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These TVs roll up like a poster. Kid you not. 

If CES is the future, the future is "smart"

January 14, 2019 

Hello friends.

As I write this late Sunday night, I am currently at the Phoenix airport as I head back home to SoCal. Yes, apparently two 45-minute flights are the same as a direct flight from Vegas. Go figure. I am coming back from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), what Axios calls the "global stage for innovation." A better description would be a toy store for adults. Form Robots to square toilets to more robots to a flying car to cure cuddly robots to virtual health assistant who can take your blood pressure and tell you to chill out. 

If you read the headlines about CES there was much ado about 5G and "smart" everything, otherwise known as the "Internet of Everything," or IoE. What was I think overlooked by the media was the amount of new "smart" technology to meditate, sleep better, or just chill out. I think that points to the need we have in our ever-busier society to take a break and breathe. 

Of note for us as the church is how we can tap into the IoE revolution that's coming. (Or maybe already here!) After all Alexa, the smart speaker from Amazon, and the Google Assistant are now all over the place and they are about to be EVERYWHERE. Soon we'll announce a new project in the assistant area, but there is so much more! Do you have any ideas? Hit reply and let us know. 

Anyway, many good things will come from CES for the TryTank. So, stay tuned for that. Now on to the newsletter.

With gratitude, 
Fr. Lorenzo

As our experiments are about to launch, we are looking for experiment partners: congregations! Might that be your congregation? See below and let us know.

Looking for those trying to do Latino Ministry...
We are looking for 10 congregations who have been thinking about expanding to reach the Latino community but have no idea how to do it. If this might be you, hit replay and let us know.

Do you SoulCyle?
We are also looking for a priest who can LEAD a cycle group fitness class. If this is you, please let us know. Hit reply and express your interest!

Market Research Question 
We're thinking of a project to train those who lead vestry retreats, Can you hit Reply and let us know:
1- who leads your vestry retreats?
2- How do you find those people? 
3- Are you satisfied with the outcome?

Looking to Connect?
The more you engage with folks, the more they are likely to come to church more regularly. That we know. We have a technology that we think can help with more (and fun) engagement. And we want to try it in 10 congregations around the country. If you are interested, hit reply and let us know. 

As always...
If you have an idea for an experiment that we may want to do, please share! Once again, hit "reply." We'd love to hear from you. 

In next week's edition, we'll have the list of the first few experiments and where we are with them. You won't want to miss it!

Until next week!

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