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February 2019
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We see too many other suppliers make component recommendations based on what’s best for them vs. what is best for you.

Component selection isn’t a matter of choosing the lowest-price vendor, it is about consistently assuring the BEST barrels and screws for your application and your environment.

From carbide, standard bimetallic, and tool steel barrel liners to the myriad of construction options available on screws, you’ll want to review and keep these informative guides on hand for every future purchase decision. Coupled with direct assistance from Molders’ professionals, these guides will ensure you get exactly what is best for your specific requirements at the fairest price.

Download your 2019 Selection Guides today!

PDFMSI 2019 Barrel Selection Guide
PDFMSI 2019 Screw Selection Guide
Improved Poppet Nozzles for Milacron PowerPAK
MSI's improved poppet nozzle design

Anyone who has experience with Milacron’s PowerPAK line of machines that feature the extruder / plunger setup knows the extruder requires a unique poppet style nozzle that allows it to mate with the plunger barrel. MSI has offered this component for years for substantially less than OEM prices.

Milacron recently redesigned the nozzle to avoid a rash of fatigue failures. Unfortunately, this revised design resulted in an insert-style product reminiscent of the old ball checks sold in the 80s. Aside from multiple leak paths, this poppet has a tiny forward-facing cross section that hampers reliable positive shut-off.

MSI analyzed the failures in the original and subsequent Milacron designs and came up with a superior redesign for this component. Our MSI-manufactured nozzle eliminates the fatigue failure while maintaining the trusted original design.

So if you have a PowerPAK machine and are buying poppet nozzles from Milacron, you are spending more than necessary. MSI has a superior option that costs less! Call us at (248) 585-8120 for pricing and lead time.

A Truly Universal Purge Compound
Aquapurge clean

We’ve seen a near endless number of methods and compounds used to purge barrels and clean screws efficiently. After years of careful consideration and research, MSI has selected a purge compound worthy of inclusion into our product lineup.

It’s called Aquapurge, and while relatively unknown as yet in the US market, we’re confident you’ll enjoy its superior performance and its very competitive price.

It uses a complete mechanical process for scrubbing residues while leaving the metal surfaces in an unworn state. This is achieved by correct selection of filler components; ensuring they are hard enough to breakdown the carbon deposits yet soft enough not to damage metal surfaces.

  • Superior carbon removal
  • Above average color and material changing
  • Effective from 160°C (320°F) to 340°C (644°F)
  • Easily cleaned out by any material, including clear ones as well – (no milky moldings)
  • Can be used as a strip-down material

Contact us or call us at (248) 585-8120 for more information and pricing.

Comparable Quotes For Your Purchasing Department
Competitive bids

“Document your purchase requirements and get three bids so a decision can be made in Purchasing for the lowest cost items that meet your criteria.” Sound familiar?

While this may work for commodity products like paper towels, cleaning supplies and pencils, it rarely works well or saves money for buyers of sophisticated components for precision molding equipment.

Read on to learn how we can help ensure your purchasing department — and you — get bids that really can be compared.

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Barrel Lead Time Update

Good news! We continue to see lead times decline.

Our primary barrel supplier has decreased their average quoted lead times by two weeks. In addition, we are seeing more barrel orders showing up early, instead of roughly half arriving late as they did in the recent past.

And MSI maintains an extensive supply base to provide even faster alternatives. We can deliver re-sleeve services in as little as three weeks and can expedite new barrels with tool steel liners in as little as one week!

Call today to discuss the options that make the most sense for you and your company.

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