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Introducing NAIWE's New Expert: Dana Sitar

NAIWE emphasizes professional development for its members, and one of the ways it does this is by offering monthly and on-demand training from the members of its Board of Experts.

Because of this, NAIWE likes to keep a full roster of experts in the publishing industry. Our newest addition to NAIWE's Board of Experts is Dana Sitar, NAIWE's Headline Expert.

Dana Sitar has been writing and editing for digital media since 2011, most recently as a copy editor for fintech and personal finance. She trains journalists, writers, and editors on writing for the web through sessions at the annual ACES editors’ conference, Utah Valley University, online courses, and private trainings. Dana has written about work and writing in digital media for publications including the New York Times, HuffPost, a column for Inc. Magazine, and dozens of writing and content marketing blogs. As a branded content editor for The Penny Hoarder, Dana managed a team of writers, editors, and social media experts to create multimedia branded content to help advertisers reach an audience of 12 million across platforms including social media, email, blog, and video.

Like many of our other Board of Experts members, Dana Sitar has been published. NAIWE promotes these books as another way to learn about the industry from its Board of Experts. Some of the books are even children's books, so members can share our experts with their family!

April Webinar: The Way of Networking: Connecting Effectively

We wanted to get to know Ruth Thaler-Carter (NAIWE's Networking Expert) better, so last month we sat down with her. Here are some thoughts she shared with us.

With social distancing in effect and other restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what changes will we see in the networking world?

Networking is likely to become more and more virtual, with meetings—both two-person and large-group—being held electronically, whether through something like Zoom or Skype (where you can see each other) or by teleconference. Some organizations won’t be able to hold large events such as annual conferences and might break those events into smaller pieces and offer sessions as webinars. Some organizations are going to lose a lot of money because of having to cancel their annual conferences, so networking will be more valuable but harder to do on a large-scale basis.


You can join in this conversation on April 23, at 7 pm eastern, when NAIWE will host a webinar on the best ways to make networking an effective, functional element of your independent business! The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members.

To register for this webinar, please visit the NAIWE training web page.

Be a Better Freelancer Conference Still Planned for October

Though many spring events have been canceled, the Be a Better Freelancer conference is not held until the fall.

Join us on October 2–4, 2020, at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland! Your attendance at this conference adds value by increasing knowledge in publishing-related topics, and to the success and continuance of the conference.

The conference provides two types of presentations for entrepreneurial communicators—tools of the trade (Word, Acrobat, social media, and more) and approaches to the freelance lifestyle (finding clients, marketing, pricing, networking, etc.), with conceptual topics (lifestyle, balancing work and family) as well.

Interested in showcasing your product or service? Conference sponsorships are available!

Many thanks to our sponsor!

May Webinar: Permissions 101: Getting Permission

In May, we will be chatting with MJ Courchesne, NAIWE's Copyright & Permissions Expert, on the very important topic of getting permission for your client materials.

Learn the ins and outs of what publishers require when they ask you to "clear" permission for third-party materials you are incorporating into your work. What things do you need to have in a permission agreement, how do you go about getting permission anyway, and how long will this process take?


You can join in this conversation on May 27, at 3 pm eastern, when NAIWE will host a webinar on obtaining permissions for your clients. The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members.

To register for this webinar, please visit the NAIWE training web page.

The More Unique and Popular You Are, the More Your Compensation

How much does a writer for your local advertising weekly earn? How much does J.K. Rowling earn?

What’s the reason for the difference?

In my view, there are primarily two reasons.

First, popularity. A lot more people read Rowling than the advertising rag. It’s only natural she earns more.

The second reason is a little more esoteric: uniqueness. Almost anyone who can string 50 words together can write for the advertiser. Only Rowling was able to deliver more Harry Potter.

If you think about it, this same paradigm is pretty much true of pretty much every other career path:

  • Unique and popular musicians earn more than cover bands.
  • Unique and popular actors earn more than extras.
  • Unique and popular visual artists earn more than those who only copy the Great Masters.
  • Unique and popular historians earn more than high school history teachers.

And so forth.

To read the rest of this article, please visit NAIWE member Robert Moskowitz's blog.

March's New & Renewing NAIWE Members

Cathy Burns (Portsmouth, NH); Kelly Byrd (Bonney Lake, WA); Julie Gray (Ramat Gan, Israel); Brigid Haragan (Annapolis, MD); Vicki Hudson (Hayward, CA); Norma Jeffers (Cincinnati, OH); James Johnson (Dayton, OH); Laura Long (Irvine, CA); Katherine Nestor (Milford, NH); Christy Okie (Ullapool, Great Britain); Judith Reveal (Greensboro, MD); Christine Robbins (Spring Valley, CA); Nick Romeo (Stanford, CA); Kate Strassel (East Bridgewater, MA); Aime Sund (Lancaster, MA); Lauren Thomas (Glenville, NY); Pamela Van Loon (Troutdale, OR); Michelle Walbaum (Long Valley, NJ); Frederic Widlak (Nowy Sacz, Poland).

Be sure to post on your NAIWE website, and we will link to it when you renew!

From CMOS Shop Talk

Q. Does CMOS weigh in on whether email subject lines should be capitalized in sentence style or headline style?

A. Great question! CMOS doesn’t cover email subject lines, but if we did we’d make a distinction between personal email messages, on the one hand, and formal announcements or mailings, on the other.

For personal messages (even if they’re related to work), sentence style would usually be appropriate. Not only will sentence style come across as less formal than headline style, but it will save the sender the trouble of determining which words get capitalized and which do not.

Subject: Last year’s Halloween party

Formal messages sent out by an organization, on the other hand, may be subject to the same editorial scrutiny that a press release or similar document might get. In that case, Chicago’s version of headline style would be appropriate for organizations that otherwise follow Chicago style (see paragraph 8.159 for the principles of headline-style capitalization).

Subject: Supporting Our Community through the Coronavirus Crisis

Note that not all styles apply headline-style capitalization in the same way. For example, whereas Chicago and MLA lowercase all prepositions in a title (including “through” in the example above), APA and AP capitalize all words of four letters or more. AP further distinguishes between titles mentioned in text and headlines for news stories, prescribing sentence style for the latter. So be sure to review your organization’s style before applying it to formal email subject lines.

Member Benefit

Discount on The Chicago Manual of Style

The Chicago Manual of Style Online is the undisputed authority for style, usage, and grammar in an accessible online format. Completely searchable and easy to use, CMS Online is available to individuals and small user groups, as well as academic, private, and public libraries, through annual, IP-based subscriptions. Subscribers receive full access to the 17th and 16th editions of CMS, as well as access to the online CMS Users Forum. NAIWE members receive 20% off the book or online subscription!

Visit the NAIWE website to see all of the member benefits.


"If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write."

—Stephen King


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