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YOUR Career-Building Association

Many states are taking soft and cautious steps in reopening during this current health crisis. Here in Virginia, where NAIWE is located, we are in phase II of our reopening. Under phase II, the Commonwealth maintains a Safer at Home strategy with continued recommendations for social distancing, teleworking, and requiring individuals to wear face coverings in indoor public settings.

While over the last few months, the country has been in flux with work, education, and businesses, and more recently with protesters, rallies, and demonstrations, NAIWE is proud to support small businesses and people and is a constant factor that you can rely on for your

  • marketing assistance
  • training
  • experts
  • benefits
  • discounts
  • and more!

Please continue to expect support, information on relevant topics, industry updates, and new benefits for you, the publishing professional.

NAIWE remains dedicated to its mission of being the professional association with the career building difference, and we are always open to hearing what matters to you!  

April Michelle Davis
Executive Director

June Webinar: What’s New in AP Style

We wanted to get to know Mark Allen (NAIWE's AP Stylebook Expert) better, so last month we sat down with him. Here are some thoughts he shared with us.

What change were you most surprised to see?

The most surprising change was not a new entry but a business decision to publish the book in physical form every two years instead of every year. That was surprising because physical books still tend to make more money than online subscriptions, but there are many reasons that the online edition is superior. Some other surprises came in updates to entries that had only recently being updated, proving if nothing else that the editors of the AP Stylebook are listening to feedback.


Changes are plentiful if not dramatic in this year’s Associated Press Stylebook, which was published last month. The growing reference tome provides guidance on how to use gender-neutral language and language dealing with sexual assault. It cautions against using the “senior citizen” label. And it proclaims “mistress” is not a very useful term. AP Stylebook Expert Mark Allen will give us the rundown on all the updates in the new edition and talk about the move away from the paper book and toward doing more online.

You can join in this conversation on June 29, at 7 pm eastern, when NAIWE will host a webinar on the 2020 AP Stylebook changes! The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members.

To register for this webinar, please visit the NAIWE website.

Be a Better Freelancer Conference Survey

We are continuing to plan and prepare for the Be a Better Freelancer Conference to be held on October 2–4, 2020, at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

We want to know your thoughts about the current COVID-19 environment as it pertains to the conference.

Please complete our survey by June 30. It should only take 5 minutes to complete!

Many thanks to our sponsor!

Fear of the Ocean

The day is pushed inside out

as the sea waves claw at me,

I prance and hop through the flushing,

a dummy stiffness overtaking me.

as the foam breathes me in.

The green

undertinge of my face deepen,

while the upswells of pink

in my cheeks,

compel me to keep going.

But I can’t stop

the lapping in my brain

trying to suck me over the edge.

The deep bruise of pinpricked

jelly fish scraping against my thighs.

My fear is a ghost eating her shadow,

a tapeworm of the psyche,

a hallucinating fever.

the click of Russian roulette.

To read the rest of this article, please visit NAIWE member Rhonda Morrison's blog.

July Webinar: Find the Right Source—Finally!

In July, we will be chatting with Kristen Fischer, NAIWE's Journalism Expert, on the very important topic of sources.

Want to know how to quickly find reputable sources? We'll go through tips and tricks from journalists to find the right sources for storiesin a pinch. This will include experts for quotes, as well as written research for articles.


Kristen Fischer is a copywriter and journalist living at the Jersey Shore. She worked as a reporter and copyeditor for Gannett before launching her full-time freelance business in 2005. Her work has been published in Parents, New Jersey Monthly, Prevention, Woman’s Day, SheKnows, and Healthline.

The cost for NAIWE members is $10 and $30 for non-members. To register for this webinar, which will be held on July 20 at 4 pm eastern, please visit the NAIWE website.

May's New & Renewing NAIWE Members

Kathryn Barnsley (Shiloh, IL); Julene Bartelmann (Lowell, IN); Amanda Berthault (Montgomery, IL); Hilary Cadman (Bellingen, New South Whales); Don Cicchelli (Arlington, MA); Joanne Creary (Manassas, VA); Bebe Dodd (Cordova, TN); Robert Emery (Tampa, FL); Sloane Gerritzen (Paradise Valley, AZ); Tamara Halbritter (Brentwood, CA); Sue Hatfield-Green (Palm Coast, FL); J. Irene Hickey (Houston, TX); Davida Victoria Holmes (Gainesville, FL); Rebekka James (Evanston, IL); Rose Lipscomb (Chelsea, AL); Pam McFarland (Silver Spring, MD); Carol Ann Mejdrich (San Diego, CA); Julie Quinn (Beaverton, OR); Devin Reese (Alexandria, VA); Sharon Salonen (Seattle, WA); Alice Steinke (Phoenix, AZ); Cassie Tuttle (Pittsburgh, PA).

Be sure to post on your NAIWE website, and we will link to it when you renew!

From CMOS Shop Talk

Q. When is “lay” or “lie” used?

A. This question lay in our in-box for weeks, where we thought it might lie forever, and where it would have lain indefinitely had we not finally gotten around to answering it. Our first attempt to lay down a response wasn’t very good, so we laid it aside, but even if we’d laid down something worthwhile, we managed to lose it, so your question was still lying in our in-box before we finally succeeded in laying down the response you are reading right now.

As that first paragraph illustrates, the verb “to lie” is intransitive, so it doesn’t take an object; it describes a state of being rather than an action. It’s conjugated lie–lay–lain (for the present tense, past tense, and past participle). The present participle is “lying.”

The verb “to lay,” on the other hand, is transitive (with or without “down”), meaning that it takes an object (on which it acts). It’s conjugated lay–laid–laid. The present participle is “laying.”

So decide which one to use based on the presence or absence of an object. Then choose an appropriate tense and lie back—or lay yourself down if you’re not already prone—and enjoy the feeling that comes from knowing you’ve chosen your words with care.


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Member Benefit

Discount on Geoff Hart’s Effective Onscreen Editing

Geoff Hart has recently published the 4th edition of Effective Onscreen Editing, which covers Microsoft Word 2016 for both Macs and Windows. NAIWE members receive 22% off the print book or 25% off the e-book!

Visit the NAIWE website to see all of the member benefits.

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"A short story is a different thing altogether; a short story is like a quick kiss in the dark from a stranger."

—Stephen King, Skeleton Crew

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