Welcome to The More Hue Know, an exploration of color looking into the history, psychology, fun facts and favorite finds of different colors. I am fascinated by color, how if you think of the color red everyone reading this will have a different concept of what that red looks like. I’m interested in how something we experience visually can affect us emotionally. Just think how a cotton-candy colored sunset can ignite your insides, how rainbow sprinkles can make ice cream taste better despite tasting like nothing, how a yellow flower growing from the crack of a sidewalk can make you smile. Color is powerful and can directly impact our moods. My hope is that these bursts of color brighten your inbox.
This week I’m looking into Fuchsia, a vibrant red-violet combination that is often synonymous with Magenta and a favorite spelling-bee word as its pronunciation does not match the spelling. In 1542, Leonard Fuchs, who was studying to become a physician, published Notable Commentaries of the History of Plants that described 500 wild and cultivated plants compiled from his own garden and findings from friends and explorers. Over a century later botanist Charles Plumier discovered a new flower specimen in the Caribbean and named it Fuchsia in his honor. I’m not really sure what compelled me to start with fuchsia as it's not a common color for me, but once I started researching, it became clear that it picked me. The color magenta is said to push you in creating your own path in life and assist you in turning your ambitions and desires into reality. It is working…right now… as I type this! I have been dreaming up these color conversations for a while now and perhaps it is my fuchsia painted nails that have finally pushed me into tapping away on my computer. 

*Research via Kassia St. Clair’s 'The Secret Lives of Colour' and Empowered by Color ~ Pantone Postcards available at Chronicle Books. ~  Nail color is JG by Olive and June.
Fuchsia contains the passion and power of red with the introspection and subtle energy of purple resulting in a color that creates harmony and balance in every aspect of life (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Use this color to help release old emotional patterns that prevent personal and spiritual development as it will aid you in moving forward. With social justice issues having a major reckoning right now, examine some of your preconceived notions and privileges that you may have. Think about how you can challenge these beliefs and use the momentum to make changes. While we are all experiencing A LOT right now, fuchsia can lift our spirits during times of unhappiness, anger or frustration so incorporate this vibrant color into your life this week. (Or year!)
Favorite Finds: Ways to incorporate this color into your life
1. Get the blue prints (or rather pink-prints) for this tiny house via Pinup Houses.
2. Dreaming of the English Countryside and Daria Ruffle Gown by designer Molly Goddard. Photo for Harpers Bazaar UK. 
3. Try your hand and train your eye with the Gradient Puzzle by Areaware
4. Get some color but not too much with the Hanna B. Straw Hat.
5. Find your balance and your favorite color combo with the Yin Yang Candle by Nata Concept.
6. Just a friendly fuchsia reminder from my Friendship Project series. Letterpress print available at
7. Update your classics with Reebok's Classic Harman Run Sneaker
8. Rebecca Pinkoff ...err, I mean Minkoff... with the perfect pink Tee
9. See the world through a rose colored shower curtain by Quiet Town.

From left to right / top to bottom
Colorscapes: Fuchsia in the Wild 
James Turrell’s Virtuality Squared (2014). I was able to experience one of these fields of color/ light sensory deprivation installation at the LACMA Retrospective and it was truly one of the most powerful installations I have experienced! It was like being in a Drake video, before the Drake video! Photograph via National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Cuadra San Cristóbal by architect Luis Barragan. Check out this Dwell article for more. Photo via Luis Gallardo / LGM Studio
Studio Echelman's aerial sculpture 'bending arc' floats above St. Petersburg Pier in Florida and is made up of 1,662,528 knots, 180 miles of twine, and spans 424 feet. Photo via Brian Adams, courtesy Studio Echelman.
Take a power nap in one of Neon Saltwater's glowing renderings.

From left to right.
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