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"Happy to share what we've been working on for the past few months. We are building a new community for book lovers and some-time readers that is not about advertisements but focuses on you!"

- Aziz and crew



Shop for outdoor and adventure gear with an expert.

Open Collective

Open Collective lets you manage your finances collectively, so everyone can see where money comes from and where it goes.


A modern collection pot for Black communities.


We build, run and automate business processes for SMBs & enterprise teams.

Hustle Crew

Talks & training to make tech more inclusive.


Easily insert text snippets in any application from a library of content created by you and your team.


How Verdy Brought Drop Culture Back to Its Japanese Roots – HIGHSNOBIETY

"The improbable rise of Verdy brings a new energy to the Japanese streetwear scene, the birthplace of modern drop culture."
The End of Efficiency – The Sociology of Business, Substack

"Drive for efficiency shaped how we work, live, and entertain ourselves. Open-office plans, despite their collaboration mantras and Kombucha taps, have been a prime efficiency tool to pack as many people per square foot as possible."
Mental Wealth – James Beshara

"When it comes to mental health, our society approaches it like we did with physical health 50 years ago. We only think about it when something is wrong. To the wider public, mental health is synonymous with mental illness. Our notion of physical health is, however, very different than our notion of physical illness."

June 9. 2020

The Steam ≈ hot links from founders of top brands, agencies and startups.

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