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GHIA is a new non-alcoholic apéritif inspired by the Mediterranean. Our products are made of botanical extracts to give you all the highs of life without the booze.


Aroma Tech

Enhancing environments with scent.

NewBalance Face Mask v3

V3 is lightweight, washable and features a moldable nose piece and stretch earloops for superior comfort and fit.

Find them here.

All Things Black

Shop a Black-owned business directory.

Cozy Property Management

Cozy helps landlords and tenants with fast credit checks, background and eviction checks, free online rent collection, and easy tenant screening


Tools and integrations for Airtable.


Take control of your phone. Save time, focus each day.

Sketch App Data


Sketch App Data is a free data repository that enables designers to populate their projects with real text and image content.


Tracee Ellis Ross and Tyler, The Creator on Falling and Getting Back Up - Interview Magazine

"When people ask me what I do, I just tell them I make shit. People trick themselves when you give something a title. People don’t like to be in the unknown. That’s why if you show someone something new, they’re like, “Oh, this is like this.” Because their brain can’t let it just be this thing that’s floating. So sometimes I don’t like saying, “I’m a rapper,” or, “I’m a producer,” or “I make clothes,” because they automatically listen to what I’m going to say after that differently, because of the context of whatever profession I said I was in."
Embracing the metaverse: Roblox’s ambitious vision for building online worlds – Protocol

"It is this digital place that your mind's eye gets transported into. It's immersive. We think it's important that it is vast and diverse, and that you can move around. I think a lot of people have that vision."

Marc Andreesen – The Observer Effect

"Venture capital, I think, is very ‘close to the ground’ work. The VCs who have tried to abstract themselves from the day to day have not done well. You have to really know what's going on. You have to really be in close touch with what's happening in these markets and with these technologies and where these entrepreneurs are."

June 16. 2020

The Steam ≈ hot links from founders of top brands, agencies and startups.

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