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Early Bird Registration Ends on August 1

The 2019 Be a Better Freelancer conference has something for you! The conference provides two types of presentations for entrepreneurial communicators—tools of the trade (Word, Acrobat, social media, etc.) and approaches to the freelance lifestyle (finding clients, marketing, pricing, networking, etc.), with conceptual topics (lifestyle, balancing work and family) as well.

We have a great lineup filled with experienced professionals ready to share their expertise—and some of the speakers are even on our Board of Experts! Sessions have been posted, so you can begin selecting yours!

The special early bird pricing is for only a few more weeks, so register now for the best rate!

Many thanks to our sponsor!

Visit the conference webpage to learn more about our available sponsorships.

Webinar: What’s New in AP Style for 2019

We wanted to get to know Mark Allen (NAIWE's AP Stylebook Expert) better, so last month we sat down with him. Here are some thoughts he shared with us.

What do you associate with style guide proficiency?

Proficiency with using a style guide is a bit like proficiency with editing in general. We can’t know everything, and we shouldn’t tell ourselves otherwise. Proficiency with a style guide means knowing what we need to look up and sometimes even looking up things we know we are right about. Proficiency is a bit of a false concept. There are many guidelines, many exceptions, and many gray areas where we need to look elsewhere for guidance and ultimately apply common sense. It’s possible to memorize most key points in a style guide, but our memories sometimes fail us, and guidelines do change.


You can join in this conversation and learn about the 2019 AP Stylebook changes on July 24, at 3 pm ET, when NAIWE will host a webinar on the most substantive changes in years. The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members.

To register for this webinar, please send an email along with your name and telephone number. An invoice will be sent to you for the amount owed.

August Webinar: Surviving as a Freelance Journalist

In August, we will be chatting with Kristen Fischer, NAIWE's Journalism Expert, on the very important topic of how to target publications.

Whether you write for digital or print avenues, being a freelance journalist can be tough. This webinar will explore how to target publications, how to secure editorial contacts, how to line up regular work, and how to overcome obstacles that arise when you’re not on staff. Participants will learn business tips to break into new publications as a freelancer and keep a steady flow of freelance work coming. Bring a list of questions and your best tip for securing work as a freelance journalist.


Kristen Fischer is a copywriter and journalist. She worked as a reporter and copyeditor for Gannett before launching her full-time freelance business in 2005. Her work has been published in Parents, New Jersey Monthly, Prevention, Woman’s Day, SheKnows, and Healthline.

The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members. To register for this webinar, which will be held on August 22 at 3 pm ET, please send an email with your name and telephone number. An invoice will be sent to you for the amount owed.

June's New & Renewing NAIWE Members

Ann Bayliss (Manakin-Sabot, VA); Regina Bennett (Saint Louis, MO); Candace Coakley (Winchester, MA); Michael Davis (Peoria, IL); Denile Doyle (Brooklyn, NY); Teresa Gonzalez (Seguin, TX); Trish Lockard (Maryville, TN); Shirley Rash (Berryville, AR); Judith Santiago (New York, NY); Ray See (Pittsburgh, PA); Mary Yerkes (Manassas, VA).

Be sure to post on your NAIWE website, and we will link to it when you renew!

From CMOS Shop Talk

Q. I have a question regarding an episode my fiction author mentions quite a few times in her story. She’s currently italicizing it: the incident. I think caps would be better: the Incident (“the” not capped). Or would “the” be capped in this case?

A. Italics would work well for the occasional emphasis: “Did you hear about the incident?” But to immortalize an event—especially if the desired effect is irony (or tragicomedy)—we agree that capitalization would be the better choice. As for the initial article, Chicago would normally recommend lowercase “the” for events that occur in real life—for example, the Great Fire of London (see CMOS 8.75)—but the point of a single capital I for a solitary common noun that wouldn’t normally be capitalized risks being lost on readers. To take full advantage of the opportunity for humor (or pathos), you would be justified in making a reasonable departure from Chicago style and referring to The Incident.


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"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

—Toni Morrison

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