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Houseplant Encyclopedia 

An A-to-Z reference for how to take care of (just about) any type of houseplant.

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Helping people who shoot film to educate themselves about the variety of films available through visual examples.


Organize Zoom events with this simple URL site builder.

TV Commercial Ad

Watch your favorite TV Commercials in this youtube-like app.

My Mind

A new privacy-focused extension for your mind.

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Step Chickens and the Rise of TikTok ‘Cults’ – Taylor Lorenz

"Cults on TikTok aren’t the ideological ones most people are familiar with. Instead, they are open fandoms revolving around a single creator."
The New Model Media Star Is Famous Only to You - NYT

With short videos and paid newsletters, everyone from superstars to half-forgotten former athletes and even journalists can, as one tech figure put it, “monetize individuality.”
The Epic Games Primer: Parts I-VI Directory - MatthewBall.VC

This six-part series is designed to be an “Explain Like I’m (Twenty) Five” edition of Epic Games. Or if you want a throwback to the 1990s, when then-Potomac Computer Systems was founded, “Epic Games For Dummies”. Technical terms and other details have been eschewed and simplified accordingly. 
Slack WFH - YouTube, Sandwich Video

This is the story of Sandwich working from home using Slack.

May 26. 2020

The Steam ≈ hot links from founders of top brands, agencies and startups.

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