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June 2019
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Are You Using The Right Screw Tip?
4-Piece and Castle Screw Tips

A good screw tip must provide positive shut off and create a consistent cushion while not restricting flow during recovery. The best tips also inhibit degradation and resist abrasion and corrosion.

How well your screw tip meets those requirements depends on the mechanics of the tip’s seal, its internal flow geometry, and its construction materials.

We’ll tell you how each screw tip style affects production efficiency, output quality, and component durability, and what causes them to fail, so you can lower replacement costs and avoid downtime.

The four tip styles and common failure causes...
MSI 2019 Screw Tip Selection Guide
Barrel Lead Time Update

Good news for our clients!

The average quoted lead time for barrels has dropped considerably in the last few weeks. Barrels up to 55mm (Group A) are now being delivered in 6-8 weeks and anything up to 110mm (Group B) is now quoting at 11-13 weeks. Larger barrels (Group C) are currently running at 20-22 weeks, down from a high of nearly 40 weeks a year ago. Expect lead times to continue to drop as Xaloy’s facility comes up to full volume production!

And don't forget that MSI maintains an extensive supply base to provide even faster alternatives when needed. We can deliver re-sleeve services in as little as three weeks and can expedite new barrels with tool steel liners in as little as one week!

When Good Components Go Bad
Worn screw, still processing

When should a screw or barrel should be replaced?

Keeping a bad component in production flushes dollars down the drain with every part because of reduced recovery output and quality defects, but so does unnecessarily replacing a screw that’s only 50% worn.

Understand the causes, signs and factors of wear, and know what to look for and when your components have “gone bad.”

Wear, warning signs, and measurements...
Put our Business Expertise to Work for You
MSI Equipment Management Services

It’s hard to make time for “big picture” operational planning. And you often can’t afford to pull your best and most experienced people off the production floor.

That’s where we come in.

MSI’s Equipment Management Services program can help you develop critical operational plans and monitor your equipment:

  • What are the best screws and barrels for us?
  • Which tips should we use?
  • How often should we perform preventive maintenance?
  • What is our total cost of ownership (TCO) for our equipment and supplies?
  • How do we get the most value from suppliers and hold them accountable?
Manage component durability and TCO...
Stop Waiting for JSW Barrel Feed Castings
JSW Feed Casting

If you have JSW presses on your floor, you know the pain and schedule disruptions caused when changing a barrel.

After the barrel is removed, it must be sent out to have the feed casting pressed off the old barrel and then pressed onto the new barrel, because the OEM will only sell new castings with new barrels — a practice that’s good for them but terribly expensive for you.

There’s a better option. MSI offers new JSW feed castings for sale independent of the barrel. We simply install the feed casting on your new premium barrel and then ship the assembly directly to you – eliminating 2+ weeks of lost production and downtime.

Changing a JSW barrel? Call us today for a quote!

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