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Call for Proposals: Board of Experts

We are in the process of selecting our Board of Experts for the next term (2019-2025), and we are interested in hearing from you! If you think you have what it takes to be an expert, send us an email, letting us know what you're an expert in and why we should choose you!

Board of Experts members receive recognition on NAIWE's Board of Experts webpage. Experts are required to write one newsletter article and lead one teleconference/webinar per year pertaining to their area of expertise. In return, experts receive free NAIWE membership and free advertising!

Proposals must be received by November 15, 2018.

Call for Proposals: Branding / Web Design Team

We are in the process of selecting a company to redesign our logo and website! If you have expertise in this field, please submit a proposal, including your process and strategy.

Proposals must be received by November 15, 2018.

September's New NAIWE Members

Diane Fanucchi (Arroyo Grande, CA), Alyson Folse (Baton Rouge, LA), Scott De Francesco (Long Island City, NY), Ashley Henyan (Atlanta, GA), Kathi Laughman (Spring, TX), Dr. Linda Miller (Peoria, AZ), Lawrence Paz (Ocala, FL), Linda Ray (Temple, TX), Tonia Williams (Westwego, LA), Alexandra Uth (Chicago, IL).

NAIWE Member News

I recently read an excerpt from a book called “Consequential Strangers: The Power of People Who Don’t Seem to Matter…But Really Do” by Melinda Blau and Karen L. Fingerman. I may have to make time to read more soon, because it intrigued me; it’s an idea I’ve thought of before, but not in such specific terms; and the concept seems to be getting attention lately.

From the little I’ve read so far from and about the book, I gather that the argument is that though our primary relationships – those with our family members and close friends – are the most important to our physical and emotional well-being, the people we see often and know only a little, people we might call acquaintances, also matter in and enrich our lives and can even add to our well-being.

Read more of this article on Diane Fanucchi's blog.

NAIWE members who regularly post on their NAIWE website can fill this spot with their materialjust another wait to help our members with their career building!

Why Should You Join an Association?

As a professional association, NAIWE works hard to help you succeed. You’ll receive tools and training to help you grow, support as you meet professional challenges, and opportunities to develop your marketing skills so that you can create the kind of career you want.

From CMOS October Q&A

Q. Should the possessive form of Los Angeles include the extra s? As a Spanish term, the city’s name is a singular noun, plural in form, but if we consider it fully anglicized, does it then count as a regular singular? Or does the plural form carry through?

A. It’s true that city names that include a plural word in English can drop the extra s when forming the possessive: Twin Groves’ population. But city names are by default singular (Twin Groves is a small city), and a guideline for styling non-English names in English should not depend on a writer’s knowledge of their meaning in the original language. Thus the possessive of Los Angeles in Chicago style follows the guidelines for singular possessives in English: Los Angeles’s.

Member Benefit

You have probably read about how a strong presence on the web can build your writing or service career, but you may not have wanted to spend a lot of time and money creating a website. Now, when you join NAIWE, you will get the professionally-designed website you’ve wanted. Adding content to your site is as easy as typing an email, and we provide simple instructions to get you started.

We Asked, You Answered

Earlier this month, we posted a poll on Facebook: What is the preference of writers and editors: coffee or tea?

Coffee: 56%
Tea: 44%


"Where otherwise words were, flow discoveries, freed all surprised out of the fruit's flesh."

--Rainer Maria Rilke

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