2020 Will Be Over In 2 Months Which Means The Holiday Season  Is Just Beginning

2020 is almost over (yey!) but it doesn't mean we are in the clear just yet. Holidays are right around the corner, and as such, we can expect some stress-inducing times ahead. Let's face it past Holiday seasons were already crazy enough without Miss 'Rona literally being the most un-welcomed, draining, inconsiderate visitor ever! 

I am grateful we have all made it this far, now let's tackle surviving the upcoming Holidays as peacefully as we can.

As the Holiday season approaches, here are some quick and easy Self-Care practices to consider that can make all the difference during these stressful times.

10 Self-Care Tips To Consider During Holiday Season

Meditate- Meditating, praying, spending a few minutes being grateful - which ever seems more appropriate for you - spending at least 15 minutes doing this can help ground you and calm you, and can help with managing feelings and thoughts, especially during times of high stress. If you are new to meditation and would prefer a guided meditation instead, check out Headspace app and/or YouTube, there are tons of options for guided meditations there.

Don't forget to drink water -  I used to always slack on this for some reason, but lately what has made it easier to stay consistent with drinking a good amount of water is to fill up my 80 oz jug of water (I got mine on Amazon), and sip on it throughout the day. Making it a point to stay hydrated is important during stressful times, firstly because it may be easy to put this on the backburner and take its importance for granted when you have 101 other things to focus on, but also because amongst all the other health benefits of drinking water, staying hydrated helps with waking up more refreshed and energized (which we desperately need during the Holidays). 

Take nice warm baths- At home? Stressed? Have a few minutes you can spare and be by yourself? Take a nice warm bath! There is nothing more relaxing and calm-inducing than immersing yourself in a bath with essential oils or epsom salts - I personally love using the Calming Bath Salts w/ Chamomile + Lavender found in Marshalls. During the most stressful times of this year, I found myself doing this more than I had ever done it before, and I have to say it is now a fixed part of my self-care routine. Make a "spa day" out of it. Treat yourself, you deserve it! Turn on some candles, light music or binaural beats/ solfeggio frequencies (youtube them) use your favorite essential oil or epsom salts, close the door and just soak your troubles away. I promise you will feel so much lighter and blissful, even if only momentarily - and you can do a 2 for 1, this can be a perfect time to meditate too. 

Use Affirmations- Affirmations, are simply positive statements that can be used daily and are a powerful way of re-wiring or reframing our negative self-talk, for example. This is one great way to treat yourself the way you desire to be treated. Affirmations are best used in the present I AM format - for example "I AM doing my best," "I AM beautiful," "I AM loved and supported at all times." Try saying them in the mirror, or write them down... really get used to highlighting your amazing qualities, you will inevitably start to show up as this new version of yourself. 

Listen to upbeat music/ dance it out- Music has the potential to instantly raise your vibrations, which naturally means that you will feel better. This is because you can't feel relaxed and tense at the same time... or joyous and miserable at the same time -think about it. This can be explained further in terms of vibrations and energy, but for now, let's just say that moving your body is a great way to pull yourself out of any negative downward spiral and clear the space for more positive uplifting energy.

Ask for help- There is no shame in asking for help! If you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, or simply need to vent about something, reach out to your go-to person(s). 

Write it out- I am a huge fan of journaling. I honestly believe it has been a tremendous help during this confusing year and can be attributed to changing my life. I use journaling for Gratitude, for scripting (writing out my future), task organizing, planning my days, weeks, months, etc., and to make sense of my unwelcome or invasive thoughts. If you don't feel like talking it out, write it out... trust me it is better out than in.

Make a plan-  Oftentimes, the reason why we procrastinate is that we become paralyzed at the thought of ALL we have to do by a certain time or day. Consider making a plan, a task list, something you can come back to and check off as you go. Not only will this help with organizing and prioritizing what has to be done first, but it also puts your tasks into perspective (sometimes you'll find it really isn't THAT much you have to do or that difficult for that matter). Added bonus: you may experience such a rush of joy and accomplishment as you check off things from your list :)

Prioritize sleep- This is so important and it can be another thing we take for granted, but it goes back to the analogy of filling up your cup before you can continue to pour yourself out to others. Make sure you get proper rest if you know you will need to exert a lot of energy during this holiday season. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Be kind to yourself- Whether it's giving yourself a much-needed break, or simply acknowledging you are truly doing the best you can at this moment, remember to be kind to yourself. You owe it to yourself - if you expect kindness from others think about whether you are being an example of this by how you treat/ talk to yourself.

The above self-care tips are not only great for dealing with stress but also for the development of positive habits. They are meant to be very self- serving as a reminder that we also need to take time to fill our own cups before we can give to others. If you have any questions on any of the above, such as an elaboration of the benefits, or how to effectively implement them into your day-to-day, or if you simply want to know some YouTube links/ Amazon links mentioned, send me a message by hitting the button below :)
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