cascades de Jägala

La cascade de Jägala est située sur le cours inférieur de la rivière Jägala. C’est la cascade naturelle la plus large d’Estonie. Les chutes sont à 40 minutes en voiture du centre-ville de Tallinn, en prenant la E20 en direction de Narva.
Petit conseil pour le déjeuner: Le restaurant Valkla Rand est parfait pour un repas avec des enfants. Situé à seulement 10 minutes en voiture des cascades, il se trouve sur l'une des plus belles plages à proximité de Tallinn. Allez donc goûter leur cuisine et profiter d’une promenade sur la plage!


1.    Updates from School Board meeting on 19/2/2019

      Confirmed teachers’ pay raise and pay structure

      S4-7 Calculator lease program will go into effect Sept 2019.

      Update from Supervisory Board - the owner of the school

      Approval for procedure of hiring of director
2.    Updates from working groups/events

      Canteen subsidies

3.    European language projects - Elice Paemurd

     26 September - celebration of the European Day of Languages

     Elice will be working with a project this year meant for Secondary and upper Primary, involving our music teacher Ivi.

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