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Words Matter Week Wraps Up

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors would like to thank the many people who participated in this event on social media or the NAIWE blog!

We enjoyed reading the many responses to our daily writing challenge questions. Those who responded were placed in a drawing to win free entry into an upcoming NAIWE webinar, and the winner is Diane Fanucchi! She responded to each of the five writing challenges! We would like to share one of her responses.

Day 1: If you had to eliminate one word or phrase from the English language, what would it be? Why?

This is one of those impossible questions, like “what’s your favorite book, food, movie?” You can’t pick only one. At least I can’t.

So I’m going to cheat a little.

First, I’m going to eliminate a whole class of words, then move on to the top two phrases I’d eliminate.

I hate profanity of all kinds and think it has no place in good writing or speech, with a few possible exceptions made necessary by context.

But in general profanity is ugly and annoying and a lazy (you’ll see the irony below) use of language. I’m 51 years old and have not lived in outer space, so it’s not likely I’ll be shocked because of never [having] heard any of the words before. I just hate them, and don’t want to be subjected to them when I read or have a conversation.

In my opinion respect; decency; and love of language, as well as consideration for others, all make all profanity undesirable and unnecessary. Enough said.

Now, on to the phrase I’d eliminate: “just saying.” I don’t feel it conveys anything meaningful or has any real purpose except to make the person using it think they can say anything they want and then seek refuge under this phrase.

To read the rest of this response, please visit Diane Fanucchi's NAIWE blog.

Webinar: The Value of Networking: How It Can Build Your Business

We wanted to get to know Ruth Thaler-Carter (NAIWE's Networking Expert) better, so last month we sat down with her. Here is something she shared about running a business.

What is one thing that you learned about your craft the hard way, and what benefits have you received from it?

The importance of having a clearcut contract/agreement that’s as complete as possible, because that’s the only way to protect oneself against problems with a project or a difficult client. It would be nice if all business interactions could be conducted on a handshake, virtual or in person, but that sadly isn’t always possible. The benefits of using even an informal agreement via email include peace of mind, control over scope creep, and reasonable assurance of receiving payment as expected.

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You can join in this conversation and learn how to take advantage of times of networking with colleagues on March 18, at 7 pm ET, when NAIWE will host a one-hour overview of building your business. The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members.

To register for this webinar, please send an email along with your name and telephone number. An invoice will be sent to you for the amount owed.

April Webinar: Building a Content Promotion Strategy to Promote Your Message and Sell More Books!

In April, we will be chatting with Brian Schwartz, NAIWE's Self-Publishing Expert, on networking with colleagues.

Readers have become numb to the barrage of daily marketing. How do you rise above the noise?

Getting your book found is a matter of having the right content in the right place at the right time. The good news is that it’s less about driving traffic to your own site and more about being visible where your target audience already exists. It’s wise to choose a few platforms to master before you spread yourself too thin, but which ones produce the highest return-on-investment? Learn to create content that gets the clicks on high-traffic sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Flickr, and Huffington Post.

Attendees will leave with a toolkit to amplify their marketing efforts. Some of the strategies we’ll cover include the following:

  • DIY tech tools that allow you to create professional quality photos, videos, and podcasts
  • Where to post content that gets noticed
  • Submitting guest posts on high-traffic sites
  • Using the tools Amazon provides to reach new readers
  • Strategies to getting noticed offline
  • Event marketing and co-branding
  • Writing effective press releases (that actually get picked up by the media)
  • Using giveaways and discounts to build your email list
  • Content beyond words: Photos, videos, and podcasts

Authorpreneur Brian Schwartz is the creator of the award-winning 50 Interviews series. More than 500 authors have trusted Brian and his team to publish their work. The mission of Brian’s practice is “to bridge the gap between self-publishers and traditional publishing by applying the proven strategies and techniques of successful independent publishers.” To meet this objective, Brian launched AuthorDock in 2016 to provide authors an all-in-one secure portfolio management tool to manage deadlines, extended teams, and critical resources. Brian is also the developer of PubWriter, a click-to-publish publishing platform used by authors to create their own web hubs for publishing, promotion, and sales.

The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members. To register for this webinar, which will be held on April 25 at 7 pm ET, please send an email along with your name and telephone number. An invoice will be sent to you for the amount owed.

February's New & Renewing NAIWE Members

Lea Galanter (Kirkland, WA); Jeanette Fast Redmond (Hagerstown, MD); Lisa LaPaglia (Parker, CO); Carol D. Beck (Wendell, NC); J. Irene Hickey (Houston, TX); Liza Rassner (Surprise, AZ); Ellen Webster (Chantilly, VA); Stacey Stern (Boulder, CO); Ann Robertson (Gaithersburg, MD); Marshall Murdaugh (Henrico, VA); Ann Hoopsick (Virginia); Jennifer Maybin (Milton, DE); Cindy Vallar (Keller, TX); Karen Cioffi (East Meadow, NY).

Be sure to post on your NAIWE website, and we will link to it when you renew!

NAIWE Offers New Member Benefit

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors is always looking for ways to help its members through new professional development courses, new webinar topics, and new product discounts.

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No matter what kind of writing or editing you do, you need to belong to a strong professional organization. NAIWE provides you with an online presence, assistance in using your website, and marketing support through our social media channels and our monthly newsletters.

From CMOS Shop Talk

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"There's always something to write about. If there's not, then you need to live life more aggressively."

—Min Kim


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