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Welcome to the 2020 season!

This season is starting off unlike any other year we have experienced, however we are staying positive as we await the light at the end of the tunnel. In this newsletter, we will address concerns regarding how COVID-19 is affecting the park, season fee information, and we're going to wrap up with some positive things we have to look forward to! We hope everything gets back to normal soon because we are excited to see everyone back at Cedar Beach!


As of March 26th:

  • The federal government has asked everyone to stay home and limit travel, they have closed the border to enter the USA.
  • The Ontario government has declared a State of Emergency and mandated that all non-essential businesses close until April 7th. They have requested that all of us "shelter in place".
  • The Town of Stouffville has declared a State of Emergency.
We have been working hard with government officials and it has been determined that portions of our business are essential and important. We recognize that we are a valuable tool in allowing people to isolate themselves, especially upon returning to Canada. 

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and government recommendations to stay home, we are encouraging everyone to be safe and stay in your primary residence. If, for the purpose of isolation as you return to Canada, you need to use your trailer as a residence, you will be allowed starting April 1st. There are a lot of scenarios around this and we leave it up to your good judgement as to what is best for you and your family. If you are safely “sheltering in place” as required, we ask that you remain where you are in accordance with the current mandate.

To this point, we are not showing trailers, booking new seasonal guests or allowing visitors. We will not be processing any new seasonal customer requests until after the current restrictions are removed. We are still holding onto pending applications and accepting applications via email, but the application process will be paused for the time being.

The office will be operating, but closed for access (including the bathroom). All transactions will be done in a manner that optimizes everyone’s safety. See the next section for more information on season fees and payments. 

Reminder about common areas: bathroom buildings will remain closed and playgrounds are to be avoided for the time being. As usual for the spring, the roads are not open and we are working to get the water on as soon as possible.

We are taking these measures to ensure the safety of everyone in the park and we hope for everything to go back to normal soon. We will have more updates on our website and Facebook as they come from the government, but we encourage everyone to stay put until April 8th. 

Season Fee Information

To better accommodate our residents in the midst of the outbreak, we are extending the fee deadline to May 15th. This is for two reasons:

  1. To help out families who are experiencing financial stress 
  2. To encourage people to stay home per the government's instructions, limiting unnecessary park traffic
Invoices will be sent out via email starting April 1st. As usual, fees are payable by cash, debit, or cheque. A service fee of 2.5% applies with Visa or MasterCard. We do encourage residents to avoid paying cash at this time if possible. 

As stated before, the office will be open, but operating through the window. We will be accepting debit and credit payments at the window. Cheque and cash payments will be put into an envelope and sealed until any traces of the virus can die off. If you choose to come to the office to pay, please remember to keep a safe distance of 6' from other people. Do not form a line at the window. Alternatively, you are welcome to mail in your cheques to us: 15014 Ninth line, Stouffville ON, L4A 3E7.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need to discuss a payment plan. We understand some of you may be under some financial strain and we want to make options available to you.

On the brighter side...

We have been working on some pretty big projects over the winter and we are so excited for everyone to see them once we are fully up and running!

The bathrooms at hilltop and Forest Lane have been fully gutted and redone. We have also added laundry facilities to these bathrooms as well! 

The office has had a full makeover, inside and out! Unfortunately, you won't be able to see how refreshing it is just yet, but we're hoping to welcome everyone into the beautiful new space very soon. 

The water will be on sooner than we thought! The weather has been relatively mild, even the lake is nearly thawed! We will update everyone on the changes of this, but if it continues to be this mild, we are anticipating everything to be up and running within the next two weeks.

Stay safe everyone!

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