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August 19, 2019
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National Geographic featured research from John Vidale of the USC Dornsife College on changes occurring in Earth's inner core. "In a recent study, [Vidale] reports that the inner core likely inches along just faster than Earth’s surface. If his rate’s right, it means that if you stood on a spot at the Equator for one year, the part of the inner core that was previously beneath you would wind up under a spot 4.8 miles away," they wrote.

KPCC-FM featured research from lead author Gali Weissberger of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and her colleagues on how older Americans are financially abused by family members. "They might reach a situation where they have to entrust some of their financial care with a loved one, so an important thing to do is think ahead about who that person might be," she said. Additional coverage was found on KNX 1070 AM

KJZZ-FM featured research from lead author Briana Kennedy of the USC Leonard Davis School and colleagues on how older adults view their world through a positive filter, compared to younger adults. "We found older adults were biased toward positive information, but tended to filter out the negative and on the other hand, the younger adults were distracted by positive and negative information," she said.

Houston Chronicle (via The Conversation) featured commentary from Michael Simkovic of the USC Gould School on why free college proposals should include private universities. "Since students at public colleges graduate at lower rates and earn lower salaries, they tend to default on their student loans more often than those who went to private nonprofit colleges. By making federal money available to both public and private colleges, it could lead to fewer students defaulting," he wrote.

Experts Quoted

The New York Times (via The Associated Press) quoted Jody David Armour of the USC Gould School on Phoenix adopting civilian oversight of its police force.

Los Angeles Daily News quoted Benjamin Henwood of the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work on how USC researchers and students conduct demographic surveys in the weeks before and after the annual Los Angeles homeless count.

KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk” quoted Edward Avol of the Keck School on a study that compares long-term exposure to air pollution to smoking a pack a day.

Curbed quoted George Ban-Weiss of the USC Viterbi School on how rising heat waves will affect Los Angeles residents.

Politico quoted Greg Autry of the USC Marshall School on a proposed $2 billion contest to return Americans to the moon.

Gizmodo quoted William Dutton, emeritus professor at USC, on what would happen if the internet all went down at once.

News at a Glance

The New York Times cited research from the Keck School into how older people using ride-hailing apps can improve quality of life.  

Bloomberg cited research from Matthew Kahn of the USC Dornsife College on how climate change and natural disasters cost the world billions of dollars.  

Forbes referenced John Boudreau of the USC Center for Effective Organizations and his work in shifting the HR profession.  

LAist covered USC’s responses to recent issues, including student health, admissions, the medical school, the business school and athletics.

The San Diego Union-Tribune covered USC’s settlement in a case involving UC San Diego and its Alzheimer’s research.  

Inside Higher Ed covered the ongoing investigation of the admissions scandal involving USC and other universities.  

BuzzFeed News covered allegations against a former doctor at USC's student health center.  

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